Mortgages are scams, A Death Pledge.

A lot of loan officers out there are screaming internally at the title of this article, perhaps because it’s the secret sauce, or perhaps it’s because I’m targeting their livelihood. It’s probably because I’m spitting fax or incoherent rambling. The word ‘mortgage’ comes from the Italian roots. ‘Mort’ for ‘death’, and ‘gage’ for ‘pledge’. So… Read More Mortgages are scams, A Death Pledge.

Grass lawns are scams

Plain and simple, like the simple green lawns that litter the dreaded hellscape called Suburbia. It’s a plethora of drinking the ‘false american dream’ that people take. You know, not the cool libertarian homesteading live-in-a-log-cabin-in-the-woods-on-a-mountain-with-a-bunch-of-firearms away from the prying eyes of Karen neighbors, Karen HOAs, Karen Government, and overall Karen society. The false American dream,… Read More Grass lawns are scams