Clown Placebo

The news is definitely fake, but what they’re doing isn’t entirely an outright lie. They are framing things with specific words to spin a narrative. Yellow Journalism baby.

And I definitely fault them for that, because if enough people consume the news without reading in-between the lines, then the readers will have a warped sense of reality.

A Warped sense of reality. You know, like Psychosis. . .

Like the Mass Multi Media creating some form or formation of psychosis. . .

Propaganda and agenda driven yellow journalism does this to tug on your heart strings. Arguably the media of today just does this to add more shit to the fire, and it’s a shitty fire that we call the world, indeed.

So Here is our feast from today’s Media ‘hysteria’,

The Placebo;

News media is blaming the act of ‘belief’ as the root cause of vaccine side effects.

By virtue of them saying that statement, also implies that there are vaccine side effects.

So the media just agreed that ‘vaccine’ has noticeable and large side effects. That’s a big take away here.

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-pharmacy times
Pharmacy times quoted Eureka alert

Here’s the source to the original study.

Anyways, here’s a harvard article;

So, I’m not retarded, I went ahead and quote the Harvard article, for my yellow journalism.


So 35% from placebo

and 46% from clot shot

And even more startling, 67% had a local event from clot shot

So what does this preliminary read conclude?

That the Placebo does some harm from the fear monger of the media making it seem like this vaccine is way worse than it is resulting in the psychosis of individuals taking the placebo to have adverse effects.


That the Vaccine causes more damage than the placebo control group.

That’s a fact that we can conclude from what the study actually shows.

Also, while we’re at it. How are we not sure that the placebo itself was manufactured poorly either? Small metals and other things in the vaccine bottle encasing the placebo could have resulted in adverse effects.

We’d have to test a placebo from a vaccine vial and a placebo from no vial in order to eliminate the manufacturing process that the Vaccine manufacturers shirk liability of. Hence the whole Vaccine Compensation act bull shit.


So after the second shot, the placebo group chilled out and got lower to 32%

while the real clot shot cause even more effects, with a rise from 46% to 61%. That’s more than a 20% increase or a 150% rate of change.

And local events went from 67% to 74%.

So if the numbers of adverse effects goes up after one shot, to two shots. . . Imagine if you had to take boosters, how many more shots until all of the group gets adverse effects? If the growth is linear, that would imply two more boosters for four shots total to fuck our shit up. That’s implying a linear growth of the 20% increase.

So, it’s obvious.

The Clot shot has undeniable side effects, and placebo induced reactions from fear porn by the media has made it worse.

The science is retarded;

This ‘placebo’ accounting for more than two thirds of adverse side effects is not a truth.

This is me assuming, but I bet they used the 32% from the placebo group during the first round.

Subtracted that 32% from the clot shot group of 46%, to get a 14% difference

And then divided that result by 46% to get More than two thirds. (14/46 = 30%) Whcih means less than 1/3rd would be attributed to clot shots.

Even though, that is concluding that there is exactly 32% placebo adverse effects in the clot shot group, which is not a conclusion you can make nor prove.

AND that also omits the fact of the second shot resulting in 61% adverse effects. If we use the previous retarded logic, that would imply that (61-32) 29% of the adverse effects would be from the clot shot. This is really bad math.

I hate this idea of thinking, it’s basically wrong.

Don’t worry, the side effects are totally real as evidenced by some Korean findings;

Before we close,

How many times have you ever heard of pericarditis or myocarditis before the whole clown virus? Turns out, it existed but it wasn’t readily prevalent.

If there’s one thing we can agree with, it’s that government is the most inefficient thing in the world, unless it comes to killing it’s own people. For whatever fucking reason, government is really effective at doing that.

That’s a fact.

In Closing,

The media is gas lighting the public, as usual.

So if the fear porn causes a fearful placebo induced reaction, we should blame the source of the fear.

The media.


Anyways, the placebo and the power of a mind is a incomprehensible thing for many. And I can’t fathom how we are so barbaric in wasting our minds on lesser things. Like this shit post. lmao, jokes.

But really, science and ‘modern’ medicine does not understand the mind nor do they understand reality, in the case of what the mind and placebo effect has on our reality. So getting advice from them, is like getting advice from me.

A Not Safe Bet.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, life, or Any Advice

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