Some interesting plays from bulls and bears in $GME Short Squeeze

So r/wsb (and arguably the world) vs. Naked Short Selling Hedge Funds

It’s you’re typical underdog of cereal box eating people versus your multi billionaire daddy.

Bulls versus Bears,

So what were some of the bullish and bearish tactics?

And how did the bulls and bears react to such tactics?

1. Attacking the Discord

Discord Shuts down r/WSB Discord, a chat forum based on allegations of chaos and hate comments or something. Insert whatever sensitive fucking shit you want, they attacked the forums.

And of course, our lord and savior, Elon disapproves:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-8.png

Discord is protected under Section 230, so they shouldn’t worry about having to do anything.

Don’t worry though, the Discord came back up before crashing again.

because there’s like +6million r/wsb users now and they all want to crash a single Discord server.

2. Infiltrating and Bots

Speaking of r/wsb:

They tried getting Reddit to ban r/wsb, that didn’t work because Reddit didn’t sell out to them.

Reddit is also protected with Section 230.

My thoughts, Reddit is owned by Tencent, and that means China.

China probably loves what’s happening that’s causing Evil Hedge funds to struggle, and they’re willing to allow Americans the ability to do it. Because it’s Americans vs. Evil Hedge funds.

This is just my speculation though.

Regardless, they couldn’t take the r/wsb down, so they flooded it with new accounts and bots.


So the mods took r/wsb private, and invite only. They are also heavily scrutinizing new posts, and trying to spot cancerous poison, or anything that looks fishy.

There at r/wsb, everyone is a retard and they can make their own decisions. So when you post DD, you have to actually back it up. And you can tell when it’s an outsider, because they use words and not rocket emojis. Speaking of which,


No rocket emojis, no ‘retard’, definitely sus

The users of r/wsb have grown from about 1.6 million to +6 million and counting.

Most people stick around for the dank memes. I know I do.

UPDATE, as of February 4th 2021, some big douche mods have taken and sold out the forum. Lol, RIP.

3. Robinhood Thursday

I’ve written why RobinHood sucks and you can find the specifics here.

On Thursday 28th at 10am they stopped buying GME.

This drove the price down from ~$462 to ~$132 dollars. A change of ~$-337 or -71.8%.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-79.png

Then Robinhood upped their Margin requirements and Margin called people to sell shares of GME at ~$118.

This added more stocks to the float, and costed Robinhood users Thousands of dollars.

So Robinhood is definitely not on your side.

3.a. Counter With Lord Elon-chan

Lore Elon made a twitter post at ~2pm, 28th:

Which could be a hint to use your Robinhood funds to Dogpile on Doge Coin while you re-evaluate your options for entry on GME. And a lot of people took the bait as Doge Coin rose.

Prices rose from sub 0.02 to a high of ~0.077, which is a 385% return.

So if you put in the price of one GME share around that time (assuming ~$300), you would’ve gotten about $1,155.

So the people who took Elon’s cryptic message was able to ride the Doge Coin, while the botters fell behind. You see, people have programmed trading bots to trade off of Elon’s Tweets. However, a picture of a Vogue Magazine for Dogs is not something a robot would understand.

So the programmers had to calibrated the robots, late in the game, to buy Doge coin sending the price up.

This was a genius move by Elon.

(hypothetically speaking, because it’s clear he likes dogs and this is not a financial move at all, and he is not responsible or fiduciarily accountable for any business acumen or underwriting performed by or, on behalf of, any other person or person’s or robots even)

As a reminder, I’m not a Securities Lawyer. I even had to google what a security is. So, yeah…

4. Robinhood Friday

Robin hood limited trade to five stocks of GME

They really meant you can only have a limit of 5 stocks of GME

Then they said the limit was 2 stocks

Then they said 1 stock.

So they manipulated the market forcing people to offload shares of their account and have less shares than they started with. This also drove the price down.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kbp7f07eobe61-1024x681.png
Totally market manipulation, right?

4.a Flock of new accounts to Fidelity and Vanguard

A lot of people heard the news and wanted to invest, so they jumped on Robinhood or other trading apps. Then they couldn’t invest in GME.

Due to the whole Robinhood Fiasco, many people are moving from Robinhood to brokerages that allow free trade.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

For more information, read the Robinhood post about why People hate Robinhood. Like they really really hate robinhood.

So much so that protests occured outside their buildings.

and some dude bought an airplane commercial to fly over their Head Quarters.

They really hate Robinhood.

5. Blocking Free Trade

It seems Interactive Broker and most Clearing Houses (like DTCC and Euro Clearing) have raised their margin requirements up to, like, 100% to insure trades. This also restricts trades because brokerages like Robinhood can’t afford it.

Because the short sellers naked shorted more than 100% of the stock, they stand to lose more than infinity.

And the Clearing houses are responsible to insure both parties of the trade between stocks and cash, and between cash and stocks.

So the Clearing houses simply don’t want to foot the bill for infinity dollars.

And I don’t blame them.

Because if the Greed of the Short Sellers lose, they can collapse the stock market by bankrupting the DTCC and clearing houses. In theory. I’m also a retard.

6. Fake News

They are using media personalities to blame Russians. Let’s be clear now, Gamestop has benefited from the console launch of PS5 and the new XBOX. Just like every other retail outlet, these consoles are all sold out.

GME is expected to do really well and be profitable this quarter, so this video is evidence of Manufacturing Consent and lying to you.

Originally tweeted by shoe (@shoe0nhead) on January 31, 2021.

To be real, the ENTIRE WORLD is invested in fighting the bad guys. It’s not a RUSSIAN COLLUSION story, it’s a underdog vs. “the Evil Corporate ELITE Hedge Fund market manipulators that profit from ruining countries” story.

Yes, so if Russia is buying GME, then it’s to help fight the American Hedge Funds. Buying a stock doesn’t make the rest of the market tank.

In short, Russia is helping America

Americans and the Entire world are fighting against American Hedge funds

6.a. More Fake News

I wrote a whole article on CNBC and their possible Market Manipulation.

If you’re interested, they basically spun the news, blame r/wsb, and defended robinhood for their actions.

They might be manipulating the market.

They also might just be a bystander and picked to side with the hedge funds.

Who knows.

7. S3 squeeze

S3 does some data and crunches numbers for market analytics.

They exposed the short interests.

CNBC said some things, S3 said some counter things:

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-97.png

But over the weekend, they changed their tune. They posted some more information on SUNDAY.

Like Why Sunday?

So they said that the old calculation methods was bad

This person is a managing director of S3 Partners and he says that they were working on this analysis over the weekend. Yea right.

So why would you post unfinished data on the weekend?

It’s almost like someone paid you to post something on the weekend, and then made you wait to post more bearish warnings to get people to panic sell?

Also they changed how they calculated the % Float, so the new numbers don’t reflect the same valuations of the previous numbers. Long story short: they’re trying to tell you a low number while they hope you don’t realize what they’re actually saying.

Of course, I’m just speculating.

But why would he tweet this all on a Sunday to a reply to S3 Data on a Sunday.

He claims trading changes on a day to day basis.

Markets are closed on Sunday.

Which is it?

This is just fishy.

Already many people are questioning it, and there is a long post by some Tendie eater about not trusting the forged data:

-More to the post here

Basically Wall street is desperate and they’re fudging numbers:

You can read more about S3 Partners by another fellow autist here.


8. “Silver Short”

The same Hedge funds that are shorting GME are long Silver. They are bullish silver because the banks have been keeping prices down and the banks are slipping.

So these Hedge funds have spread the word, poison, into the ears of some redditors.

They’re trying to pump and dump silver to create another short squeeze and profit off of it.

These guys are Long Silver

With the profit from silver, the Hedge Funds will probably double down on their GME short squeeze.

If silver short squeeze works, the banks will be hurting. With the banks hurting, the economy will also hurt. This is an easy way to point at the good guys and say “it’s their fault” and pin the blame of the economy on your enemy.

They would blame Wall Street Bets, because a few idiots got duped into jumping on the Silver Pump and dump. They’re already blaming the “reddit raider”:

History is written by the victors, and they’re going to shovel false narratives down your throat to make you think the Hedge Funds are the good guys.

Some tards are being vocal about the trick-of-light get-rich-scheme:

Remember the Fake News? They’re some people also calling it out:

Here is some DD from other users:

And another one:

And another one:

If the silver short squeeze works, the banks hurt. Then the finger will be pointed on r/wsb.

If the silver short squeeze failed, then it’ll cause a dump.

You see, if this was a false flag manipulated to pump silver. Then the Hedge funds will pull out their profits on the bull run, causing a dump.

You got to understand, the Banks are the ones holding Silver prices down, for their own reasons, and economy reasons. The hedge funds just want to squeeze a bit of money:

We’re going against Evil Hedge funds, not the entire banking industry. Calm your tits, Icarus, you’re too close to the sun. (and possible had your brains fried by radiation, fellow retard)

UPDATE as of February 1st (for silver):

Yea, $hitadel is against you

9. Billboards, Ads, and planes

They can buy ads to pump stonks?

So can a bunch of decentralized retards:

So many billboards:

So Many:

Someone bought Times Square Billboard:

10. The Possible EVIL theory of Stonk Counterfeiting

Alright, this is speculation but hear me out.

Why would anyone short a stock beyond 100%? That’s because the shorters were trying to make a company bankrupt, that way they stood to gain their entire short profit without having to pay for any shares. Because a bankrupt companies shares are dirt cheap.

Why would anyone naked short a stock? Because they’re risky gamblers that have a strong feeling that the stock will plummet. Whether by nice calculations or insider information.

Now, Why would anyone naked short a stock beyond 100%? Because they are confident that they can pull their tricks out of their sleeves to make a profit.


Because hogs are greedy and they’re ready to slaughter and claw their way into doing things. You’ve already seen the market manipulation. These guys are willing to crash the GLOBAL economy just to win.

Evil at their core.

They’re going to crash the market whether we hold or not

There is also the chance that they have a Dark weapon, Stonk counterfeiting (illegal btw).

Bascially, the short sellers printed more stocks from thin air to flood the market and drive prices down.

And we can expose them by simply holding the stock and having the SEC count them.

There’s a good chance that the is high levels of illegal activity.

I mean, why would they stop you from BUYING but allow you to SELL? It’s almost like their might be more shares in circulation than in existence.

You see, the baddies will crash the economy regardless of what we try to do. So why not fight em?

11. The Gamma Squeeze accelerated

People found a loophole on brokerages. They weren’t allowed to buy shares, but they could buy calls. They weren’t allowed to buy Calls on weeklies, but they could buy calls further out.

So they bought ITM calls out a couple weeks and exercised them on Monday. Just to find a loophole around not buying shares, by buying 100 of them at a time.

A lot of people are exercising them on Monday.

People are going in:

All sorts of people are squeezing in with advice:

Hedge funds are pretty screwed if they have to cover down. Who knows how many shares are actually in the float? I mean, every one is diamond handing it.

In Closing

Look, this is the play, this is the strategy. They are probably drawing lines of credit and moving their funds over the weekend. So be prepared for some shenanigan plays that aren’t covered here.

All you have to do is hold out and they lose.

These are the monetary forces of good and evil fighting here.

These evil forces were going to tank the market of profitable companies without anyone stopping them. GME isn’t in the water, they’re going to probably revolutionize gaming like Valve’s Steam did. E-commerce advancement, you can thank Ryan Cohen if it is accomplished.

Good free market Decentralized Democratic capitalism


short selling market manipulating Crony Vulture Capitalism

“You sell, I’ll hold. No Profits”

“Can’t stop, won’t stop. GameStop”

“We can be retarded longer than you can be solvent”

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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