The Term ‘Negative Food’ needs to be in your Lexicon

You ever ate something and it just tastes fucking atrocious. It was nutritionally scarce and provided negative value? Like you even got food poisoning from it? Like the whole experience was so negative that you were slightly traumatized by it? That everyone around you was negatively impacted by it too? Yet you’re probably dumb enough… Read More The Term ‘Negative Food’ needs to be in your Lexicon

Grass lawns are scams

Plain and simple, like the simple green lawns that litter the dreaded hellscape called Suburbia. It’s a plethora of drinking the ‘false american dream’ that people take. You know, not the cool libertarian homesteading live-in-a-log-cabin-in-the-woods-on-a-mountain-with-a-bunch-of-firearms away from the prying eyes of Karen neighbors, Karen HOAs, Karen Government, and overall Karen society. The false American dream,… Read More Grass lawns are scams