Is Wall Street Bets unifying the world? Is this World Peace?

This is obviously a shit post;

Anyway, here’s what we know.

The World doesn’t like (specific) American Hedge Funds.

America also doesn’t like (specific) American Hedge Funds.

So the World and America was united against the hedge funds, and everyone bought GME to originally profit, but now they do it to “stick it to the man”, while also profiting in unity of “holding” and “diamond hands”.

Why is the world doing what they’re doing?

Because 2008 affected everyone, and the fingers are pointed at the short sellers, Wall Street, and Banks who got bailed out for their reckless gambling. Then we were shackled with new models of economics that changed how we live life, and our day-to-day is not that great (for a lot of us) and then Covid happened. . .

And a lot of what the public has seen recently around GME, appears to be blatant market manipulation. This has stirred the passion in the masses. So people jumped in for profit, anger, and something of 2008.

The feeling of 2008

The economy is an important thing, and the cascading effects of poverty and destabilization can be felt for generations.

And I, for one, believe the Sinews of War are money. Money is a war, and there is always a financial war. Just look at the Asian financial Crisis of 1997, or any other Speculatory or Short Seller attacks. Herbalife hedge funds battling eachother. It’s a money game, where dollar bills are bullets.

This is a common fight, and battle ground of money and misinformation.


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Again, I don’t know shit, and probably will never know shit, so this is as far as it goes. Enjoy the pictures.

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Ireland bought in












Random Countries I don’t know anything about:

Europe at Degiro (broker):

A broker posted the most hyped and traded stonk on their platform:



Because there are market hours, the markets close. So during that time, other markets around the world are open. And they’re helping hold the line.


Saudi Arabia

Here’s a comment from that thread:

Kangaro- I mean, Australia

Somepeople couldn’t buy in Aussie land, so they sent their money to frens to help out. Remember, as Iron sharpens iron, a fren sharpens a fren.

At one point, they weren’t allowed to buy. Rough.

Kiwi people (New Zealand)

Various Asian nations

They didn’t say where specifically

The world held, in the ups, and in the downs

From the land of the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan)

The same user bought more as the war of attrition continued



Everyone from around the world, back to back


Well, if they could. . .

Actually, someone found a way:

UPDATE 30 March 2021:

So the wallstreetbets subreddit got tossed around and a lot of the people split to their own enclave. A good chunk went to a new cult called r/GME and a lot of non-english speaking people went to their respective countries and cultures native-language forums.

Yet everyone is still holding and it’s getting wild af.

Europoors eUroNITE!

People are being friendly with each other and the hateful language is not tolerated, also, the middle-east is united on this front.

And of course anyone who’s who in a rich club would want in on the action, So even rich money from overseas is buying into GME. A lot of rich money.

If these guys get richer, that’s cool too.

The system was inherently flawed and this is a sort of “forced patch” to fix the economy. Everyone is expecting some turbulence in the near future.

In Closing

People held and bought the dip while their markets were open and the Other-side-of-the-world’s markets were closed. This kept trading back and forth.

Most of the world is united. Thank you all for holding the line this far. It kind of makes me bearish on $ROPE, only kind of.

If the hedge bros lose, there will be a massive redistribution of wealth across the world, which would be nice. I think.

If the hedge bros win, well, that’s going to super centralize the wealth and piss off the world. Because of the market manipulation stuff.

Just make sure you pay yourself in taxes or something, and keep donating to charities or other causes you care about. Or don’t, it’s your money asshole.

I’m going back to OTM SPY puts expiry in ten seconds, so I gotta go. Don’t worry, the puts are on margin and I am already fully vested in GME. Two separate accounts.


*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice.

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