Archive of 2020

It’s clear that this site’s layout is dog-shit hog-wash, that’s fine. I’ll kill myself later, but until then, here are the articles from the year 2020. The first year of hopefully two years. Fuck, who knows.

Easy intuitive ways to save money

WTF is Money?


How to get Ahead in Life with Student Loans in 8 Easy Steps

Scam: Advance-fee

WTF is Value?

Donating Blood Is Bad

Gambling, A World Where Everyone Is A Winner

WTF are Taxes?

How To Re-gift Like A Pro

WTF is a Quant?

WTF “Is a Beautiful Thing”?

WTF is the SEC? Is it a Scam?

TV License is a Scam and a Tax

LEGOs, the New Gold Standard for Drugs

WTF is Co-Signing, it’s a Scam isn’t it?

How to (Un)Ethically CON people with A CON(vention)

Vulture Capitalism, the best kind of capitalism, Deadass

Teaching kids about Taxes on Halloween in just 4 Masterfully Difficult, virtually-impossible, Like-you-should-give-up-before-you-start, steps

WTF is the Opioid Crisis?

WTF are Golden Handcuffs? Another Scam?

Politics is Trash 2020

Stonks Lesson 1: The Advance Phystonks

Organ Donation? Naaaah

Heritage Turkey: Pleb to Profit

Black Friday, the Death celebration

How to know if you Married the right person

Top 7 Mistakes being a warlord

No Lives Matter, Money Matters

WTF is the EPA, another Scam? This again!?

The Greatest Christmas Present for free