OPed: Frontier airlines is sh!tty

Yea, so if you ever fly, you pay for what you get.

Frontier airlines is a shitty airline with cheap ass flights, and I’ve had the misfortune to ride with some broke mfers who booked Frontier. Broke Mfers are built shitty, I tell you.

For the record, I never booked cheap ass tickets, because what the fuck is saving 20 bucks on a fucking flight mean to me? Nothing. I’d sooner walk than intentionally fly frontier airlines.

Point is, Frontier does things a bit different. They make their money not through bookings, but from rebookings and making people pay a fuck ton in baggage fees.

The workers there are (at one point, probably still are) incentivized to make sure your carry on doesn’t fit the criteria of a carry on then force you to either pay the fee to check it in or make you not fly.

So, time for my personal shitty experience outside of my other shitty experiences in which they make you stuff your bags into some shitty metal bin to see if you can fly or not.

Story time,

Was at some Shitty airport and I couldn’t check in online. No confirmation check in online. No Email. Went to the front desk and they told me to download my boarding pass from an email not sent.

Fuck them. Anyways, I wait in line for rebookings to see if they can print my mutha fucking boarding pass.

Turns out, me and about 25 other people wait in this god forsaken line.

All for one Front Desk jockey who averaged about 30 minutes per client.

Were there other people that could help?


They just didn’t.

So here I am waiting at this line that’s Arguably worse than any DMV I’ve ever been to, And I’ve traveled a quarter of the United States and specifically visit their DMV’s to see what Hell looks like in other States. So that’s saying something.

Then I saw mfers get sent from one line to another. Oh you need to be in that line? Fuck, that other line that has a long ass line for baggage check in? And that line that kicks people back into the other line for rebookings?

Fucking Cunts, the lot of them.

We had a line of about fifty people waiting on one kiosk.

no one could check in.

Then the line got to about 100, that’s when I realized, probably NO ONE could check in.

Then amazingly the Flight got delayed for maintenance issues. Again and again, about three times.

Probably because it was an empty ass flight and no one could check in. Empty as fuck and couldn’t fill in the missed seats for the flight

Because, well, no one is boarding any fucking plane because not even the free seaters can get the boarding pass to sit. No one got a boarding pass.

And then these mfers will have the audacity to tell you to rebook your flight and check in your luggage for an additional surcharge.

Fucking a.

End Rant.

Point is,

Frontier is built different, they want to nickle and dime you in baggage fees and missed flights rather than pay the Vig to the Airport for properly booking a regular ass flight.

Some people might have enjoyed flying frontier.

I mean, all airplane seats are shitty unless you’re flying in a private jet.

Well, some people sure as hell ain’t me.

In Closing,

I can’t say I’ve heard one good thing about Frontier.

If you have to fly and want to hate flying, than Frontier is a great choice. It’s really great for those with disposable income and looking for Nirvana because the amount of anger and annoyance you’ll feel, is near Saint Like. I could never.

If you actually enjoy the finer things in life and don’t want your patience to be tested, then fly literally any other Airline.

I got the feeling Frontier is a shitty psyop to get people to fly big name brand airlines. But what do I know.

All I know is I couldn’t get my boarding pass and these guys rubbed me the wrong way. Glad I didn’t pay for the ticket.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Update November-12-2023

Turns out, yea, Frontier pisses off a lot of other people. Here’s someone talking shit;

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