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Using advanced Financial mistakes and other gene splicing technology, we’ve successfully fine tuned the pyramid scheme to the point where its a sharp single point of entry scheme. Our Grand father Ponzi would be proud.

You see, instead of buying into our company. You can spend your money and not get anything. No return on investment, No safety nets.

If you recruit other people, and convince them to give their money, you see none of it back.

We get 100% of the investments. Everyone else gets 0% of the returns.

Best. Pyramid. Ever.

We are not Cartesian mathematicians nor do we practice Euclidean geometry, but we know that this design makes for the perfect pyramid. Pythagoras would cry angles if he saw this. A wide base, with a single point.

That single point is; that large Charities and other forms of non profits, make quite a bit of money. They sell merchandise and run fundraisers creating quite the income.

These “non-profits” then decide to donate their time and money towards research and other jazz.

We do none of that.

We’ve, instead, flipped the script. You see, we’re a for profit company that accepts donations.

We want to revolutionize Capitalism, by providing our trademark** “no service” and still make money (Much like other companies, but we’re up front about it).

Help revolutionize capitalism via our what would be a Shill Patreon link, But life is getting weird and donations are currently not being accepted. So nope.

Update; Got this Defi Wallet for donations;

Bitch Coin, I mean, Bit Coin;

Ethereum, that coin stuck in the Ether;

Update; Money is pointless. We will rot in the end.
Here are some charities to donate to if you want;

A Link to a Pretty Good Charity that has a parent organization that Bombs Schools

Another Link to a Charity that Holds Entire Countries at Ransom

A Great Charity that Tries to Start the Fourth Reich

Another Charity that fights those darn Soviets that are no longer around

Another Charity that steals from poor countries and writes strongly worded essays

Alright, You want something in return?
You’re greedy, and we love it.
Buy our swag:

(Error, we lost our swag button. I guess things can go Tits Up, don’t worry, we’ll get more useless shit you don’t need at an impulsive price you can’t afford)

Read the side bar if you haven’t, it’s literally called the side bar, yes, that one.

Just read the articles, and enjoy free stuff. Don’t worry about support, we’ll figure that stuff out when we need it.

**Not actually trademarked