Archive of 2022

It’s clear that this site’s layout is dog-shit hog-wash, that’s fine. I’ll kill myself later, but until then, here are the articles from the year 2022. The third year of hopefully four years. Fuck, who knows.

Earlier this year, there was a lot of shit talking about the Clown Virus on this website. Later this year, that shit talking was found on the public sphere of everyone else. So that’s cool.

The theme of 2022 was mainly a bash on taxes and the system of taxes that disproportionately target the working class and work as a crutch to enslave people in perpetual debt with threats of homelessness. Anyone who speaks out against the ‘system’ gets their accounts frozen and are left to starve. These are merely facts.

Here’s a tip, Hit that CTRL + F and search hot topics like ‘Tax’ or ‘slave’ for some juicy posts.

IRS on reporting illegal activities and stolen goods; and the comments are lit

Congress Women’s account banned for wrong-think

Mass Formation Psychosis is obviously a Myth

Some Enlightening comments on a Clown Article

Society doesn’t care about the Homeless

Clown Virus doesn’t care about Children

WTF is Enlightenment?

Hidden art of Clown Flu

Clown Placebo


Antiwork Subterfuge

Property Taxes are inherently Evil

GoFundMe is a Scam

America was founded on Piracy

Here’s a Solid Stock Tip

Unethicality of a Bank Freeze

Nationalism is back baby

Unethicality of a Bank Freeze II *Cough* *COUGH HARDER*

eToro’s Russian Stock Controversy

Too much Junk Email?

BCG rekindles a GME flame

The Price is Wrong

Throwaway post about inflation

GME 8K filing reveals some interesting things about the Market and Media

How buying a giant robot is a good investment idea

GME and TSLA Parallels

Credit Repair Agencies are a scam

Overpriced Consulting Firms are Glorified Scams for Companies whose head are so far up their — that hindsight is considered ‘insight’

FINRA’s BrokerCheck sucks (and is a scam)

Why I hate Dentists, and you should get a second opinion

Financial Old Guard Threatens Billionaires

A look into the LME Nickel Fiasco of March 2022

A rundown on Lord Elon’s bid for Twitter

How S3 Does math for Short Interest

Lord Gates Shorted Tesla

Corporate Proxy voting is a Scam

Fishy Corporate Proxy Advisors

ESG is a scam

A slice of NJ’s Opioid Epidemic

The Fallacy of Market Capitalization; Market Caps are a Scam

Boostin’ Culture

XRT, ETF Tom Foolery in the Capital Markets

It’s June again

Retail Finance is a Scam; Part 2: Life Insurance

Gamified Affiliate Marketing for the Lazy

Bank runs should never happen

One of the big problems with Crypto Games and In-Game NFTs

Velocity of money and inflation

Plata O Plomo, the US Economic Hit men

Link between Food Prices and anarchy

Grass lawns are scams

Death Panels are not a myth

Mortgages are scams, A Death Pledge.

Banks are gross and Certificate of Deposits have gone to $#!*

Small dump about Taxes

3 Ways to save money on Gas

The SEC is allowing Weaponized inverse single stock ETFs and it’s as you’d think, dumb

ETFs are scams

A lesson in Awfulness; Synthetic ETFs vs. Operational Shorting (and ETF Arbitrage)

American College (and education system) is a scam

Planned Obsolescence: F#@% Ink Printers (They’re a scam)

How to be Spiritually Poorer Materialistically


The definition of Recession has Changed because the Economy isn’t real

Dark Pools VIS: Intermission

IBKR illegally messes with cash account

Dark Pools VII: Markets are abused by Dark Pools via Internalization and PFOF

Sunscreen lotions are a scam

Andrew Tate is Morpheus

You should not spend 3 months salary on an engagement ring

The DTCC is in hot water and on thin ice; GME

A ToS reminder that Brokers aren’t your friends

The Legislative branch should scare you

What’s going on with the IRS?

Fed Reserve bailed out banks again (in 2020)

The term ‘Meme stocks’ are derogatory market manipulation

A cool feature of the Federal Reserve

Smart Thermometers are a scam

I am not simply saying American Heart Association is a scam

Public Parking Meters are a scam

Chasing for the fountain of youth is a scam

Cyber Punk’s Dystopian future is near you

The American Social Credit System

eToro may lend their clients securities

The 3 Best Seasoning for all our foods

Tipped Min wage is Slave Labor

A Political Cartoon; American Democracy

Ambulance Insurance

Beneficial Owners don’t really have a proxy vote

Cloud Storage is not Private Storage

Dinosaurs are a scam (Thanksgiving Edition)

Some Clown Virus funnies

Politics is rigged, duh

Political voting is dumb

Climate Change is a Scam (Weather Machines Edition)

Wage theft sucks

Canada’s Death Care System

Twitter is lit like a dumpster fire (currently)

A blurb about Omni Bus Arrangements

Fines and Fees are for an Injustice System, Get Mulct

How about them tax rates?

Taxes as an economic lever to guide consumerism is a scam

Carbon dating is a scam, and I argue with a Chat bot about it

Monetary Financial Fascism

Dodd Frank Act of 2010 was a sham, FDIC is a scam

The US Government artificially starts wars

This would be the star post for the year, a fine read with a glass of whiskey and anti-industrial punk music synthesized to that of lofi-jazz. Yes, a fine afternoon as the mushroom cloud sunsets your evening’s day.

Monetary Financial Fascism