Financial Old Guard Threatens Billionaires

If you’re new here, and you like cordially prepared articles with a nice formal and elegantly regal demeanor, then you’re in the wrong place. You’ve been warned.

Alright, so, the institution that comprises of multiple arms and heads of a Financial Hydra from the media outlets to self regulatory organizations, to include the state regulatory organizations, hedge funds, prime brokers, banks, and essentially the idea of ‘Wall Street’. The Financial Old Guard.

Again, it’s a Financial Hydra, so there isn’t a clearly evident person to blame for all of this. Rather, it’s just an organized mob that’s in cahoots with eachother. In fact, it’s a hydra, so there’s probably multiple heads to blame. Imagine a snake orgy, yea, that’ll do it. all snakes.

Pro tip,
Don’t let snakes in,
It’s in their nature,
To be a snake,

These people, comprise the legacy banking system and the legacy financial world that is entrenched in their ways, and they also happen to threaten Billionaires.

Which raises a good point, if Billionaires aren’t safe, what about Millionaires? What about the average joe?

To answer that question, we have to back up into a talk about the beloved Retail Stonk,


The GameStop Fiasco has shined light in many areas of finance, the financial game being played, and the racket being run by a house that is severely stacked against retail investors.

Beyond GameStop, it’s not safe IPO’ing your own Company. Putting it on the public market just opens the company up for targeting and solicitation.

Imagine your Company is the Iguana,
And the Snakes are the Financial Hydra,
Good luck.

How they gut fresh IPO companies’ that lived passed their prime is similar to how the disgusting media paints teen celebrities as soon as they turn 18, and all the sudden it’s morally acceptable to talk about the things they were already talking about but now in print*.

You’ll have to cordially ‘kiss the ring’ and get approval from some heavy weight investors or investment banks that can back up your financials and your meta-financial coverage. It’s like insurance. Or else you’ll end up being labeled a ‘Chinese scam with no fundamentals’ and be shorted into oblivion.

Like that place with all the Daedra?
Yea, that one.

It’s like dropping out of a PUBG airplane to battle royal with random other companies that had a few years head-start and are well entrenched in footholds and hillsides while you’re the new kid on the block sieging and be-sieging some land. Land being the equivalent for some ‘market share’, your target demo, or the money pool in it’s infinitely finite supply (brought to you by the Fed Bois and their name brand ‘brrrr).

Anyways, if you do get established and become rich, you might even be Rich AND Famous, which means you now have to play by some unwritten etiquette with everyone else. A form of rigid cordialness that makes your cheque book your new slave collar.



Turns out, we live in a society.

And if you’re rich, you’ll have to play well at the Country Club or else they’ll target your assets. Play well with the boys, or you’re out of the clubhouse.

What I mean is,

There are notable rich and wealthy and affluent people that have gone to bat with skin in the game to help –certain causes–.

As such, they may receive a passive threat ‘looking out for them’ and hoping that they stay away from certain things. Because it messes too much with the status quo that everyone is trying so hard to maintain (when really, everything is falling apart).

If not, well, they have assets that can be targeted. And besides that, they have a public figure and a face that can undergo reputational damage, being tarred and feathered.

Speaking of, I will be talking about several Billionaires in this article. So there’s a lot of money going around, it’s just not in mine (nor yours) pockets.

Oh, and by —certain causes–, I mean GameStop specifically. For this article, I mention GameStop and will mention it again. That’s the example I will be using. Although, there are other causes that you also can’t go against for -reasons-. It’s just, GameStop is one of the biggest elephant-whales in the Global Financial room. The Clock. Keeps. Ticking.

Let’s discuss Bill Pulte,

I’ll apologize in advance, some of this is not in chronological order, that is simply for ease of reading. It’s in a categorical order to bunch up parallel narratives. The majority is in chronological order, and it does sequence the events as they evolve.

Lord Pulte is a Billionaire and a new face on ‘the block’ of GME-street. He is related to his grandfather, also Bill Pulte, who founded Pulte Homes and built many great homes for many families which has garnered success and money.

He had a small bit of a Twitter chat talking smack against BCG and overpriced consultations being trash with another Billionaire, Ryan Cohen. This opened a can of interest from the Apes, to which Lord Pulte became exposed to the world and community of the Apes in their natural habitats in places like r/Superstonk.

After doing an AMA on April 12, and reading into the weeds of things (The Glorious DD), and also being vocal on twitter, he has received some threats. He also asks aid from the Army of Apes to fight the NPC bots of the dark Short Seller Forces;

Good Lord Pulte here asks for the help of the Apes in return. To help fend off the onslaught of bots and people who ‘Short and Distort’ other people’s characters as if it’s an unbacked Chinese Company on it’s IPO date.

Due to GME, this Lord is also being targeted. He even received a call from a ‘friend’ or a ‘hedgefund’ to ‘pull out if he knows whats good for him’. That was me making up what it sounded like in my head, for clarification.

He was warned by them,
And now the attacks are coming.

I’m sure that this ‘friendly call’ is a way to threaten him and his finances without being overtly aggressive. A warning, a threat. But Lord Pulte stuck to his guns and conviction, risking his enterprise in order to stay with the GME Saga, he saw something he believed in.

Thus, his company is potentially being shorted directly, and potentially through married puts (and also swaps). This may be creating synthetic shorts using married options to create synthetic longs to be sold short. At a very convenient timing with no significant news. This is Tuesday April 12.

To which, Lord Pulte responded;

Yes, that’s a lot of puts. . .

Also, the news media is also bought out (news flash if you didn’t know), and decides to make ‘no news’ into a Jim Cramer Rant with a weird reference to Pulte Homes out of nowhere. Obviously the sign is clear and something is up.

-two days in a row of trash talking Pulte Homes
Also, abruptly out of nowhere

To which, the internet can easily connect some sus dots;

Yea ho-okay
Let’s randomly talk smack
about some person out of nowhere

To which, Lord Pulte responds;

Obviously a message reaffirming his belief
And to reiterate, he still cares for his people

Followed there after with;

Here’s a TLDR of what you just read;

-By ‘upvotes’, This has about 11,000 other people connecting the same dots.

And now there’s even a bunch of scammer claiming to be him to talk about GME. If I were to guess, it would be to discredit his character or to leverage his icon to try and trick people into receiving some of his twitter philanthropic donations only for it to be rug pulled and lead to identity theft or charges on someone’s account. Like there are a lot of fake accounts;

Some accounts talk about the GME stuff and ask for DM’s, probably a phishing attempt;

If the bait is this bad, and some mark is gullible enough to take the bait, then that Mark is also gullible enough to blame their shortcomings on GME and this Gentle man’s character. Meaning that these fake accounts, and bots, pose a risk of reputational damage.

Ultimately, his net worth and reputation is being targeted for being vocal and sticking to GME;

A lot of people are coming out of the woodwork, or should I say bots. Anyways, people/bots are telling him to sell his shares of GME. As if they care about his finances. As if him giving money away to twitter philanthropy wasn’t a problem, but him spending it as he pleases apparently is.

This GME thing definitely kicked a hornets nest. There’s a reason for all of this.

Yet, it’s clear he’s read up on the DD and he’s sticking to his guns;

And it’s clear that the Ape have his back,

It’s been a helluva a ride, but we have some other Billionaires to talk about;

Let’s discuss Elon Musk,

I’ve written about the meteoric rise of Tesla in an article, in which I go into detail that his company was very very shorted. Lord Musk has gone through a lot.

Here are words quoted from the recent interview that explores this in a bit more detail;

“The SEC knew that funding was secured, but they pursued an active public investigation none the less”

“At the time, Tesla was in a precarious financial situation and I was told by the banks that If I did not agreed to settle with the SEC. That the banks would cease to provide working capital and Tesla would go bankrupt immediately.

“So that’s like having a gun to your child’s head. I was forced to concede to the SEC. Unlawfully. Those bastards. and now they make it look like I’ve lied when I did not in fact lied. I was forced to admit that I lied to save Tesla’s life and that’s the only reason.”

“Tesla was under the most relentless short seller attack in history of the stock market

“Tesla was the most shorted stock in the History of stock markets”. Well, at least until GameStop came in.

And I’ll explain that in a bit,

“This was affecting our ability to hire people, it was affecting our ability to sell cars. It was terrible.”

“They wanted Tesla to die so bad, they could taste it”

Here’s the source video for the full length interview in which some quotes were taken;

Here’s a valid comment that is worth sharing, from some random internet people;

I mean, Lord Musk knows that Tesla, his child, was being shorted and abused through a short and distort. The Banks put a gun to his child’s head and said either the Child keeps getting abused or it takes a bullet to the head and becomes bankrupt. A Dead company whose corpse gets boxed in a cellar.

These are the types of people that make up the greed in the Old Guard. This doesn’t represent everyone in the Old Guard, but the fact that these people exist and these predatory practices are sanctioned by both Bankers and Regulatory organizations implies that there is an insidious nature in the Old Guard itself. It’s too big and corrupt to be considered ‘good’.

In Fact, Even Elon had some things to say about GameStop, *wink wink*

He did mention a few things during the initial run of 2021,

He made some tweets that may or may not be directed at GameStop Short sellers. But they were definitely directed to short selling in some aspect;

During January 28, 2021, Many brokerages disallowed the buying of Shares of GME and other stocks. This blatant market manipulation action caused the price of many ‘meme stocks’ to fall precipitously and drastically. This resulted in a lot of investor outrage and Elon Musk also tweets some of the following;

almost a million likes,
a little more than half a million likes

To clarify, GameSpot is not GameStop,
And this tweet, seems to be making fun of,
Robinhood’s claim to let people trade. . .
Because they took away the buy button,
and did the opposite
You know, like hypocrites.

Even the NY Times wrote some things or something;

The point being, the public numbers for GameStop short interest reached highs as low as 140%, and highs as high as 227% short interest. And we’re all to assume that Shorts Closed their positions while the price tanks precipitously? Unlikely.

Tesla was shorted with public figures estimating around 20%, which is still a fuck ton.

I mean, if you go by Percent, GME wins baby.

But if you go by known public market value. . . Well, as of early 2022, Tesla is still shorted with shorts having a position of about $27 Billion dollars. That’s a lot of shorts to still abuse Tesla, Tesla having a Market Cap of about $1.02 Trillion.

That Short Position divided by Market Cap produces a percentage base of about 2.7% shorted.

GME has a proclaimed short interest position of $2.4 Billion. . . That’s with a Market cap of 11.5 Billion. Short value divided by Market Cap is about 20% shorted.

These are using numbers and data as of April 15, 2021

So if we’re going by reduced metrics, not including factoring reduction for free float values, and not including synthetics since S3 decided to change math. Then the public vanilla short interest has GME MUCH MUCH higher than Tesla, by a factor of two.

And this is with public numbers that you can actually just look up.

This is also not including synthetic shorts created from married options strategies or death-spiral convertible bonds, or any swaps.

This is also not including the Reduction factor from Free Float values.

This is also not factoring the higher sum total valuation if you included the Short Value with the Market Cap to have the overall total value. (Total/True Market Cap = Market Cap – Short Value; This would be the True Market Cap to used for shorting purposes, less the factor from what the Float entails)

There’s a lot of shit that I didn’t math out, but what you need to know is;

20% is conservative, and that’s a number I pulled out of my ass. And my conservative number is 10 TIMES HIGHER than Tesla via conservative calculations currently.

(This is not how you calculate short interest as a percent, but since S3 decided to do math however they want. I too, can also do math however I want)

The point of this article isn’t to argue which is more short-dicked, Tesla or GME. No, the point is, Elon Empathizes with GameStop, because the abuse happening to his company is also happening with others.

This shit is not okay, it’s abuse, straight up.

The point is, Tesla and GameStop are on very similar ships with very similar trajectories. Especially with Share Dividends and really smart Billionaires at the helm behind both companies.

Speaking of GameStop’s billionaire at the helm,

Let’s discuss Ryan Cohen,

He is a Chairman of GameStop and was a very vocal activist investor turned into a board member with visionary directives and interesting interactions with the Eclectic crowd of Ape Investors. He has some very cryptic posts, and is also a Billionaire from his time building Chewy as the online pet retailer.

He’s also very vocal about the Financial Guard through cryptic and less-cryptic, memes. I present Less-cryptic Exhibit A;

taking a Jab at one of the big MBB

I mean, there’s not much else to discuss other than he’s a chair-man;

He has some sort of cryptic post, not sure exactly what he means. Honestly, it’s so cryptic that he can’t possibly be reasonably held liable for his posts. People make up a million and one things about what they could mean. So, it’s something to make the “uptight-suits” in the Financial world all fooled, because they too also don’t get it.

I mean, who randomly posts SEARS?

It’s not like there’s some sort of Cellar Boxing,
Death Spiral Convertible Bond strategy,
Perpetrated by Financial firms, Prime Brokers,
And Consultants through,
Predatory Capitalistic and Vulture Capitalistic practices?

That’s an absurd conclusion. How could you ever-

Woof, Woof!

-What’s that, Timmy’s stuck in a well?

Woof Woof!

Damn, I understand dogs more than Billionaire’s on Twitter. Well, beats me.

I mean, you could speculate a million more things. I mean, you literally could.

You could even speculate that the deal to sell Chewy was a ‘forced hand’ kind of thing. So he might have had to cut his losses from being pushed into a corner and sold and walked away from his company. You know, his baby that he grew and raised that got sold into slavery by some other financial firm threatening to make his baby look like and dead. So in better interests of his team and family, he sold to keep everyone alive, but he felt bitter and stern about something being wronged and the injustice sewn deep in his heart of hearts. Plotting with money and wealth to look for business ventures and stumbling upon GameStop as a viable investment opportunity.

This is, of course, pure speculation.

But there’s nothing nice about mergers and acquisitions in the business world, especially when it’s one sided. . . But, I’m probably making stuff up, because this is unfounded conjecture.

Point is, This particular Billionaire has strong opinions against the Old Guard and has voiced some. He even talked about how hard it was to get funding secured for his start up. There’s articles even stating; “Everyone turned him down because they didn’t think Chewy could compete with Amazon.” before transforming it into a billion dollar company and being (forced?) to sell it.

And now he’s taking on GameStop, but due to his role being an investor and Board Member with weight, he has to keep a tight lip on the future prospects. You know, per the rules and regulations.

So, he’s definitely long GameStop, and the Old Guard is definitely in his way (especially with BCG trying to stir things up with the board and sue GameStop).

Here is also a list of other wealthy people,

These people, at one point, were riding long on the GME train (or atleast bullish), but due to their interests being threatened similarly as in Bill Pulte’s case, they had to back down from the public theater.

Chamath Palihapitiya a Canadian venture capitalist and Billionaire was very vocal on the side of the retail investors. Whether he was threatened, lost interest, or otherwise, is not clear.

He had many Media appearances,
And also did a podcast,
in which he defends Investors and Retail.

Lord Palihapitiya was on the side of retailers and saw that the removal of the buy button was infuriating and drove him to great fervor in his discussion about the issue. He even went on CNBC live to defend Retail investors.

I forgot the exact words, but he had to sell and take profits and move on to some other ventures. He did make quite the penny riding the up wave. To which, If memory serves me well, he donated that to charity.

I just hope he’s forgiven, because if the Financial Old Guard has their way (and if GME somehow goes bust), Those Old Guardians might want their money back. . . with interest.

Mark Cuban, an American Entrepreneur and Billionaire, also gave some words of wisdom and credence towards GameStop in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on reddit;

But also due to other reasons unbeknownst to people, Lord Cuban is no longer talking about GameStop. He might have said his piece, or maybe there were other interests that wanted to make sure he didn’t say more as evidence by the other coerced billionaires in this post. He did leave a final piece of advice;

GameStop Changed the game,
and judging by recent events,
it continues to do so.

In better interests, it is good to remember that wealthy and affluent people have companies that they want funded and to see survive and thrive. They might have to go back to ‘kissing the ring’ of the Financial Old Guard to ensure that they can keep doing business in this global business parlor.

So, if the bankies decide to put a financial gun loaded with short-hollow points to your company’s metaphorical head. All while mentioning a threat, there is tempting reason to compromise. Just, saying.

It’s a moral dilemma and it ain’t a simple answer when the lives of thousands today, or millions tomorrow, depend on your next few words, steps, and shit posts.

In Closing,

All of the people covered in this article are/were Billionaires.

If anyone put a gun to your child’s head and threatened you to do something, that person would be considered as a kidnapper and a terrorist making threatening demands.

What we have here, is a den of snakes, masquerading around while acting as economic hitman, and targeting wealthy individuals that go against the grain with financial threats.

These are, Financial Terrorist.

And they are issuing terror through one’s finances.

Now, the financial old guard isn’t a monolith, no matter how much they’d like to think they are. There is a lot of lag and delay in any communication network, and something as big and globally sprawled out would also have delays.

Consider it a multicellular Metaphorical Giant like ‘Grunch’ that happens to have second doubts and memory issues. Because ultimately, that’s the way the world goes. Indecisive, and slightly behind schedule per their plans.


Billionaires aren’t safe from being targeted financially,

If the richest person’s finances aren’t safe,

No one’s finances are safe.

Hence, No Safe Bets.

“It’s like putting a gun to your child’s head”

*Not Valid Financial Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

You know, you may ask why I give a damn about GME,

It’s simple. The Old Guard made the decision to take away the buy button to unilaterally manipulate the market in such an egregious manner.

Because of that one simple act,

Something in me Snapped.

The Congressional hearings and the SEC and DOJ and CFTC, and the subsequent fallout was all a circus-show that provided no real substance or corrective action. People lost a lot of money, and business went on as usual. No one batted an eye and blamed it on people just ‘speculating’ and losing a bad bet.

A good chunk of people moved on and kept shorting Tesla while riding other meme stonks as if it’s all about a pump and dump. People lost sight of the value that people should invest for.

So, GME is the hill I’m willing to die on.

Because you don’t take away the buy button and leave the sell button.

I don’t even make money on this website, nor do I gain anything other than the ability and freedom to enjoy coprolalia as I shit post all over the internet with my Diarrhea Jokes. Like, I can be way retarded longer than they can be solvent.

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