Silly companies beg for Charitable Contributions

Donating after paying for basic shit needs to stop.

Like you want the money to what? Give to a racket that you call a charity?

Who even does the money go to?

Is it a tax writeoff for your Corpo?

Point is, shit like this is gross;

Like it’s not even to ‘Help’ End Hunger in America.

It’s to End Hunger in America.

Which, judging by the Global Non Government Organizations, and even the Government Organizations, it looks like we can’t even end hunger anywhere. In fact, there is a long spiel about how fucked shit is with the Artificial Job Markets, Unemployment, and Hunger. It’s all kinds of fucked.

Also, if I’m donating to end hunger in America, I’m fucking gonna end hunger in Me First. The fuck you think I’m shopping at a grocery store for?

God damn, I hate so many things, it’s beautiful.

Point is, most charities are scams. They’re usually some sort of HedgeFund Money Laundering scheme for the rich.

Even if you ever become rich or already are rich, you’ll have to sus out who is good and who isn’t.

Because some of those people just take your money and run with it.

In Closing,

Not all Charities are shit.

There are a lot of them that are.

Any corporation structure or entity, when big, will have a proportionate amount of corruption.

And if it’s handling money, it’s probably going to have embezzlement.

So, you know, food for thought.

You do you, I’m merely saying my piece.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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