Unethicality of a Bank Freeze II *Cough* *COUGH HARDER*

I Didn’t think that I would need to make a part 2, especially in such a short time after part I.


There really isn’t any safe bets?

Fuck, well, here we go;


There’s this conflict with Russia And Ukraine,

One side says one thing, the other side says another thing,

*Insert TEXT that explains succinctly Russian’s Claim against NATO and US Imperialism while in defense against (Possibly US ran) Biolabs and Nazi’s persecuting Regions such as Donbass while strategically focusing on Technically-Non-Ukraine Land and some other Texts*

*Insert TEXT that explains Ukraine’s perspective of minding their own fucking business and sending insulting Tweets to Russia while being unjustly raided during the middle of the night as an invasion sweeps Ukraine. As if the Just and Moral Russians would obviously invade during the night, because the good guys definitely fight during the night time. Also include SARCASTIC TEXTS*

*Insert TEXT on the History of the entire Universe explaining how we got to this moment in time as a series of domino-effects cascading and crescendo-ing to boths sides doing something logical within their bounded scopes of rationality as they are threated via their own scarcity and fear mindset against unseen enemies beyond this dimensional rift, And No, I’m not going to explain that can of worms.*

*Insert TEXT that Syllogistically explains all of the above in a recapitulation for a Hegelian dialectic on how none of this shit matters because it’s not the meat of this article whatsoever and world peace is literally a thought and compromise away.*

Fuck That Noise,


So during all of this,

There are Bank Freezes;

Yes, Apparently the West and All of Globo-oh-no-Finance decided to impose their own form of boycotting Russia,

Straight up cancer;

You know, this reminds me of my Trips through Asia. When I went through Japan, a lot of places didn’t accept American Credit Cards. My guess is due to the fees. But I always had a hunch it’s also to staunch the Geo-political Financial sectors from gauging out of Japans’ economy.

Essentially, People don’t accept Master Card or Visa because it would support US Capital Finance-Imperialism, which means that every transaction and fee they pay, would essentially be a tax and tribute to US Financial Mega-Bloc.

Which means that other foreign nations are cucking themselves financially for convenience.

Well, at least those two reasons (the fees and cucking themselves) were the big reasons not to support Visa or MasterCard. Now with this credit card freeze shitass, there’s another reason, so make that three reasons not to implement US Financial Mega-Bloc Infrastructure.

And yes, this bullshit definitely includes MasterCard;

Here’s another article with Paypal;

“On Wednesday, PayPal stopped accepting new users from Russia, and also blocked some Russian users and companies in compliance with internationally imposed sanctions. The service allowed Russian citizens to make only cross-border transactions.” -RT

I mean, I guess as a private entity, you can do what you want. But doesn’t this seem to go against the business acumen? By preventing people from using their money? Wouldn’t that alienate your preexisting clientele and further make people less trusting of your services?

I mean, how much money are you going to get by alienating an entire nation? Unless there’s some bribery behind the scenes, this seems more politically driven than financially driven.

Because, let’s face it, Businesses don’t care about lives, they care about money. No Lives Matter, remember.

So How are these companies playing the system to make up for the discontinued services in Russia? Where’s the adage, what’s the benefit?

Even the sanctions in Banking is rough

I mean, this is definitely an Act of Aggression, a ‘trade’ embargo,

It would be akin to blocking supply lines, but due to our world not being financially advanced, we don’t see these offenses as grave acts of war. Simply because we are retarded.

Yea, this looks like a really fucked up international banking shit ass. This actually adds to the reasons why central banking is retarded, due to the global network and infrastructure, but that’s a bit complicated to address the pros and cons here. Just know I hate bankies;

This was February, so I mean,
They (the West) were already planning on this

I mean, this is a war of financial attrition where they are denying the people’s access to their own money and trade via their services and platforms.

Which can be a really shitty thing depending on whether those citizens are allowed to withdraw money or not.

Because if you put money in these private entities, and even international banks, and you’re not allowed to take out your money. . .

Then is it even your money?

Also this;

“Several international brands such as Apple, IKEA, H&M, and Airbnb have also suspended their operations in Russia over the conflict.” -RT

If Russians have a business directly tied to Airbnb or Apple or these stores, then their livelihoods are getting fucked. Allbeit not as bad as some refugees fleeing Ukraine or whatever.

Still, this is definitely an act of aggression, to have all these private entities collectively unite to impose political based decisions and sanctions on another country. Specifically targeting the Countrymen, you know, the civilians.

The solution to this would be to create your own Russian Sponsored system for these financial processing companies and businesses. You know, just like how China threatened to make their own google if google decided they didn’t want to cuck themselves to Chinar.

more side blurbs;

I feel like it’s a breach of service, if you pay for something,

and can’t use it.

Like aren’t people subscribed to Netflix? Doesn’t that seem a little fucked that you can’t use a service that you paid for?

Seems like people are going to go pirate shit or create a secondary market for all these things.

And judging by the financial sanctions, there is an impetus for people to create a secondary global-financial market.

I mean,

Imagine working as a streamer relying on donations,

and being denied your income,

That’s almost as bad as being Demonetized on Youtube back when Youtube was actually good and paying people per views.

Actually, this is worse.

Because you don’t get the money that you would get, and also, you just became jobless due to political ramifications beyond your control.

This is putting a lot of pressure on Russians, but it is also putting pressure on making your own financial system, because if this happens once, then it’ll happen again.

eToro is even selling people’s stonks against their will and unexpectedly;

Like, I know eToro is shit, and now they do more shitty shit, like selling your positions and liquidating them (again),

This is obviously adding to the tanking of Russian Stonks,

And this is obviously being traded on as some insiders will Undoubtably had opened or hedged for Shorting -idk- all of Russia. So expect someone to make money off of this, that’s a given.

Yea, call it what you want, you fucked over your clients. . . Again

Of course, fucking over your clientele based on your own political leanings is obviously going to upset people that want nothing to do with anything you preach;

Resulting in a vapid and empty apology that isn’t backed by fucking money that their user’s lost.

Yea, sell that shit for cheap and also make your clients experience a loss on your platform.

How cheap? Well, about a penny cheap;

-Also Forbes

And they specifically unloaded the Stocks at 1 Cent a share. It’s almost like they planned to maximize their OTC Gain by having people sell out at 1 cent while their fuck-fuck buddies in the back maximize their Short positions.

Here is someone with an alternative theory resulting in (still) eToro fucking over it’s clients and making money;

Of course, this is all due to a lack of liquidity. . .

Yes, because when share prices fall, it means that people are panic selling and that puts a shit ton of shares in the open market. . . Wait a minute.


Yea, if shares fall, there is no way that there would be a lack of liquidity in shares. There might be a lack of liquidity on the money side of eToro, and that too would be eToro’s fault for providing a service to it’s clients that it could not fiduciarily nor responsibly provide.

All I’m Saying is, Rich people are getting richer taking advantage of bystanders in an armed conflict. So, business as usual. And eToro is shit.

‘They’ are even seizing Capital,

When I say ‘they’, I mean the ‘West’ and the other Europoors;


The whole point of Capitalism is to own your own stuff

If you can’t have or own your own shit,

Then is that even Capitalism?

I ask that because there is an RT story that says some Russian Got his Boat Stolen by the Italian Gubernment on what appears to be ‘alleged’ connections with the Conflict,

Like it’s alleged without proving it, so it’s guilty without due process.

I get you might not care about some rich person and their yacht, but what if they did this to your home, your car, your cell phone, or literally anything you own?

If the rich aren’t safe, then the poor definitely is not.

And if they’ll do it to someone who has actual influence, then do you think they’ll look at us nobodies any better?

This all Sounds more like Fascism than Capitalism to me, And it is Italy, so it checks out.

Fuck, I would rather prefer Neo-Imperialism over Fascism. That’s straight up better option. Do the math.

We’re living in Neo-Imperialism, and we are heading into Fascism with these Politics and Financial sanctions. That’s the math, I just did it for you. Take a look around you and ask if it’s better or getting better.

Yea, you might be okay with No Netflix that you paid for,

But what if you can’t buy groceries?

What if you stopped making money and are laid off?

What about those Thots on Only Fans, are we relegated to not be able to simp for Russian e-Pussy?

Why is it that the collateral damage of war is always people that want to be left the-fuck alone?

All ‘Escalation’ means is, dragging bystanders into the shitty fight.

I mean, isn’t that what a draft and a conscription does? Forcibly impress young men into indentured service to fight on behalf of some old fucks, all the while it’s always some stupid ass invasion on foreign soil?

Like imagine if two people start fighting, and the crowd gathers around the scene, all the sudden the crowd gets hit and they jump in to. You’d think someone threw a chair or something;

Like this but with Nations instead of people fighting.

You really want to drag more drama into the drama?

This likely will lead into more Crypto

The financial ramifications would also push for more Crypto use, Funding both sides of the war as a sort of unbiased trade for secondary market users. Because wars always have a black market nearby, people pay top dollar to -you-know- not die; and you got a slap an extra fee for illegal Convenience.

-The Hypothesis

Of course, even Government Crypto would be a bad bet. Because then the government would be the ones that can impose sanctions. Remember the Canada thing in part 1?

It would have to be a decentralized Crypto that would be allowed to process payments and stuff without the unseen hand of some Globalist or Financial Private Company controlling what you can purchase.

Because that sounds rough.

And also, if it’s centralized on a CEX (Centralized Exchange) like Coinbase, shit like this will happen;

Granted, Coinbase isn’t really a CEX, but whatever, that’s not the point.

I know earlier I said eToro is shit, but could we take a step back -and extend that sentiment to Coinbase too?

“Everyone deserves access to basic financial services unless the law says otherwise
-Fixed it for you

Perhaps we should Rethink all this?

You know, because ethics?

Will you own nothing, and be happy?

Great Reset into Building Back Better Butter Cup?

Doubt it, seems like a Not Safe Bet to me.

In Closing,

Again, I’ll ask the real question above all else;

If You have money but you can’t move it, use it, or do anything with it,

is it really your money?

If you’re paying for a service that you don’t get, shouldn’t you get a refund?

If the Global financial system is at odds with your living, shouldn’t you deserve to live? Perhaps make your own Global Financial System?

“Everyone deserves access to basic financial services”
-No Safe Bets

I mean, if you don’t allow people to use money to survive, they will resort to surviving through another means. Whether that means a communal approach, or a Theft or violent approach. Well, that’s up to how the cards fall, a gambit in human nature, if-you-will.

As the famous poet (by that. I mean commercial) JG Wentworth says;

“It’s your money, use it when you need it”

To which people respond;


Look, I think it’s about high time that someone writes the Thomas Paine’s Common-sense equivalent of Finance, for the Globe, in the 21st Century.

I mean, I could be the one to do it, but if I do, I’m going to use the words Fuck, Shit, and Retard a lot.




(If I do write this shit, our offspring and generations to come will think we were swearing retards that were based or something. It’s kind of funny, if some historian has to shift through my Coprolalia shit-posts to clean it for the diamonds and gems. Imagine that, some lucky soul gets crude humor as his/her/their/they’m job trying to scry the minds of the 21st century of some asshole like me.)

So you probably don’t want me to be the Next Thomas Paine.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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