Some small reasons why GameStop Mania hasn’t stopped yet

Because big Money Funds and Capital Managing people are upset that their bets have gone south.

You know, like cry baby bitches.

Yes, they are crying their sweet little hedge fund tears,

All part of a healthy breakfast

Totally unrelated to the previous statements for legal purposes;

So the ‘Hedgies’ at Loop capital tell people to stahp buying a worthless stock that should be no more than 12$ since January.

Except that stock is GME and it’s been above $100 since late February, averaging around 175 to 200 dollars.

So, uh, lols.

-This is totally A Cathy Newman meme, lmao

I mean, Who cares?

The Short Sellers said that they closed their positions or something.

Hell, These Cry Baby Hedge Funds even Paid Advertisement that they closed their positions.

Who the fuck would be dumb enough to pay ads to your positions?

You have to be seriously retarded to think other people are that retarded to not see how retarded you are.

There’s retarded and then this abomination of retarded

Since everyone closed out, there obviously is no more short squeeze play. Obviously.

So retail investors can’t manipulate the shares of a stock and perform a short squeeze, because congressional testimonies said that they’ve covered their short positions or something.

Well, I’m willing to bet that the premiums to keep their shorts ‘covered’ will hemorrhage them Billions. LOL.

Yea, they definitely didn’t close out of their short position. But because they said they did, then retail investurds can’t be blamed if a short squeeze or anything does happen.

Hell, they’ve

Even slapped S3 Partners to Relearn math and make up new calculations that account for synthetics but their maximum calculatable value goes against the maximum allowable short interest reported of 140%. . . What I’m saying is, S3 Partners is shitting out statistical lies.

Yea, they definitely fudged their numbers and posted unfinished data on SUNDAY. What a joke, who the fuck thinks their research is SOO GREAT that you can post unfinished Data? That’s beyond retarded.

It almost makes Melvin Capital look NOT RETARDED. Ha, almost.



People are Buying and Holding the stock, while also Directly Registering the Shares (DRS) in their name using Computer Share. This thing;

People are buying shares Not under a street name by some brokerage that can stake the shares as either a lending or collateral practice. Thereby making things difficult for the oligopolistic monopoly of ‘Trust’ that is the DTCC and it’s subsidiaries like NSCC, DTC, OCC, Eat-DiCCs, and other things that end in CC.

So people are taking apart the real boss, the DTCC brick by brick.

Share by share.

And this financial war/uprising is juicy as fuck.

In Closing,

So, uh, the Financial game looks like it’s going to get stopped. A round of musical chairs where we’ll see who the bag holders really are after the music stops.

That’s of course if the music stops, which isn’t a safe bet.

So don’t bet on it.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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