Wage theft sucks

As a reminder, Wage theft is the largest theft outside of typical scams and just outright fraud or RICO cases. Wage theft is accomplished by rounding people’s hours down, not paying overtime, deducting breaks, changing hours, many other time clock shenanigans, and even just denying people or not paying them. Here’s a tweet; Here’s a… Read More Wage theft sucks

Mortgages are scams, A Death Pledge.

A lot of loan officers out there are screaming internally at the title of this article, perhaps because it’s the secret sauce, or perhaps it’s because I’m targeting their livelihood. It’s probably because I’m spitting fax or incoherent rambling. The word ‘mortgage’ comes from the Italian roots. ‘Mort’ for ‘death’, and ‘gage’ for ‘pledge’. So… Read More Mortgages are scams, A Death Pledge.