How buying a giant robot is a good investment idea

Okay, hear me out,

You should definitely invest in a giant mecha robot

And I’ll lay out all the reasons. There’s three.

Chicks dig Giant robots

We Dig Giant robots

That’s a Fact


If you do it right, you can get a Giant Mecha for just the low low price of two bucks,

Under the Intergalactic Tax Code 4235. Subsection 28 9 – 92 Sub paragraph alternative revision 3,

Your giant robot could be a tax deductible if you start up a Limited Liability Spirit per Spatial Mari-time Commonly-Universal law.

I mean, why would all the (four prominent) Mega-Bloc Sectors of Earth Industry be so heavily invested in Giant Robots? To include their Martian operations using Bloodied Orphan slaves?

What, it’s not like we’re going to regret a mining colony of color caste system and have a Red Rising drill operations invade Luna and unite the Outer Sectors to topple the Caste Systems.

Why would a Mars partial-dedicated company be inventing small robots if not to make giant robots?


The answer is, bigger mecha robots. Duh.

In Closing,

This is just a throwaway post

But I’m sure you’ll get some tax deductions for finding your very own giant robot as a kid and then having to become the defender of the universe or something.

Whatever, Enjoy the ride.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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