It looks like some big money retard did something retarded and I’m here to laugh at that. Let this shit post be carved into the annals of history, so that you know where I stood when the financial world was impending it’s doom.

So, the big money retard(s) is(are) shorting XRT, idk who, but it’s by a stupid amount.

I first noticed it a while back while snorting new lines of text from r/Superstonk. And boy o boy has shit really hit the fan.

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So, January 14 2022;

I got some word and caught a glimpse of something that I think is beyond retarded. I might be too dumb to understand what or why anyone would want to lose their money in this manner, but someone shorted something way way way too much. That is $XRT.

Here’s some screenshots;

Notice how XRT has 4.7 million shares outstanding

Well some how someone shorted 22 million shares

Some degenerate fucktard shorted the fuck out of it.

22.1 mil shorted, divided by 4.7 mil outstanding, means that a group of tardos shorted XRT by 470%. . .

Let that sink in, some group of anonymous autists borrowed and shorted the entire outstanding share pool four times over.

That’s like borrowing your car, to sell it, four fucking times. But they did this with multiple care titles, 4.7 million more times.

And any short seller is just a future buyer, so these people will have to buy it back.

Will they make a profit? probably not.

Should they be allowed to borrow something and sell it four times over to drive the price of the associated basket down? Well, ethically speaking, no. But the Stonk Market is a rigged casino, so they’ll just have to pay a fine of like 5 cents and they’ll be good to go.


Here’s a snippet of random XRT Ortex data to pretend like you’re learning;

It’s also to mention, Outstanding shares is a more larger and conservative amount to calculate short interest. Because the free float is a more accurate representation of non-long-term institutions and their plays. But it’s not indicative of large institution lending, so it’s kind of whatever. Anyways, the point is, free float for XRT is smaller than shares outstanding, so that short interest is a lot bigger.

And fast forward to this week, Week of Jan 28th

Where Friday is January 28th, the GME anniversary.

It’s gonna get spicy, will the price tank? Maybe. Will the price moon? Probably not.

Here is more Ortex data to pretend you know things and numbers;

And there’s plenty of good fresh conspiratorial speculation on this link between GME and XRT (which has been established and proven since last year);

Well, plenty of Connections to be made and bets to be placed (all to be lost of course).

But if the chuckle fucks that shorted the shit out of GME didn’t close their positions, then there’s going to be some great shit happening (maybe) in February. In Any case, if those chuckle fucks survive, then we can look at the trend and plan out the future, because we always have next year. LMAO. They’re soooo fucked.

In Closing

This is not indicative of any price movement or anything that will happen.

But it’s plainly obvious that the big money people haven’t closed their short position for GME. Or else, what other possible reason could someone have to short a fucking ETF like a retard five times over?

The answer, probably, GME is shorted to oblivion, and shorting an ETF to make small changes on GME is somehow more cost effective than shorting GME. . .

Let that sink in.

They’d rather spend millions to billions of dollars to do a fractional and incremental price decrease, getting less bang for their buck.

The only conclusion I have are two things;

Either someone is just retarded or savy by gambling on the down turn of a tumultuous market.


GME shorts far exceed the ability for direct shorting to be unnoticed or possible, meaning that whomever has short positions are super super super super super fucked.

I hope it’s the latter, idk, that’s how speculation goes. No safe bets after all.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

P.S. I hear a shit ton of options and puts are going to expire for GME this Friday. Would be interesting to see some correlated price spikes in the next month or so. Sure ‘would’ be. These puts seem to be in a large amount and possibly used as some sort of married or covered short strategy. So, maybe the time starts a ticking in a few weeks. Who knows when this thing will blow. It’s going to be Hella interesting though.

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