Archive of 2021

It’s clear that this site’s layout is dog-shit hog-wash, that’s fine. I’ll kill myself later, but until then, here are the articles from the year 2021. The second year of hopefully three years. Fuck, who knows.

Alot of crazy shit has happened in the markets and GME was a thing. From Earliest post to the end of the year, have a look at how insanity evolves. To include talks about the clown virus. The World Food Program and the United Nations is a scam, but the scam post isn’t out yet, there’s some circumstantial evidence down below.

This is totally unfinished by the way;

Having a job is like dating, here are some tips too

WTF is an Activist Shortseller?

Make Corruption Great Again

WTF is Activist Investing?

WTF is Investor Activism?

You only need one thing to be a millionaire

History in the making $GME

Robinhood Scrutiny for Actions during hot trading of GME in a volatile market

Is CNBC doing some Market Manipulation? Most Probably.

Some interesting plays from bulls and bears in $GME Short Squeeze

Lord Elon Musk-Chan Vs. Vlad Tenev Robinhood CEO Short Transcript

Is eToro complicit in Securities Fraud?

More Market Manipulation on GME? (Guh, again, seriously?)

Is Wall Street Bets unifying the world? Is this World Peace?

RobinHood and eToro apologizes, somewhat poorly mind you.

WTF is a ‘long’ and a ‘short’ in stonks?

RobinHood’s Dirt gets Dirtier

WTF is money laundering and how do I, uh, do it -I mean avoid it? You know, by knowing it, I can avoid it. . . Asking for a friend

More Interesting plays in the Game Stopping $GME war

So you want to be a Shef?

Winter Wonderland 2021: Texas edition

r/wallstreetbets and the new booties

A Tribute to two Punks that were not Daft but were still madlads

Successful Cringe-wave advertising

Neo Liberalism is a scam

No Lives Matter mini-part 2 (sadly)

The World’s too bright here’s how to make it darker

Suez Canal Conspiracy for idiots like me

Whatever happened to those Livestrong bracelets?

S3 Partners is sus af

GME update, Suicide framing, Bond bail outs, Ape Donations and more

Seeking Alpha and possible connection to Market Manipulation

r/GME is a cult

WTF is a Vulture Hedge Fund? . . . Are you making up words again?

r/GME is compromised

Who put the hit on Archegos Capital?

The Calm before the Storm

Robinhood’s Doge Co-in block

Robinhood Crypto hosts an AMA on Reddit

Credit Scores are a Scam! . . . and this is also a guide to be a sucker in said scam and Rack up some Good Boy points.

Lord Trump was the most American President so far

Why Atheism is a Scam

Black Companies and Japanese Work Ethic

GME Saga, Crypto, and Lord Elon Musk. The Tri-force.

Tether is Sus, and possibly the doom of Crypto, on top of being a Ponzi Scheme and committing Economic Terrorism. . . Or it is the best thing, genius, revolutionary, and threatens the entire Banking system

Do not Trust Coinbase with your money.

WTF is Alpha and Alpha Capture (in stonks)?

Lumber prices and the Government’s Vig

Chase Bank users report $50 Billion dollar balance changes

CEO of AMC, is mighty sus.

Appeal to Ethos and the Appeal to the Death of Ethos

SEC Former Commissioner joins Robinhood for $30 Million

Some people just need to be scammed

Financial Old Guard, Dost thou need a relief?

InFLaTiOn iS GoOd

Example of Market manipulation and how the World is all about Shilling

How to be an idiot

Random person retracts controversial statements against major Financial Institution(s) on Social Media platform and offers a back-handed retraction. Additionally, I kind of want to see how long I can make the title so here is a few extra words to make the title even longer for absolutely no reason but to test the limits of your reading capacity.

How Empires commit suicide

It’s apparently not okay for a man to attempt to fulfill his dream and passion (if he’s rich).

RealVisions’ President is spittin some fire on Quantitative Easing;

It’s a Clown World

Ivermectin is a Scam (in my opinion)

Bear Raids and Bull Runs, two sides of the same coin

FINRA is a Scam

How to make Food taste better, Lose weight, and Save Money

Dark Pools I: A Primer to Darkness

Dark Pools II: Do they Exist? A TLDR inside.

Just another Crypto Phishing Scam, nothing much, just skip, no ship

$GME; GameStop’s David vs. Amazon’s Goliath?

How Fiat created a new form of Finance-Economy and I hate it

The year is 2023, Ready for QE7. . . Thousand?

Dark Pools III: Specific types of Dark Pools

OTC gain in a non-CFD World

Dark Pools IV: History and Possible Origin Story

Dark Pools V: addressing Conspiracies

Some small reasons why GameStop Mania hasn’t stopped yet

Who is the Ken Guy and why is he trending?

WTF is Clearing and Settlement?

Hot Takes for Hot Cakes

A Citadelian Flight Risk

January 2021 Short Squeeze Trading Litigation

Citadelian Birds Possible Self Incrimination

Super Hero Origin Story of the Direct Registration System, a Transcription

How Fiat is sort-of ripping the Time-Space continuum

Fiat’s New Gold Standard; Debt

Dark Pools VI: So are they good or what?

Remember what I said about OTC Gain? eToro is hitting the Gym.

WTF is Stonk Slippage? Don’t Drop the Soap, baby.

What Squid Games Tells us about Work-Life-Hustle,

PSA; SIPC is NOT Insurance

We need more Selfless Productivity in our lives

The Supreme Title of a Janitor

Throw Rocks at God til my arm breaks off

People love the Poors

Voices of the Forgotten Shadows, the Invisibles

UN talks smack to Lord Elon

Lord Elon Claps Back at the UN

UN’s WFP ‘plan’ for Lord Elon

Turning Tables on Job interviews

Lorde Edge and Unrealized Gains Tax

Tesla, Rise of Promethean Technology and a giant Bear Trap for Short Sellers

Human Capital and Human Liquidity

Clown Virus; Hellenic Hell in Hellas

World Food Program is a joke

Spiritual Sociopathy with a moralistic twist


A NY Slice of 08′ ; American Degeneracy at it’s finest.

Black Friday, protests and resignations

Gotta love inflation

Scientism, the Nouveau-Age Papal

Clown Virus; Omicron Persei 8

Greece is a Clown Virus

Omicron Jokes

A Clown (Virus) Dictionary

An Underrated Nepotistic Job

Retail Finance is a Scam; Part 1: Financial Advisors

Minimum wage, a discussion

A critique of Banking by me, an Uncultured Bohemian Swine

Having a Clown (virus) Heart

More Omicron Jokes

Clown Jokes

BBC got some Clown Jokes

Enlightenment is a scam, to sell you more enlightenment

Fact Checkers are a joke

GME, more fuel for the fire

The Great Resignation and the rise of r/anti-work

The Rise of Quit Porn

Religion is a Scam; To sell you more God