Cost of Living sure is taxing

I mean, get this, most people spend more than 40% of their paycheck towards rent or their mortgage, and that’s not including other things like utilities or food or inflated everything. Hell, people have to buy liquor to sedate themselves from bills that they’re shying away from. Liquor ain’t cheap.

If you factor the idea that mortgage or rent is essential and needs to be paid off. -or you know, you lose your home.-

Then you are guaranteed to be losing money from your paycheck towards rent/mortgage.

Shouldn’t that be tax exempt?

You know how they have HSAs or Health Savings Accounts that are non-taxed income garnished from your wages that goes towards a monetary trust that isn’t taxed and is used solely-ish for your health?

They should have that for rent and mortgages too.

What the fuck is the point of being taxed on your income? To then pay most of it to rent. To which the receiver of your rent will be taxed on that income?

This shit is fucking bonkers and it doesn’t add up.

Your income also limits you from applying to government aide and programs.

This is just a hypothetical scenario:

So you might be making 20k a year and your rent might be eating up 12k a year. Meaning you’re effectively making less than 8k a year due to taxes. So you’d qualify for assistance for those that are making less than 10k per year.

But because you technically made a taxable 20k per year, you actually don’t qualify for shit.

This is how stupid the system is, creating glass ceilings and trap floors.

We live in a rent economy, and taxes are just insult to injury. Any economists that want to argue, I’d ask them if they paid any rent or mortgage or if they’re some failure trustfund baby that couldn’t get a pysch degree and opted out of being a liberal arts hoe.

A nihilist is most easily defeated by his next utility bill.” – Mike Ma, Harassment Architecture. 

“Same with Economists that don’t believe in the Rent Economy” – Duke, Fuqitol Productions

Quite honestly,

The Tax system punishes those that work for wages and pays taxes.

In Ethical pragmatic theory and Behavioral economics, the natural conclusion would be;

To stop working and/or stop paying taxes.

That’s essentially what the tax system does.

And by the rise in homeless and jobless populations and people paying other people under the table to avoid scrutiny of the IRS. It appears people are doing just that.

I’m not suggesting it, I’m merely implying the natural conclusion. The evidence is all around you my sordid squalor.

All. Around. You.

In Closing,

I’m not here to present solutions.

I’m here to joke and sound like I’m almost complaining, but not. I’m here to present problems.

I’m merely pointing out that your wall had a bad paint job and you can see the stroke where someone else tried to cover something up. It’s infuriating for those that both notice and care. For me, I’m going to ‘spill’ wine on your walls ‘by accident’, so don’t mind me.

I’m part of the collapse, non-accelerationist. Enjoy.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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