The Greatest Digital Stock Tip

So I just heard this rule and I thought it was fucking brilliant. This applies to stock trading, but it also applies to life as well.

As usual, I was in a Den of Degens and I gleamed this rule from a fellow, well, Degen;

“If it’s screenshot worthy and Volatile, Pull Out”

What’s great about this rule is, it applies to ridiculous Gains. If you want to screenshot that shit to brag about it, then you’re proud. Get that shit out. If it’s a bunch of losses, it’s time to quit and see a therapist. Point stands, Pull Out.

What’s even great about this tip, it applies to life to.

Imagine you got your dick in something other than a box fan, if you’d screenshot the moment and your shit is Volatile, pull out.

I’m assuming if you’re on this website, you’re a degen, so “what the fuck are Condoms and how are they a scam” article will probably pop up in the future never. Point is, pull out game is game. Game is Game.

Gotta have good rules, and this gem of a rule will help you in life.

Whether you’re bagging a bag or a trophy wife, get your prios’ straight and pull out with a level head. Whether you’re several fucking miles deep in Cocaine lines on a Stripper’s booty, or several Arrest Warrants for Tax Evasion. If it’s Screenshot worthy and volatile, pull out.

Now, the only thing left unsaid is, when do you “put it in?” after your pull out? Like Immediately? But Gravity or some shit.

Good question, like any philoso-cunt, this shit is never ending. We try to teach the future generated Degens how we lived, in hopes it helps them to live better lives. And yada-yada, I don’t care enough to be somber especially when I’m not sober.

In Closing,

Your Pull Out game makes or breaks your bank.

Whether that’s in Rocket Ship tickets to the moon, or the Alimony to your Future Baby Momma.

You’ve now been wisened or more wisdom, or some shit. Beware of unearned wisdom or some shit.

As you can see, I’m low efforting the FUCK outta this. You’re fucking not welcome.

I’m going back to gambling, that’s where I earned my Parkinson’s shake. Rolling the dice too many times.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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