WTF is the Opioid Crisis?

Well, when a company wants to sell a product, it is in their best interest to make it addicting. Think of it like sugar additives or having a food or drink taste good. The better the taste, the better the experience, the more repeat visits.

So some small-PP folks found a way to make a drug that is euphoric and super addicting from poppy seeds/derivatives.

Introducing your neighborhood serial killer the Opioid gang:

ACSH Explains: What's the Difference Between Opioids and Opiates ...
Miracle drugs so good, you’ll die

Opioids go by many names, it’s a big family. Morphine, Heroin, Tramadol, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Oxycodone, Codeine, Demerol, Tramadol, Dilaudid, Methadone, Oxycontin, Percocet, Percodan, Paracetamol, etc.

There are a whole bunch of street names, just say no to expensive drugs if you can’t chemically verify the legitimacy of the drugs. You might die and its probably illegal.

Pro tip: that crack cocaine might be flour, that Heroin might be baking powder, etc.

Most street dealers cut or spike their shit with other substances to make it more addicting. You know, half coke, and half something else.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer my drugs freshly grown in a pharmaceutical lab. Technically crystals are grown synthetically.

How do- get good good?

Yes, that is proper English for the acquisition of drugs. This is also a legal doctor-prescribed way. Well, legal for you, not for the doctor depending on circumstances.

Well, with the Opioid Crisis, our Pharmacologists were incentivized by, none-other-than, money, to give you and your loved ones a free hit of opioids.

You know, the first one is free because you’ll get hooked and come back for more. Also your insurance hasn’t ran out, so you’d just be paying deductible until you run dry of money.

Which you will, so don’t you worry.

The Doctors got enough money to prescribe opioids to everyone, don’t worry, they make these drugs and set the prices.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacologist

Got in a car injury?
Here are some Opioids.

Got surgery?
Take some Opioids.

Broken bone?
Take Opioids.

Achy back?


Feeling slightly off?

Existing and have a pulse?

Drugs, you’re gonna get some good drugs

Basically, the Pharmacists, Doctors, and other medical professionals were prescribing Opioids for any and everything. The evil ones knew it was addicting, and they knew that withdrawals caused great harm.

They were actually banking on the addicting and dependency part, you know, for cash.

Perspective of Opioids
(completely made-up)

If you’re a regular Joe:

On a routine jog during your Saturday off of work, you rolled your ankle. You limp a bit to get to your front door, it’s swelling bad.

You know that you have work on monday, but you think this might be serious. So you let some people know and your Sister Madison takes you to the Urgent Care Center because it looks swollen.

Doctor Thomas Hankins says that you’re a healthy lad and that you need to take some rest and ice it. He says you have a sprained ankle, which happens. He tells you he’s going to prescribe you some painkillers to take twice a day and after a week, take as needed.

You get your prescription, with some pain. The pain builds up and your ankle starts to swell on the ride home. You go ahead and take two pills per Docs orders, they take a bit to hit you, gradually making you loopy. Definitely shouldn’t operate machinery, thank god Madison drove.

The pills just happen to be really strong, you know, about 10mg worth. Which is enough to put you out of your body. Luckily, you took two, doctor’s orders right?

Well, as the pain goes away, you rest and relax. You’re able to sleep without aching pain on your leg. Yet you wake up, sort of confused. You didn’t know where you were.

You watch Netflix and do nothing since you got some time off. In your boredom of bingewatching everything, you read some stuff about how sleep helps you heal.

So you try to sleep, but cue in the pain. You take some of the pills per doctor’s orders. You do this for a bit, sleeping, eating, pills.

Boom, it’s already two months and your leg is better but you need these pills or else you have cold shakes and sweat.

Your work performance has gone down, and your boss had to let you go.

Now you’re in your own room, alone, with a bottle of pills. You’re stressed but you know what sort of thing you can do to relieve stress.

Pop some pills.

Pop some more.

Pop till it kills.

If you’re a Rich Girl:

You think your hot shit, obviously, rolling through the streets with your ‘crew’ hitting up Street Taco joints and flaunting money with designer bags and designer shoes. Everything is a glow, a neon dream, and you’re doing your best to enjoy it all. You and your posse hit up parties that are wild and full of Champagne showers because why-the-fuck-not.

Your bottom bitch Stacy is in the back of the club, sitting with some Frat Boy in Chubs. They look like they’re having fun, you ask “what’s up Bitch”. Stacy, dis bich, tells you that “you gotta try this new drug with alcohol”.

You being the fucking Tiger Hawk that does blow and LSD at the same time. You know, that combo you did last month because you didn’t like your parents completely absorbed in their financial management firm. You say, “fuck it. I’m a Rich Girl, I’ve gone too far and I know it don’t matter anyway”, Like that Hall and Oats song, you think ‘this can’t be bad’.

A couple lines of crushed pills of Percocet, Hydrocodone, and whatever the fuck the other off-white-crème Nike color thing was. Your night goes into a blur, faded, probably didn’t help with the alcohol and shots.

In your absent mind, you notice that the drugs make you loopy but seem more awake. The drugs sort of keep the creeping feeling of sleep off, so you take some more drugs to stay up.

You wake up staring at a wall of gray. You crank your head and look up, it’s a carpet. Shit, ‘where am I?’, Stacy is probably somewhere blowing some dude off. You have this serious bone aching pain and sweat.

You find your phone and apparently Stacy got in trouble last night, something to do with kicking a cop in the balls. She’s stuck in jail for a while, and you’ve got this crazy pain. you collect your shit and uber home and you step in the shower shivering in pain. Cold cold pain, as you catch a glimpse of your makeup in the bathroom mirror.

A day later you’re still in pain, and you don’t know what the fuck happened. Go to the doc, get some pills, and you’re hooked on the good good.

Addiction stats

On the first hit, 1 in 12 people will be addicted.

After a month of use, 1 in 3 people will be addicted.

In 2017 there were 70,237 drug overdose deaths within the United States. Between the years of 1999 to 2017 approximately 218,000 individuals passed away in the United States due to overdoses of prescribed opioids.

From 1999–2018, almost 450,000 people died from an overdose involving any opioid, including prescription and illicit opioids

With withdrawals, there wasn’t a cure for Opioids. So after struggling to ween off Opioids and relapsing (the 13th step) for the 30th time, people sort of gave up. They couldn’t function with a drug that is Godly more addicting and way more painful withdrawals than alcohol.

So these victims would use what little money or insurance they have to get more Opioids. They would then be stuck, a slave to a pill and wasting away their time and life.

It’s the shakes bro, the cold sweats too

If they ran out of monies, they turn to other alternatives. Cue in the Heroin.

They start doing street drugs because its cheaper and readily accessible. Much cheaper than paying insurance premiums from a spent-dry Health Savings Account.

Oh yea, no money because they lost their job and alienated all friends and family, due to an inability to function because of the drugs.

Eventually people find out about fentanyl. It hits harder and stronger, some people die. So these people do smaller amounts to get the same high, and in theory, they save money.

But the drug distribution dealers already cut in fentanyl in their regular heroine. They hand this cut-heroin to the Street Peddlers.

Then the street rats and street flippers cut in some more fentanyl in the already-cut-heroin. This makes the end product cut with too much fentanyl.

This results in a lot of deaths.

I’m pressing F for you bro

How it’s made

The Fentanyl and other street drugs comes mainly from China (or so American Propa- I mean, Media suggests)

USA Today gives a part of the picture

Poppy seeds from the Middle East and South East Asia make their way to China. China chemically synthesized the drug and ship it to Cartels in Mexico. Cartels smuggle the drug through to the United States and distributes drugs from drug dealers to your family and friends.


What probably happens is that the pills comes from Big Pharma labs all across the US using ingredients we got from occupying the middle-east to include Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. Probably. So these pills from Big Pharma get shipped out to pharmacists, and then prescribed to you, your family, and your friends.

But let’s keep blaming China because it’s an American Tradition

Doctors prescribe this drug like candy, so everyone has a hook up. Some people don’t like the pills, or taking the drug, so they decide to flip it. Selling their extra drugs to your sister or your cousin.

Heck, even Soccer Moms are getting hooked on this stuff.

aerial view of people walking on raod
Can you spot them? Those afflicted druggies.

Hell teenagers moved on from doing neuro-toxin bed bugs to straight opioids. If you think a teenager can stand against addiction, well, probably not.

So let’s ask some doctors, some good doctors what they do about all this jazz.

The Good Doctors

Then People got caught and charged with crimes. You know, because they were running an immoral corrupt drug-ring-cartel with predatory practices on people, sick, injured, elderly, and veterans. These obviously outstanding Doctors targeted the gambit.

Some doctors did the quid pro quo with sex, you know, trading drugs for sex. A little bit of Opioids apparently goes a long way, so much so that a Doctor nickname “Rock Doc” allegedly prescribed dangerous combinations of opioids and benzodiazepines, sometimes in exchange for sexual favors. You know, the whole cutting your drugs with other drugs, mixxing downers with downers to go further down.

(Down-to-your-knees-down kind of down)

Doctors gave out opioids like it was candy, like as if it was a miracle drug that could cure anything. Heck, they killed people and gave some to the elderly and Veterans. Well, I guess even neurologist and pain management doctors can prescribe drugs.

I didn’t know neurologists could even prescribe opioids.

Heck, the Doctors even prescribed pills to dead people and prison inmates. One doctor prescribed about 78,544 hydrocodone pills. These Doctors, aka “Pill Mills” just used anyone’s name and social security to get a valid prescription in the system. Then they sold this prescription to people, who would sell the drug.

Pill mill to pay the bill, one doctor made about $3.6 million dollars worth. Or at least that’s what the lawsuit wants back.

Hell, doctors are even prescribing themselves. Cutting the middleman dealer, now that’s entrepreneurship. Just sell the drug yourself, e z.

Do you hate long winters in Alaskan Oil money?
Fret no more!
Just take some drugs from your local doctor and nurse practitioner. You know, the ones facing federal charges of illegally distributing millions of opioid doses to patients.

Even a single person can peddle a brick-weight and a kilo-worth of equivalent drugs. In just eight weeks, the DOJ said, Russell “prescribed more than 7,800 oxycodone pills, more than 6,000 benzodiazepine pills, and more than 1,000 pills of carisoprodol.” Which translates to about $400,000 in eight weeks.

That’s just one Nurse Practitioner, not even a doctor.

You got to think out of the FEW Doctors that got caught, that those are just the ones THAT GOT CAUGHT. Not to mention the insurance prices and other hidden medical fees that jack up these prices. Not to mention the adverse crime people commit for cash or all the victim’s jobs unable to maintain all for that next. Fucking. Hit.

So, let’s estimate that one doctor causes about $500k worth of damage in eight weeks, calculating the 60 professionals that we caught, that’s about $3 Million dollars of damage.

$500k x 60 Shitty people = $3M

Make the eight weeks into a year, and that 3Mil bumps up to

(48 weeks / 8 weeks ) x $3M = $18M

$18 Million dollars a year minimum. Not including the health care costs, insurance, costs to Medicaid and Medicare.

This is not including the irreparable emotional damage, stress on family and friends, rehabilitation costs, funeral fees, estate assessments, and all things DEATH.

So doctors prescribe things that kills people, you know, in good old health-care fashion.

When the Drugs kick in

Think about the damage and crime to communities, and the increasing alienation of existential dread and meaning because you became a zombie hopped up on Soma.

You’re just looking for the next 5 cc’s of escape from this dreaded fucking reality (and to keep the shaky shakes at bay).

Your friends and family don’t want to even look at you, maybe out of disgust or shame or some other fucking moralistic narrow opinion. You won’t know, you’re too loopy and fettered on the next cc of liquid that you can’t function.

Let’s keep talking about the shaky shakes and the cold sweat.

On second thought, I don’t want to be reminded of withdrawals

Where was I? Oh yea, we caught a few doctors. yep, a few doctors.

That would suggest that there are WAY more Doctors prescribing these drugs than those that were caught and charged.

I mean, med school ain’t cheap; amirite or am I right?

Those charged were made an example of; to whip the other unethical doctors back in line. That’s because we’ve issued enough bottles that:

Opioids are so readily prescribed right now that there are enough Opioid prescriptions for every man, women, and child to have their own bottle.

-Dr. McGraw Clinical Psychiatrist in 2019

Is it the Doctors that we hold responsible? Yes and we can go one step further by pursuing other related unethical work. The Pharma company.

Pig Pharma

Allegedly the same guys that said Opioids weren’t addicting, were also the one’s who prevented research for the cure.

I’m talking specifically Purdue Pharma.

You see, they lobby to get Opioids in the hands of normal doctors, to give to any and everyone. People then got addicted leading to an epidemic with +2.1 million American people addicting and effected.

The number effected is not including the rest of the world.

“If you look at the prescribing trends for all the different opioids, it’s in 1996 that prescribing really takes off; It’s not a coincidence. That was the year Purdue launched a multifaceted campaign that misinformed the medical community about the risks.” -Kolodny

So these Pig Pharma also said they would research a drug cure to resolve it.

You know, and then proceed to not have a real cure, they created quasi-solutions then sold and patented it to monopolized it. Preventing other companies from profiting, or providing real solutions.

This happened because of fame, influence, and Money. Heck, even the FDA had a role to play in all of this. These are drugs, afterall.

Don’t worry, they got slapped with an $8 billion dollar settlement.

They pleaded guilty to:

One count of dual-object conspiracy to defraud the United States and to violate the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and two counts of conspiracy to violate the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute.

In short:

  • They did not stop Oxycontin from being diverted, and continued to advertise their Opioids against DEA and FDA regulations. They advertised when they weren’t allowed to.
  • They also lied to the DEA with false data and misrepresentation.
  • Committed Conspiracy against the Federal government.
  • Paid Doctors to give speeches to fellow doctors to convince them to write more prescriptions.
  • Paid Health Record companies to promote their Opioids.

Happy Ending?

For me, it’s great;

Population centers and public schools are affected, that means children

People are still dead, and the addiction is still rampant.

Help centers are trying to help, in an uphill battle.

Rehab centers are losing their funding.

People relapse left and right.

the year is 2020

we live in a


Didja like my upside down pyramid?

I’m always at my wit’s end, so yea, happy ending.

Well AcKtshuuaallyy

For other people, it’s not happy or an end.

You see, the Sackler Family behind Purdue Pharma is accused of taking a whole bunch of money out of Purdue Pharma to put in their pockets. How much, who knows? Some say 1 billion, this audit right here says 10 billion. Throughout the years, probably more than enough to make their investors, and all of Wallstreet hate them. That’s a lot of stonk traders.

Here’s a totally unrelated picture of puppies:

Funny how this Family in charge of a good chunk of the board, withdraws money from the Company like a piggy bank and hides it in off-shore trust funds ‘allegedly’.

Was I supposed to put the allegedly before or after?

Funny then that Purdue Pharma magically filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy later in 2019 after moving their money allegedly. They probably filed for bankruptcy in hopes to play the legal system. You know, hoping to freeze the lawsuits against the drug maker and likely result in the claims being shifted into bankruptcy court.

The Claims resulting in the Opioid crisis, those ones.

Just so they can pay less with what little assets they have. By they, I mean the company and investors. Not the actual family.

What, did you think the legal system would actually hold people accountable? If tax loopholes exist, than so do not-tax-legal ones. I don’t know how to word it, but you smell what I’m stepping in.

So this settlement and plea deal for $8 billion is not holding the ones responsible.

The $8 billion will help communities . . .

if there was any. . .






The company doesn’t have $8 billion in cash available to pay the fines.

So no money.


However, the big problem that should be on your mind,

Is that this plea deal:

  • Will probably stop thousands of separate lawsuits against the company filed by local and state governments. That means potentially bye-bye to lawsuits brought from more than 2,800 plaintiffs, including two dozen US states.
  • Could also shelter the personal assets of members of the Sackler family from future liability for their role in the opioid crisis. (It is a plea deal).
  • “Doesn’t account for the hundreds of thousands of deaths or millions of addictions caused by Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family.”- New York Attorney General Letitia James
  • Would restructure Purdue Pharma to be operated as a public trust under government control, continuing to manufacture opioid medications.
  • Results in your Tax Dollars directly fueling Opioid production through a zombified failed-bankrupt Big Pharmaceutical Company.

So you are getting fucked in the end. Hope you like paying for drugs.

It’s alright, just mix some codeine, cough syrup, soda, and hard candy. Start sippin’ on some lean, that good good, that purple drank.

All y’all worries and shit fade away, no need to dread this existential existing existence.

Don’t think about all the lives lost and family and friends taken from your future infinite potentialities by a drug.

The best flavor Gatorade, Purple, purple Drank, and Lean. If you say grape, you’re a cop in my book.

In Closing

I was going to post a list of articles of doctors that are shitty. But it’s so big, I’m just going to post a link to a DEA website with ‘Opioids’ as the search.

List of Things.

We have the eighth amendment protecting from ‘cruel and unusual punishment’, so we aren’t allowed to do draconian punishments of equivocal pain and suffering.

That means we can’t get these Doctors addicted to the same drug that fucked up Hundreds of thousands of Human beings.

Yea, we’re legally not allowed to make them aware of how fucked up they are, or to what extent the human psyche suffers from the horrendous crime that they committed for extra cash. No Law bidding citizen shit here.


The Drug dealers, Doctors, and Cops are all doing their job for cash. They might even not-do-their-job for more cash. It’s all about the-


Joking and despair aside, Opioids and other hard narcotics ruin lives. I’m terribly fucking sorry if you’re affected by any of this. It takes active effort to make it better and it’s hard stuff. Get help if you can, ask a doctor, friends, family, get support, get people involved.

What I suggest is that you let due process and the law take care of the evil doctors and other evil doers. We need your energy and efforts to stay informed.

Notice the signs of drug abuse among your friends and family. learn to spot needle marks and an alienating or vacant presence before it’s too late.

These are some resources to help you if Need be:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Fun Fact, I was on opioids myself. Had a prescription. I didn’t get addicted because I was really shit about taking my prescription. I just forgot, well, dodged a bullet I guess.

Another Fun Fact: Purdue learned that one doctor was known by patients as “the Candyman” and was prescribing “crazy dosing of OxyContin”. Purdue had sales representatives meet with the doctor more than 300 times. What a promotion, also that means all my candy jokes were spot on.

Side note: This is also a good video to check out by ColdFusion.

Side note: Many doctors prescribed Opioids to help their patients. They did this based on the recommendation and talks of a few Doctors that were bought out by Purdue Pharma. Hence the Conspiracy charges that they plead guilty on. So a good chunk of doctors were naive and not malicious, they’re not all bad.

(Quite honestly, if you enjoyed this article and are still thinking about suicide. Just become my slave, I need more minions)


as always:

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice.

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