GME update, Suicide framing, Bond bail outs, Ape Donations and more


It’s been a while since I covered shit on GME since my last post here.

If you frequent the subs, you won’t (probably) learn anything new here.

But there’s been some trouble abrewing for the GME fiasco,

Let’s start with the light hearted notes before diving into the darker ones,

You know, like life. You start out innocent and get corrupted as time goes on. It’s beautiful.

Retard Apes are donating to Real Apes and other “wildlife”

I say “wildlife” but they are in a sanctuary or whatever.

Somewhere upwards of half a million dollars was crowdfundedly donated to various organizations for these precious creatures, by degenerates of course, so there’s that.

Some people also donated to other animals like Rhinos, Elephants, and Giraffes,

Might as well get the whole zoo while you’re at it.

I didn’t bother looking for a link, so you’ll have to take my (not-valid) word for it.

Donation to kids

What’s worse than kids?

Kids AND Medical bills

Well, to help offset their unhappiness, people from WSB donated to children’s hospitals. They bought stuff and games from Game Stop stores, and donated to children’s hospitals. In a way, this is like activist investing, where you invest actively in the company’s operations which in turn helps buff the bottom line.

So, greed is helping sick kids. Nice.

Here is a link to a search result in the sub, because the list goes on and on.

Shills and bots are still shilling and botting

Plenty of subs are under attack by people spreading FUD, Fear Uncertainty and Doubt

So that’s a thing, Still.

Citadel Issued bonds

It’s like a reverse loan, that’s a bond.

So Citadel took out a loan from investors of about 600 Million dollars and issued some BBB- bonds,

which are kind of shit bonds if you go down the Tier of bonds. But whatever. I don’t care.

Also, the big daddy of Citadel also goes on record to blame retail traders and stimmy checks for the recent market volatility

Probably to poise the media and news to rally and blame the retail traders for the next stock market ‘anomaly’

You know, get them to fight themselves. Outstanding Move.

There’s a mini-Bank run

Idk if the calm before the storm is happening, or what, but people are starting to restructure their investment portfolios.

-Article WSJ

Some Hedge Funds are getting Margin Called,

Nomura, Archegos, possibly more.

Also Credit Suisse got margin called, and they’re more of an investment bank. Lmao, nice.

At least they’re not sore losers. . .



Some Banks are liquidating their stonks in block sales

i.e. JPM, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, UBS, etc.

And UBS, -Article WSJ

This has affected stocks on the market already, (duh) like Discovery, Bank of America, and Viacom

Side note: The Suez Canal got unblocked on 29 March 2021. So expect the market to react to that.

GME Earnings report had an interesting 10K

In their 10K filings, GME made a weird comment about price volatility and short squeezes.

This is not standard nor normal practice, but you know, it might just become the new meta.

Jokes, this will be a wild ride my friend.

NSCC and DTCC changes some rules

In order to cut their connection with a potential catastrophe of margin calls cascading into a crescendo of fight club-esque proportions, there are some new guidance put forth,

NSCC posted this

Which says a lot of stuff That I ain’t going to read, but you can read someone break it down here and here below:

u/Pixels and the threats

This dood made serious DD and is on the receiving end of death threats, so they had to stop posting DD.

Well, the death threats kept coming,

Now they are framing suicide on u/Pixels

There are fake accounts making fake stories about how u/Pixels was in the hospital, and how u/Pixels tried to attempt suicide.

You know, the way to get someone to suicide themselves is to leave a trail of suicide breadcrumb-notes. This makes sure that the shotgun to the back of the head was definitely suicide.

A bunch of fake accounts making fake statements, to later be used posthumously. Typical rule book suicided play here.

And what good are threats without Demands???

Basically asking for Pixels to Delete the DD. But I mean, why would you? If I were in Pixel’s shoes, I would spam more DD, but he’s got a family and cares about living so I understand his actions. I mean, his DD is leverage to not get suicided, so I would just leave it up. Regardless,

Yea well,

No foul play here, don’t think about how physically impossible it is to shotgun yourself from a distance to the back of the head,

Like what are you?

Chester Bennington?

Kurt Cobain?

Robin Williams?

That Los Vegas shooter’s brother?

Anthony Bourdain?

George Carlin?

Marilyn Monroe?

Jeffrey Epstein?

I’ll stop but you definitely aren’t any of those people.

In Closing

I really hope everyone’s mental health and lives are okay,

And I’m really glad that I can end an article with suicide as the topic,

Well, I’ll see you next time, but that’s not a safe bet either, so yea. . .

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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