Throwaway post about inflation

This is just a throw away post about inflation, please ignore,

It seems people are out of touch with reality of others, as they shit down our throats with their opinions. And I thought I had shit opinions.

I mean this beautiful piece from Bloomberg;

Which the internet did make fun of;

I mean, It’s hard writing satire when Business/Finance publications like Bloomberg give financial advice that’s literally

“Nobody said this would be fun”

Like, how is that even advice? It could be mistaken as satire, but it’s still misses the mark. Idk, man.

Random people are

Referencing this joke, it seems people remember how out-of-touch and uncouth Bloomberg was;

People make jokes

It’s a way to get by,

You know that pet you love and protect giving you joy to live life? Yea, go ahead and forgo medical fees so you could send them off in a one way trip. It’s obvious that money is irreplaceable and you should always choose money over your loved ones. -Bloomberg probably


Here’s another

Critique of ‘Golfing Fees’ that are affected by inflation. Because Americans who struggle with inflation really care about their stroke game;

Yes Gretchen,


In Closing,

This is a throwaway post,

Not much effort,

I didn’t want this to evolve or anything, so I’m posting it as a small respite from the world.

Just a reminder, that about 50% of Americans making more than 100k are living pay-check to pay-cheque.

Seeing as Bloomberg made an article targeting sub 300k, that must be the new ‘cut off’ score.

Please ignore and carry on,

I know I will,

“Nobody said this would be fun”

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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