r/GME is a cult

And I fucking love it. Drink the Kool aide.

A whole bunch of Ape no fight Ape love going around.

A lot of positive messages and uplifting information.

-u/rensole as always

All in the pursuit of money or sticking it to some random group of fuckie fucks,

So I support Greed. I love Greed. Greed is Good. (Where’s mah gold coins)

I always joked that the GME cultists were banished from r/Wallstreetbets to seek refuge and asylum in their new found holy land. Well, these apes did it, and they fucking love it. Stockholm syndrome or something:

I mean, If you think of a hedge fund as a group of individuals pooling money. Isn’t the collective market a hedge fund? Isn’t Reddit a Hedge fund? Isn’t r/WSB and r/GME a hedgefund? Isn’t any pool of money a hedge fund? Is this semantics? What’s up with these questions? why? poop?

There seems to be no barrier for entry, and it doesn’t look like this Game-ful community is stopping anytime soon with r/GME.

Well, if there is a MOASS and a bunch of newly minted Millionaires from GME, then you’ll want to keep a close eye on this group, because they’re going to make a difference collectively in the world. What that difference is?

Well besides adopting animals, sanctuaries, and donating to a bunch of children restoring hope and uplifting future generations of human beings. Yea, more than that.

Idk. Hopefully more wars on drugs, but I wouldn’t make any bets, it’s not safe ya kno.

Remember, Ape no fight Ape,

In Closing,

Reminds me of that shit post I made on World Peace. Ha, lovely.

I’m interested to see the evolution and growth of this newly founded cult or ‘hedge fund’ and I’ll be eyeing some of their progression for spark notes.

Like the Balls on these people

Of course this is just me being a stalker of cults, I like like cults. What’s the word? Love, yea. I love cults.

I mean, ever notice the guards aren’t guarding the entrance, but instead they’re blocking the exit?

Well until next time, and next time is until I get my phone again and escape this unrelated Religious camp,

Oh shit, there’s the leader now, kthnxbai!

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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