GME 8K filing reveals some interesting things about the Market and Media

Those things revolve around hard evidence pointing towards ETF Basket Shorting, media manipulation, and even time traveling,

Alright, so GME filed an 8K form saying something about a stock split afterhours on March 29th.

During that time, stonks went up;

But also during that time, other stonks, unrelated to GME also spiked in a similar manner.

What this proves, is that there is most definitely a connection between the price suppression of GME and the behavior of other similar stocks. It seems like it points to ETF Basket shorting as speculated two months ago (and also last year technically).

ETF Basket Shorting,

(For those that don’t know, ETF stands for Exchange traded Funds. They are essentially a grouping or basket of stocks and shares and equities. So instead of buying a bunch of individual stock to diversify your portfolio, you could buy into an ETF and that would be similar to buying each individual stock based on the weighting of the ETF. It’s like a pre-diversified portfolio that you could buy shares of. There’s more to it, like ETPs and the prediction of market totality race-sum to net-zero and over-abuse of ETFs since the 80s, but if you want to know more, go research it elsewhere.)

So, There’s this rule called SSR, Short Sale Restriction.

This rule basically says that if a stock value plummets below 10% in a trade day, that you can’t short it unless it’s on an uptick. Meaning that if the sell side demand was only supplied by direct short selling, then the stock price can only stay at it’s current levels and won’t go down.

So with GME plunging at about market-open on Tuesday March 29th, 2022, it entered SSR meaning that it couldn’t be directly shorted for about two trading days.

To circumvent this, and get around it, people (and retards) may opt to indirectly short GME by shorting ETFs.

Did some retards short XRT (which is an ETF that holds GME) to short GME?

I don’t know, and I can’t say. The underwriting reasons for being retards are far and many, and there is not enough evidence to provide concrete conclusions that someone is retarded for specifically GME. Although, there are many retards bullish and bearish on GME, so it’s arguably a “safe” bet -in terms of speculation.

Did some retards short XRT Greater than 400%? Yes;

-Ortex data of ARCA data taken from
March 29, 2022
~441% Short interest

Did shorting XRT affect GME? Yes.

Here are some graphs from March 29th;

Look at da Time Stamps
Interesting spike downwards

Is XRT the only ETF with GME? No.

Are there private ETFs with GME and other Memestonks? Possibly.

Look at these graphs and think about it;


Spike because of the 8K announcement,
Makes sense

Not GME;

Spike because. . .
No news. . .
Makes sense

Also Not GME;

Is there a connection between BBBY, AMC, and GME?

On no news related to these other stocks, they jumped in line with GME. Weird, huh?

Why would these non-GME stocks soar after hours when the news is only on GME?

After Hours, I wonder who can trade or is effected by that. . .

Huh, weird eh?

I guess we’ll just put this with the rest of those unsolved mysteries, yup, there is nothing to see here. Move along with,

Media manipulation,

Anyways, here’s the news that GME announced their 8K;

Notice how those above are just stating facts?

Yet some sources, are saying false or negative things;

Yea, fails to excite investors. . .
After an After hours pump
And multiple forum groups pumping news about it

Here’s a random post from Superstonk about the 8k filing,

Notice how it ‘Fails to excite investors’ with ~45,500 up-votes?

This is Barron’s pre-emptively justifying (or quickly dismissing) the downward price action of GME on Friday Market with a false statement. Or as I like to call it, a shit opinion.

And I mean, I didn’t expect Barron’s to be retarded (That’s my opinion btw).

But come on, you think it’s Bearish to issue more stock to existing share holders? Especially after the stock is hanging out above $100 for like a year?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to Sell After receiving the Shares AFTER the Dividend???

This is literally just an announcement to say that there might be a future in which there will be a vote on the possibility of issuing more shares. There’s no concrete proof anything will happen.

It’s kind of retarded to base the underwriting decision on something that hasn’t happened yet,
that is also based on something that hasn’t happened yet,
base on something that hasn’t happened yet. . . .

See, the share holders have to vote on raising the issuance at the shareholder’s meeting,
THEN the dividend has to be announced to be issued,
AND THEN the dividend has to be issued.

I guess I should clarify, it’s not a ‘stock split’ per se, it’s a stock dividend. So if you own some shares, you’ll be issued more shares. As opposed to a split, where your shares becomes more shares. There’s a big difference between the mechanics of the two because of tracking reasons, options/derivatives, and counterfeit or fraudulent shareholding which I’m not going in to.

Why the fuck would any retard see sell signals when there is literally three steps before any of this has material effect? (technically if the GameStop board wanted to, they could issue a dividend from existing limit of stock issuance per their old plan, but that’s a different story. That possibility existed before this newly filed 8K, so that two step possibility isn’t the reason for any changes. . . Obviously. So)

Also, Motley Fool seems to have outlandishly bearish articles posted about this information that has excited it’s fanatic cult of an investor base;

The reason Stock Split means bad news?

‘Uh, if you check out these other stock split stocks, they suffered the Dot com boom, financial black swan events, 9/11, and Market Meltdown of 2008. So Stock splits bad’ -paraphrasing

Yea, okay, you sound like a conspiracy theorist there. Slow down.

You’re telling me, a stock split is bad because of reasons outside the company’s control that also negatively affected every other company -and the entire world of finance? (and also the entire world).

Yea, if business direction and acumen was based solely on the financial health of the macro-world, then you should simply do nothing and ride the wave. Yea, totally. That’s retarded.

A High Ranking Naval Officer once told me, “Back in ancient times of hunters and gatherers, There’s two types of Cavemen. Ones that stayed by the fire and waited. The other persevered through the cold and hunted for food. The ones that stayed by the fire, Those Fuckers Died.”

I think he was imparting some of Aesop’s Grasshopper tale into it, I probably forgot exactly how he worded it, but It was a great story because I liked the ending. What a great guy.

Point is, saying something is bad because of Global Disaster event, is justifying shitty opinion articles with evidence that lacks substance. It’s uncouth to say things are a bad idea simply because some other person wrote some shit opinion justifying nothing backed by nothing.

The reason for the ‘back to its senses’ price point of $300 million for GameStop. . . Because that’s what it’s market cap was in 2000. Yea, I shit you not. This person genuinely believes that GameStop should have it’s market cap from 22 years ago as an estimate for the true valuation of the company.

Let me tell you something about ‘true valuation’, there’s this thing called a cult. And the Cult fanatically believes and buys into the Stock, beyond reason. The new ‘coming to senses’ is apparently being a cult member and yeeting and yoloing into this stock. Yea. So, uh, price is up for a reason. That’s in line with it attempting to reach it’s ‘true valuation’ reflected by a cult-following of fanatics.

Again, outlandish.

The Fool has other articles painting a bad picture about the stock split, but whatever. That’s like their opinion. It’s just weird that they would talk about the negatives instead of offering a balanced approach of both good and bad and a likely forward-looking statement. It seems like fear mongering.

But false statements and really retarded opinions of global events alleging to Media Manipulation doesn’t sound nearly as bad as;

Time Traveling,

This post on APEril 1st ~1200 PT;

See, the big weird thing about that was. . .

GME NEVER traded at ‘about’ $145. . . That Day . . . Nor the Next . . . . . . . . .

Let that sink in. . . .

Here is the graph of the last five trading days from March 28th to April 1st;

Notice how the lowest bar is 150
Like, if you eyeball it, you couldn’t get an
“About $145”
You’d have to look at a graph that actually puts 145
And then you’d have to ignore the increments of 5. . .
So ignore 150, 155, 160. . . . . . .
Like, does that make sense?

How the fuck do you get ‘about 145’ when the price never hit below sub 150? Yea, sure 145 and 160 are about 15 fucking points off.

That’s a difference of about 9% of price, that’s a big difference in the stock market. (Don’t) trust me as a degenerate trade-tard, but 9% is a fuck ton in terms of accuracy error for an ‘about’.

This isn’t the first time that the media has time traveled to the future and submitted a price for an underlying asset that hasn’t traded near nor at that price. . .

And no, I’m not retardedly wrong about editing. I also can post-edit articles, to include supplementary and extra information after publishing. I publish, edit, and write shit-posts, so I know the whole ‘shit it out, and then post edit’ deal. These Media sources are not doing that, they have pre-written articles for the select tickers to paint a negative picture.

These Time Travelers are future predicting prices and price actions with pre-planned articles at the ready. And then retardedly publishing them with price predictions that haven’t even fucking hit. . . There is a lot of premonition and pre-fuckery that is most likely bought out and paid for, resulting in media manipulation and a short-and-distort style strategy to paint certain securities in a bad light.

Which, you know, is illegal.

It’s obvious the media is fake, liars, and full of shit. This here is just another grain of rice in the bag of lies that they purvey. So keep that in mind if you decide to actually listen to these propaganda machines.


In Closing,

I can’t tell you anything about the future direction of GameStop,

But what I can tell you is that the market is rigged and that the media is manipulated and manipulating things.

This is just pure evidence above that is suggestive proof that needs to be debunked.

Because until it’s debunked, then it’s admissible and valid evidence suggesting that;

-Someone is shorting indirectly through Baskets of Stocks resulting in tethered price action for various equities,
-Some media sites are performing media manipulation and,
-Some Media sites are time traveling or likely making false articles with intriguing price predictions. . .

I mean, if you are making up price targets hit that weren’t hit, you’re not reporting. You’re just lying and publishing fake news. That’s not what media is about. . . Even if it’s an opinion piece, who would lie about the actual price?

The Focus here is not in GME, it’s about the Market Manipulation and the Indirect Shorting to Synthetically short without synthetics or phantoms.

Interesting, eh?

If I’m wrong, say it with your chest and comment down below. Don’t be a cuck with your opinions tied closely and your lips sealed. Ain’t no way I’m going to hear you or listen with a cock in your mouth.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Also Post Script;

Glad that they would have typo price that needs to be backfilled by publishing an article ahead of time earlier than the actual price action that justifies the article itself.

See, you publish an article about shit that hasn’t happened yet with a typo or placeholder value.

Let’s assume that if the value was right, HOW THE FUCK do you report on something that hasn’t happened yet.

Price was at $175, yet article says price goes down. That didn’t happen at the time of writing.

Yea, I’m calling bunk on this shit.

Also, if it’s time traveling, then you traveled to the wrong temporal dimension to shit post your article.

Because it’s wrong as fuck in this dimension.

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