Tiny Homes are a scam

You’ll spend 10kish on a tiny shit box with electric and plumbing, not including the land.

Tiny homes are just there to normalize the shrinkflation in real estate. Where your standard 10 foot by 10 foot room is halved and the price becomes doubled.

Instead of buying a full house to elaborately decorate and upgrade, instead you’re left with a shoebox apartment and condos that are normalized.

When your options are between living in a shoebox or a coffin, then you make your own option instead of cucking yourself to this minimalistic consumerism narrative they’ve given you.

This ‘Tiny Homes’ thing also applies to Coffin Apartments,

Tiny homes and cozy comfortable looking places are a psyop to make you okay with spending all your rent money for a closet.

You know how them london flats go for $2,000 for a closet? Yea, it’s like that but everywhere.

I get it, you got some luck or the shtick and live life in a cage you call a 250 square foot apartment. Might as well decorate it and make it look nice to prevent yourself from realizing you live in a tiny prison.

Yea, these tiny homes are marketed as cluttered and warm and ‘cozy’ just to upsell you on a lifestyle of being in the womb. Because let’s face it, most of you dare not venture out into the abyssal chaos of the outside.

Yea, instead you’re going to live in cargo container-trailer parks like ‘Ready Player One’ and then not question how dystopian of a society you live in;

The New Society you want above.

The current society you have below;

Yea, more coffin apartments. Apartments where you fill it up with your nice little things and creature comforts like the creature you are. All until you expire in your oversized pod, thus making it a coffin.

And I’ll be honest, the suicide rates for a small home is a lot higher than the suicide rates for a larger home. Source: Personal Experience living in shit holes.

Turns out, people kill themselves when they feel more trapped, and coffin apartments are the idealist things to kill yourself in besides a suicide pod. Because you feel more trapped. Yea.

The walls close in on you, like pressurizing you. You either break free and find freedom, or you cave in and die in your dilapidated apartment complex of broken dreams and sold out promises.

That crazy guy on the street wielding a traffic cone and verbally accosting strangers might be more sane than the prisoners living inside that world.

The Prisoners that live in a cube at work, take the cube on wheels to go to and fro work, they go retire for the day to a cube at ‘home’.

You’re boxing your life in. Are you aware?

Here’s a thought,

More tiny homes, means more homes in one place, meaning more people, meaning higher population density, meaning it’ll require more logistics and support structures like grocery stores and mailing. Thus you essentially raise the fuck out of property costs with more people living in a denser place.

Inflation through the moon, supply and demand are bonkers.

You’re kidding yourself if you live in an urban or suburban tiny home.

It’s just going to cripple you more and more.

Here’s some Economics for you. Things are more valuable when they’re scarce.

The Value of a human life is worth a lot when you’re alone on an island.

But in a city where humans litter the street like water drops in the ocean?

How Valuable is a life then?

Think about it.


If you get a tiny home as a club house or shed for your backyard and you live in a large plot of land, then it’s alright.

Outside of that, living in a tiny home or a container home, that sounds just as great as chugging wine from orifices that aren’t your mouth. Like you could, but why?

In Closing,

Everyone is trying to upsell you on a hard sell and make it look soft and easy.

I’m here to tell you it’s not, and you need to figure out what the next moves are for a few years before you sign that 60 year mortgage for a shoebox tiny home ontop of your local strip mall.

There are three deaths in life. (There’s many more but you’re not the one holding the Necronomicon so sit the fuck down.)

You die the moment you give up in life,

and you die again when you draw your last breath,

“most men die at 25, but just aren’t buried until they’re 75.” – Some dead person

and you die the final time when your name is last remembered.

So how do you want that first death? To sync up with the second? Sunny side up?

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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