Why I hate Dentists, and you should get a second opinion

I don’t mean you should get a second opinion about hating dentists, I mean you should always use two dentists to check each other’s diagnosis and work. But that would require you trusting one to check the “untrust” of the other, so it’s kind of a paradox. Well, fuck.

But also, I can’t give you sound medical or dental advice, so you should just assume I’m crazy and what I mean is that you should get a second opinion on my opinion and that that is not valid advice. That’d be the best for both of us. Yea, mmmhm, Great.

Confused? We’re off to a great start!

Alright, so some of these people

Are real pieces of shit. I’m talking about Dentists.

And no, I don’t mean physically that they’re big turds.

I mean that they (sometimes) are really shitty people.

I mean, do you really trust Dentists?

They get paid to fuck with your teeth,

and some times you’re not even awake for it.

You trust em that much?

To do their job?

Let alone a good job?

Like you really trust people to undergo an operation in (typically) a closed room where your loved ones or friends are outside? You know, in most places they treat the dentist rooms and dentist chairs like a backroom kitchen.

That means that shit is obviously going down back there.

I mean, could they scratch their own ass when you’re not looking? Yea? Can They?

with the glove and all

And you can only hope that you have a normal serial killer dentist fucking with your teeth,

Because if I had some weirdo fucking with my teeth, I’d rather end up with my dignity as a deceased member. Just saying.

“ok it’s worse than I thought…we better get right to the gas and drugs.” -Dentist in Louis C.K.

Just saying.

I mean, why do people even become dentists?

Besides serial killers that pretend they’re precisely administering small inoculation amounts of cyanide gas, this is a really good question. Why would anyone become a dentist?

I googled the question because I am actually curious why someone would willingly or desire to stick their hand in other people’s Fellatio hole.

And the resounding answer is money or ‘Its like being a doctor without the med school’ which basically translates to ‘money’. So two main reasons to become a dentist is for money.

Well, I’m sure some of those ‘lore’ stories of dreaming to become a dentist are real. I’m also sure that some of those stories are made up to not make it seem like Dentistry was a Plan B, or properly a Plan F.

We end up on the path we end up due to the way the winds blow us, and fuck, it’s hard to make any profession seem like it’s Plan A, because chances are, it’s not.

So, Dentistry means most likely money driven or short-sticked. Rarely are there serial killers that happen to be dentists.

Do we even need dentists?

Yea, well that’s part of the scam. I know this isn’t a scam article, but without dental work, you can literally die. You’re fucked if you go to a bad dentist, and you’re fucked if you don’t go to one.

I wish I was making that up, but the degree of complications in your teeth can make your life a living hell.

Hell, a lot of people in the 1800s died of tooth decay. I made that up but it’s also true. Probably;

leading cause of death 200 years ago
fifth or sixth 400 years ago

So Dentists are their own breed of special doctors that work specifically in your mouth.

The only reason Dental and Medical professions deviate is because of some bullshit Medical Curriculum rigging that happened in the span of 200 or so years after the 1800s. I mean, the idea of a ‘doctor’ being ‘degreed’ and ‘licensed’ is a fairly new thing compared to the lifespan of a civilization. It’s also a giant racket and a scam rigged by the help of the state and the greed of hulking administrative staffing resulting in top-heavy hospitals with low pay and respect for front line workers.

And arguably, due to the increased costs of medical school and fucked up wages and working conditions for being a medical doctor or nurse, it’s almost better for dentistry to not be associated directly under ‘medical’ because that would rope the dentists into a scam of paying more college and getting more fucked.

I’m not here to talk shit about Medical professions, but they often don’t get paid much compared to the schooling and debt. It’s honestly kind of fucked. And the level of knowledge they actually need is honestly cursory and specialized, so WebMD can take care of a good chunk of general physician shit. If it can’t then they consult a specialist. And Malpractice insurance exis-. . .

I digress. . .

Alright, time for a story down memory lane,

This is a personal story and the reason why I hate most dentists and have developed a great thing for dentists. That great thing is called Trust issues.

See, I used to work in this big corporation that has free dental care. Sounds great, except this dental care unit at my nearest office building offered a shit deal.

It was a shit sandwich, and I should have spotted the flags, let alone tasted the flavor.

So let’s start.

Flag Number one, they (Dentist 1) called me up for an ‘annual checkup’ for the first time when I was three years working at the company. I thought ‘maybe they just forgot the other two years’, because I’ll let you in on a secret, I don’t give a fuck about my teeth beyond keeping them useful.

So I took my yellow ass teeth into the dentist to get some ‘annual checkup’

These fucking clowns told me I had cavities or some shit, which I believed, because they were ‘experts’. That was mistake number one.

They drill holes in my teeth and ‘patch’ up those holes with dental shit-ass.

A few weeks go by, my front tooth hurts with a throbbing pain. I get delirious and am in serious pain where I break out in sweats. I try to tough it out like a good wage-cuck in America by resorting to not use sick days or whatever stupid ass-back-wards Hustle Culture Gator-Kool-aid I was simping on.

Anyways, it gets so bad, I decide that it’s an emergency and get some help.

I go back to the same fucks, Dentist 1, that looked at my teeth.

They outsource me to some specialist for an appointment. Dentist 2.

I wait a couple days in a fuckton of pain.

Luckily, I got some opioids because that shit is like candy.

I go to my appointment, Dentist 2 drill and drain the absecessed tooth, which is glorified puss inside my gums. It hurts like a mutherfucker, and something something I forget the whole thing because ‘insert shit ton of pain and delirious’.

I go back to Pretentious cunts 1 and they say they’re going to outsource me to some specialist for root canal work.

So I drive out far to some bumfuck outsourced Dentist 3 and they fuck with my root canal, fix it up and patch up my tooth. Dentist 3 is fairly nice in the middle of bumfuck sticks, and they say that everything is good and that my tooth and shit is all good.

I go back to Fuck Squad 1 and they tell me that they’re having Dentist 2 weigh in on it to make sure it’s good.

I go to Dentist 2 and they say that everything is good and that I have saved my teeth and everything is fine. On my way out, I see Flag number 2, a coworker. I make small talk, turns out, he is also here for the exact same thing I came in for a while back. They were recommended by the same dentist, to the same dentist, for the same issue. It felt surreal and almost cyclical, it took me many years later to piece together this fuckery.

So I go back to twat-face 1 and they make Flag number 3. They decided to make the medical decision to remove that ‘problem’ tooth and replace it with some ‘teeth color matching’ fake tooth shit. Idk, I’m not a twat-dentist.

Of course, they’re the medical expert claiming that this is the right procedure to do.

Turns out, I didn’t need this procedure at all based on Dentist 2 and 3. So Fuck Squad 1 goes ahead and removed my tooth and replaces it.

And I felt like some fuckery was afoot.
Especially with three flags.

So it turns out, that these fucking clowns were taking advantage of my fucking dental work and ‘free dental’ by charging the company I worked at via dental insurance and specialist care. So Dumb Fucks 1 was outsourcing and getting kickbacks from Dentist 2 and 3 making money for referring patients to them.

I’m not sure why they removed my tooth, but my false tooth serves as a reminder to not trust this profession at all. If I were to speculate, I bet the fucking Dumb-Fucks 1 probably covered up the dental work evidence or maybe were doing a procedure for fun or teaching the new kid. All in all, it was a superfluous procedure that I let them know I was not comfortable with doing.

If I could go back in time, I would kick Fuck Squad 1 in the nuts.

So you might wonder why I don’t trust Dentists, it’s because they are driven by money and visits. A bad job pays often when it comes to a maintenance gig. And a systematized kickback system for references and outsourcing procedures is lucrative. Greed runs some of these fucking pigs.


This is the human condition, these fucks,

So Long story short,

Dentists can screw you. literally.

Drill holes in your teeth,

do a shite job of patching em,

Then let you rot.

With rot tooth, or medically “abscessed teeth”, you would have to drill and drain and then remove the nerves and tissues.

Then you get the tooth all patched up. To, you know, save the tooth.

Then the doctor decides to remove your teeth anyway and replace it with a fake one.

And if you don’t do many of the above, well, you die.

Literally people die from abscessed teeth.

So this is a story of how I learned a Great thing of having trust issues with dentists.

There are other stories of bad dentists,

Like this clown that is facing potentially decades behind bars;


or this thread of internet people talking shit about a chain dental work place;

Some people really have it out for Aspen Dental;

Like Aspen Dental, kinda sounds like shit. I’ll be honest, I dug up all this Aspen Dental after I wrote down the title, and I’m too lazy to change the title. But Aspen dental seems like a scam,

-Overtreat, interesting term

Even another Chain, not Aspen, is doing either a bad job or some shady grubby shit;

Another Chain,

Look, rule of thumb, you’re going to get shitty or discontinues value when you go to any ‘chain’ establishment. Whether that’s food or dental work or even vehicle work. The building tries to be cookie-cutter but it’s all different people on the inside.

And those people try to upsell you on some bad pussy;

Here’s some other people giving unsolicited internet Not Valid Advice;

Charge you a hefty price for an x-ray

Here’s another story;

And all this shitty dentists really comes down to greed.

Your health and comfort compromised for money.

Which means pain for you,

And also drugs.

But also expenses, which means they Nickle and dime ya.

So, I like to keep my eyes on people I view as a threat (to my wallet).


I also am not fond of anyone directly aiming for my health. Whether it’s for profit or not.

Idk, it rubs me the wrong way. Call me crazy, I guess.

So the moral of the story is,

You got to get a second opinion from another dentist. Or Else. . .

What, you think I’d cut you? I wouldn’t cut you, not even to cut you in on a deal, let alone cutting a line.

So, I’ll just laugh at you for spending your money as if you’re rich or something. Be happy being broke then.

You see, one dentist, they say ‘you need this or that’

Even if it’s a cavity and drilling some holes or something.

Just ask for the documents and where and what,

They’re going to either look at you like;

you’re weird and stupid


they’re going to realize they fucked up,

-Because if they guess wrong or dismiss their advice
Then that sounds Mighty sus as fuck.

In actuality, if your dentist was already trying to stiff you with a bill. They probably don’t have shame and will probably not sweat at all. Your just a lucky mark, a fish that swam away, in their eyes. Unless you have some authority or power to actually persecute them, they’re likely not gonna give a shit.

After you get the documents and proof from your previous visit. You then go to dentist 2, and get a second opinion without you telling them shit.

This is basically cross examining dentists.

And if they both say the same thing, then you probably got good dentists and you’re good with either or.

This is generally speaking, of course, this doesn’t account for when two dentists who want to overtreat you in the exact same spots.

Even someone claiming to be untrustworthy dentists, are saying to get a second opinion;

even offering to help
Way to sell the “im here to help, angle”
oldest trick in the book,
Next to “I work in government”

Here’s a bonus tip,

Not only are some Dentists fucking shit,

But also dental ads for things are also shit,

For example,

Most mouth rinses have some alcohol in them, Alcohol mouth rinses dries the mouth out and contributes to worse breath. Alcohol mouth rinse is different from drinking straight liquor, trust me, I know.

Look for a mouth wash that is alcohol free or better yet don’t use mouthwash.

Humans have lived a lot longer than the profession of dentistry, obviously. But also we should be wary of trusting random strangers putting their hands down our throats. I mean, also obviously.

With the exclusion of Death, Teeth are luxury bones. . . That are fragile and can break easily and cause you to forever live and eat differently. Also pain is a thing. And Dental insurance and the mini-behemoth of the Dental system is also a thing, competing with that of the Sick Care System we call ‘health’ in Modern ‘Murica.

-from the internet

It’s really hard to find a good dentist, at an affordable price,

-everyone has a story

In Closing,

Medical Malpractice is like the third leading cause of deaths in the United States. I heard that from somewhere, I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m sticking to it.

And Dentistry isn’t even considered medical.

So imagine how many Dentists are gutting you over with malpractice and offering to upsell you on some enamel or another invasive and superfluous procedure. And again, Medical malpractice often results in people’s deaths. Because dental work typically doesn’t result in deaths, unless you really fuck up or leave an abscessed tooth, it’s likely possible that dental malpractice is a helluva alot higher (than medical malpractice).

Not all dentists suck, but you have to remain vigilant and make sure you are in the good graces of a good dentist and not some scammy scummy person. Because there’s a scam behind every mask, and dentists also wear masks, so, think about it. flawless logik.

Also, Persona in Latin means ‘mask’ so everyone that is a person is also a scam. That’s like my religion, Scammalism, you’re welcome.

If anything, hopefully this article helps to save you from shilling extra at your next tooth fairy visit.

The wealth of knowledge that comes from seeing everything as a scam, has saved me a fuck-ton of money. I’m still poor, but the trick is; I feel rich. 😉

Do yourself, your wallet, and I a favor and don’t get overtreated for medical or dental issues.

K, thx. Bai

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Dental, Life or Any Advice

Post Script,

I’ll probably write an article about how Aspen Dental is a scam, seeing as I unearthed a godly amount of complaints;

I mean, all of these complaints online, I bet you I can dig up more stories and more complaints.

Yea, they must be a fucking scam, I’d not-safely bet on it.

Some other chains are probably a Scam, but I’d need more complaints and proof to build a case. At least one official proof claiming it’s a scam, is enough to call anything a scam officially. That means lawsuits, alleged complaints, or governmental inquiries would make things official.

But also, I don’t care about official, I care about truth. Lmao, so we’ll see what I dig up when I dig it up.

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