More Interesting plays in the Game Stopping $GME war

Most of this is probably borderline illegal, or whatever. I don’t know man, I just report the fake facts as if they are a real piece of fiction. What do you want from me, man?


Someone posted that Careers at Gamestop changed up their logo into a circled ‘GME’, it seems they know how to run a good recruiting campaign;

Even the tab is brandishing the new logo,

Also, Game Stop is hiring a lot of people. I mean, they sure made the capital quite recently.

It’s not clear if this is a corporate wide change, or whatever. Just know that this exists.

Whatever the implications are, It’s all speculatory. And as always, you can only speculate the market and it’s definitely a Casino.

Now, if you paid attention, the first words of this segment were ‘Someone posted‘.

Turns out, this logo and site change was as old as 2018. But someone fueled the confirmation bias of genius play by making it seem like Game Stop is participating in the largest death throes or resurrection of their company.

For securities law reasons, they can’t really do much, let alone hint at anything. They’re already under investigation, their hands are basically tied.

So some idiot, fueled other idiots, with a single post. (which is definitely an interesting play).

And let me tell you, there are a lot of these posts, and just a glance of the title will fuel their confirmation bias.

WSB coup and subsequent re-coup, and re-re-coup

After gaining international coverage and more than 8 Million retards. The Reddit forum Wall Street Bets (WSB) has been compromised by a lot of old inactive accounts and mods. This was the first coup.

Then there was a mass firing and removal of a lot of the newer active mods.

The old mods also hired on a lot of new mods, which were corrupt, to help push their agenda.

All of this was definitely fueled by either money or a plan to get money from manipulating a security, which is most definitely securities fraud since it revolves heavily around a security. (let alone, the whole forum is about securities).

Then the Good Mods appealed to Reddit. Reddit said they would clean it up and they did some what a good job. But not really. This was the Re-coup.

Then some bullshit happened.

Then the ‘Good’ Mods posted that Wall Street Bets is ‘safe again’. Which, fun-fact, it’s not. This was the re-re-coup.

A post on February 15th

A lot of shadow banning and suspicious activity has pushed the GME cultists to seek refuge and asylum from religious persecution. In search of a new promised unholy land (sub reddit).

So now the church of GME has established two sects, one called r/Wallstreetbetsnew and another called r/GME

Both of these cultish sects want to push GME information without the harsh Spanish Inquisition of the Old mods and corrigible idiots.

r/Wallstreetbetsnew wants to revive WSB to be non corrupt and go back to being WSB again, before the old mods and media publicity.

r/GME is all about the stonk that they like. Which is GME.

So these cults are intermingling and WSB is still compromised.

And possibly, these new Sects are corrupted as well. Who knows. It’s all a shadow war of cyber security circle jerks and DMs and Private messages.

If Reddit, as a whole, is compromised, then it’s a likely chance that the WSBers might start up their own Website. Similar to how r/TheDonald, a Donald Trump fan club was removed from Reddit, and they started their own website called, well, The Donald, which was also scorched and purged due to Liberal Tech Censorlord Fanaticism to counter Populist Idolized Anti-establishment Fanaticism.

Everyone is a fucking cultist, and I’m just trying to enjoy my future gourd chunks in tomato soup made of ketchup packets.

This Lore was brought to you by Fantasy land, where reality is a circus and it’s most definitely stranger than fiction.

Paid shilling and definitely securities fraud

There are accounts asking for people to post and make up shit about a stonk. To spread fear and doubt, with literal money,

Either a bot, or some poor retard, started shilling out a bunch of comments:

Someone offered $650 a week for spreading bearish DD. You know, paying for people to push market sentiment down.

Which then was reported,

Hedgies washing their short interest with ETFs

So, a report came out showing Short interest in GME stock went down.

Coincidently, Short interest in ETFs also went up. Here is XRT (one of many ETFs with GME):

Not only that, but some other person found a screenshot of short interest being really high in a lot of the other ETFs, stupid high:

So ETFs, for those that don’t know, are Electronically Traded Funds that are portfolios that use robots to invest in stonks. So you can indirectly invest in a ETF and that would be like investing in all the stonks in the ETF. New-tech Boomers use ETFs to manage their portfolio and whatnot.

The ETFs in the picture above have GME shares, per column 3.

The Short interest is high, per column 4.

If Column 4 is bigger than Column 3, then that’s a lot of short interest. Simple maths.

The theory here, is that the Hedge funds just washed/laundered their GME Short positions to ETFs containing GME Short positions. They can also be Long on the other stonks in the Portfolio, because something about balance or whatever (this would technically hedge their bet).

Good old hat trick.

They are net short on GME, while reporting some data to show that they left their DIRECT short position of GME.

In theory, if people were to not value GME anymore (and sell), then these Hedge funds could roll back from Shorting the ETF to shorting GME directly. You know, the whole reason this started.

FTDs (Failure to delivers)

Well, when you naked short a stock, you sold a stock that you borrowed without having a plan to pay it back.

So you have to cover your position and have to pay it back. So eventually you gotta cough up the stock that you borrowed.

If you don’t, then it’s called a Fail to deliver. Which is bad, because interest, ‘threshold security’, and securities laws and stuff.

GME Fail to deliver went down:

DateFail to Deliver (GME):

As XRT (one of the above ETFs holding GME) Fail to deliver went up:

DateFail to Deliver (XRT):
1/19 9,134

So January 28th was the day most brokerages, and especially Robinhood, restricted trading on GME. Judging by this data, it looks like the Hedgies transferred their GME short position to ETF Short Positions to make it seem like they left the chat.

Lol, they totally didn’t.

Judging by the 2 million Fail to Delivers on XRT on the 29th. And that’s after the a delay of two days, you know, the whole T+2 thing. One can assume that they shorted XRT around 26th of January.

It could also be a sign that Hedgies are shorting the valuation of XRT, to make XRT and other ETFs cough up their volatile GME stonks. Meaning that they are driving ETFs down, to force them to sell GME and liquidate their positions. Which would also aide in flooding the market with GME shares at a coincidental time where retail investors weren’t allowed to buy, but only sell shares.

Yea, coincidence.

All of this so that the Hedgies could buy up those GME stonks. In theory. But the Hedgies probably are still greedy and going more deep in their short position in hopes to extinguish the ‘reddit rebellion’ as the paid out shill-news calls it.

Coupled with the cult-like fanaticism that is GME Diamond Handers, this war is long from over. Also the Fear, uncertainty, and Doubt only aids to fuel the confirmation bias of these cultists.

Which, I mean, judging from the pay offers, bots, and slaved interns, there definitely is a conspiracy and securities fraud.

In Closing

None of anything here is investment advice, and if you want my non-legal investment advice, I can only guarantee you a return of (100%), in which the ()’s means a net negative. Just give me your money, and I’ll guarantee a negative return at some point in the future.

Also, check out this ZeroHedge article smashing Robinhood. They’re a lot smarter than I am, so their words mean more or something.

I’ve learned way more about securities law and stonks than I wanted to.

And I think it’s all a scam.

But, I mean, were there any safe bets?

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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