We are a satirical and cynical Financial Advice Consulting Money Market Managing Scoundrels who happenstance upon poking fun at the world economy and all economies.

Just as hating a race makes you racist, we hate economies, so that makes us economists.

If you’re saying “I Don’t think that’s how it works”, well don’t worry. Because we do. You see, we worry and think that’s how it works.

We’re here to provide no-nonsense solutions in a world mid-financial-collapse.

Have you ever heard that ‘the stock market is booming’?

That’s obviously a reference to bombs at Wall Street rather than any positive notion.

You see, its misconceptions like that, that we need to address.

. . .Is it Wall street or what is the address?

We are on a path to enlighten the world about how dumb money and money making is.

It’s so dumb, that you should skip the lectures and give us your money.

Like all superheroes, we have an origin story.

Check it out below:


As a Side note,

We’re all trapped in an Iron house of our own make, as Lu Xun would say.

This website is a collection of other idiots, an anthology of sorts, describing the type of Iron that makes up the house.

Perhaps it will lead us to salvation, or perhaps it may awaken more to the gravitas of the situation.

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