S3 Partners is sus af

DISCLAIMER: None of this makes sense, I don’t even believe in myself most of the time, and you should definitely ignore everything written here, and everything here is a lie (unless true).

The year is recently 2021 and Game Stop has been doing a thing these past few months,

And S3 Partners that works with data seems to be misrepresenting their data.

You know, what’s the word, market manipulation?

I guess data isn’t technically the market, but it’s not like people trade off of speculation from data. . .

Oh wait, they do? Huh, funny thing.

So what do S3 do?

They work with market data (and vanilla data) that provides ‘insights’ or informational pieces for people to make trades or business decisions.

They got a pretty nice portfolio,

And they are quite active on twitter,

And they have different packages for more insights and stuff. Notice that they partnered with snowflake, they also do data. Cool.

So that’s what they do, if you need more words, go to their website here and scroll down, they’ve got quite the front-end for a data company.

During GME, S3 made some claims

On January 25, Bob Sloan who founded S3 came on interview saying that GME short squeeze is a real deal:

On Twitter S3 said that the shorts aren’t covering,

S3 announced they would have breaking information:

Then they delayed their analysis that was scheduled to come at 5pm EST to deliver this message which changed their tune:

Nice, a picture for a data analytics company, that isn’t backed by visible data or a legend.

Anyways, this picture is contrary to their earlier post about short interest being high. Somehow tens of millions of shares got covered over the weekend. OVER THE WEEKEND. or maybe they did maths wrong. . .

Notice how they highlight the unimportant words. The key word here is ‘suggests’. Our analysis suggests you go fuck yourself. A suggestion with no hard data. So they can suggest whatever the fuck they want. They’re only staking their reputation.

They definitely didn’t base any of that on public information, so where are they getting that info? (Because as of the current requirements, short interest is self-reported bi-monthly, and the data presented here seems to be recent before the next short interest report and summary calculation. Also, this was the weekend.)

So what? They contradicted themselves and presented no data,

Well, there’s more to this, let’s rewind time a little bit;

I’ve mentioned it before

That S3 is sus and may likely be squeezed by some other larger institution.

In that article, I mention that S3 decided to change their calculations for short interest ratios and then publish it to the world on a Sunday. . . Because Sundays are working days.

CNBC posted this article saying “Most of the shorts covered on Thursday”:

To which S3 responded with this post, saying the opposite:

Over that weekend, they decided to change how the calculated short interest:

Then on January 31st, a Sunday, they posted the following:

Some user asked “How come all the previous posts came with detail and figures, this claim is in a photo with no such data?”

And Ihor from S3 responds:

So S3 posted unfinished data on a weekend because unfinished data is something a data analytics company should post when historically they don’t. On a weekend. On a Sunday.

Anyways, this was sus af.

As another random person points out, January 31st was the day S3 lost an appeal to Ethos from some of the Retail Crowd

Ihor goes on to explain the new calculation

Here is an interview defending their new calculation of short interest to include Synthetic longs:

“Synthetic long” is another word for “counterfeit share” and is definitely the Short Sellers fault.

So if there are a ton of Synthetic longs, then there is a shit ton of short interest. It’s that easy.

But S3 changed their calculation to not allow for a short interest of greater than 100%, yet with counterfeit shares, that’s totally possible.

So they changed their math to make the Percentage different.

Regardless, the key factor here is the fact that we Politically Correct our languaging to say ‘Synthetic Long’ over ‘Counterfeit Shares’. Because Counterfeit shares through naked shorting is a big no-no and even sounds illegal. . . well, it is illegal. . .

(Granted, Counterfeit shares also don’t necessarily need a leasee, so they are quite a bit different from synthetic longs. But for the purposes of short interest, they are practically the same same in these calculation).

In the interview Ihor also states that “Naked shorting isn’t real”. . . So that means the squeeze won’t happen right? That everyone is banking on a lie, right? Let’s see if there is a MOASS, and that’ll prove how wrong S3 is, their math, and that Naked Shorting is real.

I mean, what’s up with all these stocks that Failed To Deliver? Are they actually going to get delivered or are they being held by multiple people who are holding MULTIPLE SYNTHETIC LONGS from a single double (or tripled) loaned out share? Oh wait, the delta doesn’t reasonably allow Market Makers to do that. . . So then either Market Makers are double loaning shares against their better judgement. . . or there is naked shorting. . .

I think I’m gonna get a named change to Shitlock Holmes, I’ve uncovered the case What-son!


Conclusion, the new calculation method ignores market manipulation by making data look good and clean. Fudging the numbers

(Also synthetic longs are another way to call shorts and hide them as converted deep OTM calls, but yea.)

This article is pretty long, go take a break and stretch your legs or gamble this month’s rent on black.

Also, here’s a joke for your worries,

“No one? Ha, hold my beer” -GME Short Sellers

Their website also tells a story:

Jan 26, they said GME is shorted ~140%

On Jan 31st. They said shorts were covering basically;

Then they kept saying shorts were covering;

They kept the narrative that the Short Squeeze was over.

And then we had the second spike, guess who is silent on posting articles after posting 4 of them in a row all about GME?

That’s right, S3.

Remember, their last website(S3) article on GME was posted on February 3rd.

Because what came to light was the February short interest reports, which show that there was no fucking way anyone covered shit. I mean, there is a reason why the stock is not chilling at $40 anymore.

I guess it’s just Sp3CuLaT!0n.

If the shorts did cover, the stock price would’ve gone up, not down after Feb 1st. So how did they cover?

So S3 got some bad data, is lying, or is doing their job poorly, or had an honest mistake, or [insert reason here with a glass dildo].

Whatever the case may be, the current price action of GME is most definitely related to short selling of some kind, possibly indirect short selling of ETFs and whatnot.

So maybe S3 isn’t sus. . .




Historically S3 is sus

Turns out, remember that 2008 financial collapse?

During the 2008 Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac shorting scam, S3 reported short borrowing dropped 90%.

However, the stock was being shorted into oblivion per this report: Page 18 of the SEC report

-Same source as above

So S3 said pre-2008 financial collapse that the data shows <90% shorts borrowing, yet the SEC reports possibly over >200% shorts being borrowed.

Again, was S3 doing a bad job or maliciously lying and false reporting their data? Or maybe they got bad data from the Market Makers, which would only shift the blame to the MMs.

Someone is to blame here, and I want to say it’s everyone, especially Al Quesadilla.

Don’t worry, S3 founder got on interview to say “Don’t blame the shorts”, even though historically, Short Sellers have caused a good chunk of Depressions in recent history.


Glad 2008 happened and we have reports saying it’s the short sellers faults and S3 defends short sellers.

To be fair, S3 Probably stands for Something Short Selling, or something, 3 S’s and all.

So of course, they have a vested interest to defend (over exposed) short sellers.

Owned by institutions?

There is this glorious conspiracy post on Reddit that connects the dots, here is the rundown version,

So S3 is owned by the following:

So Knight Capital Group was a market maker that ran in to some troubles.

In August 1, 2012 they had the greenlight from the SEC to create a private exchange called the RLP.

When the RLP went live, there was an error where a technician improperly input numbers or code resulting in a glitch where they Bought High and Sold Low costing >$460 million dollars in losses. This resulted in a ton of investors fleeing from KCG, resulting in further losses and placing the company in a precarious position.

Then Citadel Securities offered a $500 million dollar rescue loan to KCG that was rejected.

This loan was conveniently offered 4 days after they had financial trouble. I mean, maybe they just happen to keep a close eye on their competitors and saw the iron hot and ready to strike?

-Source 1
-Source 2
From Source 2

Which means that the KCG portion in charge of S3 might have been sold to Citadel. . .

S3 is making some weird data on GameStop. . .

And Citadel is a short seller of GameStop. . .

Weird, huh?

Another person connected different dots that lead to the same thing

Some other ape made this post:

Claiming this data:

There are other claims in that post and is worth the read,

They used sources listed in the post so I trust as far as “www.” and then I stop reading.

Because who reads anymore? What, you? Stahp it.

guh, Cwinge.

Virtu ownership

So KCG had a yooo-tub account and went offline around 2015, which had me digging a bit.

But they had a link

Which redirects to Virtu Financial

You can click the link if you don’t believe me.


So Virtu bought out acquisition of KCG Holdings, INC (and you might realize that me mentioning the Youtube connection had no significance)

Anyways, this proves that the competition just bought out KCG and split it between Virtu and other financial company interests.

And Virtu and Citadel are competitors

Recap: KCG had an accident then got cut up and sold bits and pieces to their competitors that work in dark pools. (Virtu and Citadel) And Citadel is a short seller of GME which is having their data misrepresented by S3 owned by KCG owned in part by (possibly) Citadel and/or Virtu. (The direct ownership of S3 partners is not explicitly stated, so one or both of these big boys owns a portion of S3, from 10 to 25% and can incentivize the owners to lean a certain type of way. Ya feel me?)

Side Tangent

The question still begs, was the technician that brought down the RLP a malicious and bribed agent to make this $460 million dollar look like an ‘accident’?

Seems awfully familiar to the BAT exchange crashing later that same year. Could someone have paid off technicians at various exchanges to crash them and have their competitor’s white knight and “save them”?

Look, this shit is mad sus.

We already know for a fact that the SEC is bought out,

Could a competitor that is approved for these supplemental liquidity pools, pull strings at the SEC to get their competitors to dip their feet in a complex technical market and then crash it?

Even the CEO of KCG (at the time) didn’t see the SEC approving the RLP (Retail Liquidity Program), their Supplemental Liquidity or ‘dark pool’.

Here’s a list of approved competitors in Supplemental Liquidity;

Remember how we said Citadel was conveniently trying to give KCG a ‘rescue loan’?

Yea, and now Citadel owns a part of that very same KCG. . .

Weird, huh?

Rigged Game?

It’s always rigged, the stonk market is a casino and the odds always favored the house.

So these big players can manipulate the data to fake some numbers and panic people in to selling.

No wonder the GME fiasco that is still ongoing is a big deal.

Because the game is rigged and there seems to be a monetary uprising,

Regardless this (S3 sus) is a small chunk of how rigged the game is.

(hint: The Game is Really Really Rigged)

Side Side Tangent

A lot of people are throwing hate and shade to Ihor Dusaniwsky, calm your tits guys.

This dude is a pretty knowledgeable guy,

That link above leads to Ihor talking about shorting the fuck out of Tesla.

So Ihor just happens to be working on the wrong team, That tried shorting the fuck out of Tesla

So forgive and forget you assholes. (after people lose millions and properly get locked up for market manipulation)

Also, the reason Tesla price is high is because Lord Elon Musk is a fucking genius at fucking over market manipulating Short Sellers through his executive use of stock splits and Employee stock purchase program in lieu of a 401k. What that means is Short Sellers get fukted.

Arguably you could say that Lord Elon used and abuse short sellers to shoot Tesla to the moon, and that that would be market manipulation. But if you work for the SEC and you read this, then you ALSO have to admit that the short sellers are market manipulators, because you can’t squeeze someone unless they’re over exposed and already manipulating the market. So it’s a catch 22.

Just like GME.

In Closing

I posted this article over the weekend on a SUNDAY just for shits and giggles, it’s a meta joke. Nice. . .

(Update 28MAR21 Some numbers were crunched by apes estimating Short interest for GME to be >2000%).


Don’t trust S3 partners for data, if they are willing to fudge numbers over the weekend to present incorrectly unfinished data, then why would you trust their calculated finessed presentable data?

If they are even 95% truthful and accurate, are you really going to take the chance to speculate your money, or your fiduciary responsibility to your clients, on a possibility of false and fabricated data? You’d be falling into a trap set by someone else, and you could risk the entire trade.

That 95% truthful was a random number calculated out of my ass over the weekend with unfinished data. So you can trust me on that. . . (You get it now?)

Straight sus.

Here’s a picture to represent my data, because you don’t need numbers;

Opinions in this article are entirely fabricated and based on throwing darts at a board with conspiratorial mindsets and tinfoil hats. I actually donated money to a bunch of apes that study cognitive research and this sentence provides no value. All of the facts presented above are false, unless you go to the literal source in which the link is provided. Then those ones are facts. Except for the links that just redirect you back to this website in a perpetual strange-loop of reality bending shitspergery. Don’t. Trust. Those. Links.

I mean, I don’t do any hard hitting journal-anything-ism, I’m just a shit-reposter. I gather a lot of shit-posts and repost them in a big pile of stinky doo-doo. It’s like post-modern art, beautiful shite. Yea, I’m Shitlock Holmes, the Post Modern Artist!

So, uh, all of this is;

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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