Who is the Ken Guy and why is he trending?

Well this Ken guy happens to be in charge of one of the top two biggest Market Maker Financial Franchise Multi National Conglomerate Company things under many hats and names that is called ‘Citadel’.

Ken Griffin is the CEO (and founder),

And For a long time, There was a lot of speculation that this guy was in cahoots with a lot of short selling Hedge funds and Brokers to manipulate the price action and market of a specific Stock. GameStop.

So when the documents under an investigation into Robinhood came out, if true, it proved that Ken Griffin did indeed work with Robinhood in some form or capacity and that Ken Griffin may have Perjured himself in front of Congress. I say ‘May’ because it’s not a fact that Mr. Griffin knew the circumstances. But being a CEO and speaking on behalf of the company, saying something broad and bold would probably end up being in a lie. So he definitely lied, the problem is the intention, the whole Men’s Rea Perjury thing or whatever. I can’t practice law.

Thus the Ape Cultists were vindicated by having substantial facts that prove that a CONSPIRACY DID HAPPEN and that Ken Griffin, Vlad Tenev, Citadel, Robinhood, Melvin Capital, and other Brokerages DID CONSPIRE to restrict trading and manipulate the price of GME and tanking it using Position Close Only orders, or Sell Only Orders. No buying.

So, all of that is facts based on this court document as the central piece.

Here is a link to the Case that is being made that will break history and shift the paradigm of the markets of tomorrow.

Here are the Video links to Congressional Testimonies in which this person basically straight up lied;

This post links to a pretty juicy read that sums up the major points;

Video for more stuff;


“. . .We had no role in Robinhood’s Decision to limit trading Game Stop or any of the other meme stocks. . .”

The word got out and it caught fast, Trending in some Crypto circles and other things;

Also got trending in Out of the loop;

Thus we get things like this work of art trending;

It got trending on twitter;

Twitter then censored or removed it;

Some people are saying it’s being censored to US specifically, you know, like controlling and manipulating the media information that a subset of targeted propaganda. Good old Industrial revolution and it’s consequences at work here.

Looks like Twitter is owned by a certain someone;

So, of course, Twitter would do things;

Here is a user pointing out some pretty interesting points;

So, it is evidently clear that the depressed population is being suppressed by oppressive Big Tech from being able to express their repressed opinions and statements, quite impressed in an impressionable sort of way. However, Big tech is picking the wrong side of history for this one. . . Again.

And Judging by how long this whole GME thing is, It’s unlikely for the Cult-Apes to forget (that Big tech is bought out).


Citadel apparently broke their Twitter Hiatus, where they were silent since the January Sneeze of GME.

Weird that they suddenly want to fire back?

One person even made a great joke;

Get it? Because it’s a pun on ‘Citadel Securities’

And here are some people deconstructing those tweets;

Here’s another User’s take;

Here’s a meme;

Citadel also said this;

in that twitter thread,

And here are deconstructions of that Citadel Tweet;

It almost implies as if Citadel was saying “We are a monopoly and we got our hands full at doing our job and rigging – I mean price fixing – I mean Manipulating – I mean Making the market” Nailed it.

Like, come on, don’t you think it’s awfully suspect that they would be able to provide the market for a stock whose shares didn’t fly into the fucking Sun? Like the Demand totally outweigh reasonable supply. Price therefore should go up, unless of course, fuckery were to be had.

Speaking of fuckery, look at these numbers;

You’re telling me, a stock with an open float of something like 50 or 70 million shares (I forgot but let’s round to 70 million shares for ease of math).

Was possibly traded by Retail Investors for 7.4 billion shares, or 7,400 million shares?

And that’s not including Institutional investors or actually accredited investors, prime brokers, etc.

So you’re saying that, potentially, GME was traded for 100x the float?

100 Times. The. Float.

That would mean a single share was bought and sold one fucking hundred times in a day. The entire float traded hands 100 times in a day.


Assuming that all of the float was traded. But it’s clear that not everyone sold, because there were Panic buyers and the price of the share didn’t hit the moon for their 10k or 100k sell limit orders (that were also later restricted).

So that implies that a single share of the traded liquidity not stored by institutions, FOMOers, or ‘diamond handers’ was traded at an estimate of 200+ times in a single day.

Damn, those day trades must be using new HFT software.

And that’s retail traders.

Again, not accounting for institutions and other non-retail traders.

Obviously this entire thing smells like wet shit wrapped in cat shit wrapped in dog shit.

(To be fair, Citadel said they executed 7.4 billion shares for retail traders, they did not specify how much of that was with regards to GME, but if even 10% of that was GME, then. . . well, that’s an insane amount of trade volume.)

Also, to be clear, they said ‘on Wednesday’ that they executed 7.4 billion shares for retail traders.

That does not specify the period of time those shares were executed.

So it could be, on Wednesday they executed 7.4 billion shares for the last three days.

It’s not clear what the time period is, only that they reached ‘7.4 billion shares’ on Wednesday.

See what I mean?

Here is a new combination of all of the above info in video format;

-Here is the source

Now someone is calling Financial Services Committees all across the States to pursue this Perjury case;

Alright, I went to sleep, woke up, and now there’s more shit posts,

I started writing this article on the 27th, slept on it, and more stuff came out on the 28th September 2021.

You know, I’ll be honest. At one point, Citadel was a good company that fought against PFOF and internalization. Idk when or where they went south, but they started using PFOF and internalization and were even fined by Finra for front-running the order flow. So, I guess, they lived long enough to see themselves as the bad guys?

Some valid comments in the peanut gallery;

Anyways, here is a build up for more zingers;

And they said this in a tweet;

So zing?;

So, Citadel and Robinhood were in contact just before Robinhood issued PCO, or Position Close Only. Meaning only selling and restricting of Buying.

Someone from Robinhood had a quote floating around saying that Citadel mentioned PCO, so restricting the buying of the stock.

So, Perjury in Court? Sounds like it.

In Closing


Nothing above is financially sound or legally binding nor do I take responsibility for any Hookers that are in your trunk, so I acquit myself before becoming remotely liable for reiterating and reposting what other people say. These are not my opinions, to be honest, I own nothing and I will die with nothing.

And I’m okay with that.

Point is, ‘this specific’ GME Conspiracy theory happened to be true.

Liars and all neer-do-wells be damned.

So, uh, I guess now is more than ever a good time to join the $GME cult and as they say ‘Buy, Hold, and DRS’.

That’s a Not Safe Bet, by the way,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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