Nationalism is back baby

You know how hating Race makes you Racist? And How hating Economies makes me an Economist?

Well, hating Nations makes you a Nationalist.

That’s flawless Logos-based logic there.

The recent Conflict in Ukraine-Russia has lead to a rise of Anti-Russian Sentiment;

Resulting in people attacking and boycotting all Russian establishments

Because; -Fuck-Russians-Apparently-

Because that makes sense (That’s sarcasm);


We’re back to our good old 1930’s McCarthyism ahead of schedule. And instead of communism (because USSR isn’t around any longer, even though NATO still is), we have Russians that we can openly hate on because it’s the trendy things to do as a loving-Liberal-Anti-War-Person or whateverthefuck people identify the NPC crowd and Bots online that comprise these ‘polls’ that the Legacy media uses nowadays.

Here’s some examples of Nationalism, more so, Anti-Nation-of-Russia-isms;

-I guess we getting another SCHISM?
Good thing there’s no Orthodoxy in Ukrainians. . . Oh. Waituhminute

Also, let’s just cut them off from social services;

This ‘conflict’ has lead to many services targeting Russians because hating an entire nation and it’s people makes sense. Yes, this makes totally a lot of sense.

Because it makes sense to target the livelihood of citizens. . .

Which either results in Citizens not giving a fuck or being disgruntled.

And if they’re disgruntled, they might go against the politicks, or resolve themselves to go with the state.

You know, the whole point of radicalization starts with isolation? Like when you put someone behind walls of zero-communication and treat them as a lesser class human being for being -gasp- Russian, that would only make them either reflect and blame themselves, or turn their anger against the world.

That’s -like- how radicalization actually works.

So all these boycotts and unreasonable sanctions imposed on non-militant and non-supporters simply for being Russian is just going to increase tensions.

When I say ‘unreasonable sanctions’, I mean the retarded sanctions like sports and cats or whatever the fuck;

Yes because Russian Citizens that just groom cats for competition have direct eccentric interests with entire night raids against Ukraine. . . Yes, that makes total sense. Let’s limit and possibly infringe on a small niche community’s entire world and prevent them from enjoying life, because of tangentially unrelated politicks.

You know, this is how you wake a sleeping giant. By forcing them to change their lives based on shit they don’t care about. Like that whole Triple Masking Dumb Shit ass they tried to pull during the Clown Pandemic.

And also Sports Sanctions;

Of course, it’s kind of stupid. These sanctions existing while US buys oil from Russia. Like a lot;

-We don’t want to ‘raise prices’
The same US that sends billions of dollars of war efforts to reinforce NATO lines,
Yes, because you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

Welcome to being a Globalist, where the entire global network of trade is laced with so many exchanges, that you’re tied in a yarn ball of ‘economic intercourse’ and it’s really hard to undo. So yes, the US is supporting Russia by buying Russian Oil, and at the same time, gas prices are going up like a fuck ton.


All of the above is a reminder as to why I’m Anti-Political, because it’s a lot of dumb shit for dumb reasons rather than good faith discussion under the light of truth and transparency. Lots of dumb shit out there.

This could lead to a Glorious Future

For Russia;

Because all of the sanctions results in isolation which is reflective and could lead to introspection and conquering the Spirit of a Nation’s Shadow in Jungian-Gestalt psychology. . .

Or the isolation results in really based moves against globalists by not respecting the Global Politicking if the International community wants to ostracize collectively Russia, Because Nationalism means you hate a nation.

Resulting in Based Moves like so;

This path we are going down, looks like it has a future where Russia is even more Based.

You know, all of this being hinged on not having a World War 3. Because WW3 would ruin the Globalist plans due to all the anarchy that would ensue. War and turmoil, causes anarchy, which goes against control, meaning no Globo-omo powers.

That’s a rundown version of why you won’t get a unified Globe is you get WW3.

No one (smart) wants WW3.

All of the above,

Is something to do with racist narratives of helping ‘white people’ or ‘Europeans’

-Sauce ‘Onepathnetwork’

regardless, everything points to- and is evidence of the fact- that No Lives Matter,

And that’s a better movement than Black Lives Matter or Save *insert Nation being Bombed by one of two World Powers*

Because of how stupid some of us are, I just think it’s better if Thanos had snapped his finger twice, If you know what I mean.

Like this,
Now Cha Cha Real Smo-
*Fades into dust*

(For those fuckers out there, I get it, he doesn’t have double the gauntlets or the stones, Who gives a fuck. If you wanted to argue about the accuracy of some silly gauntlets in some Hollywood film, maybe you’re missing the point. The point that is advocating for the Death of, idk, all sentient life? If you focused on the gauntlets then I guess the point proves itself)

But of course, That’s a hyperbole and a hot take. Don’t lump me in with those Anti-natalists, they’re anti-suicidal (most times).

Whatever, I’ve earned enough negative karma in the last ten lines of texts, I’m going to cash that in.


In Closing;

Nationalism is back baby, that’s because we’re hating Nations again in the West. And I mean hating a Nation in particular, quite collectively. Like haha.

This shit post is just a filler arc while I write something retarded on the side, don’t mind me. Just consider this a fan service.

The World Leaders are doing a great job at maintaining peace, totally, they’re absolutely great, in fact you can’t be better than if they weren’t existing themselves, yup.

Because Governments ran by world governments make things better,

The solution is always to add more government, totally

We’re going to be great with our Nationalism,

And the next step would be supporting Globalism,

I guess if hating a Nation makes you a Nationalist,

Then hating the Globe makes you a Globalist,

I guess that makes me a Globalist, fuck, I did not see that coming. . .

. . .

Ha, Join me in my hatred of the Globe, because Round thing not flat make me mad,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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