Mass Formation Psychosis is obviously a Myth

I mean, why would a (possibly) newly coined neologism describing a societal tendency to focus on the ‘next thing’ as a collective survival mechanism to make sense of the world after discarding myth and religion be real?

That would imply that the media or some narrative effort is in place to help direct the focus and ire of society at large. No way would there be so much propaganda to direct our gaze into the ‘next thing’ to possibly create a Mass Formation Psychosis.

It’s not like,

The News is pumping out Copy-Pasta articles to talk smack about Mass Formation Psychosis.

No way are they repeating the same fucking sad jokes;

No, Fucking, way.

Okay, to be fair, this channel seems to just Copypasta Forbes
So it’s kind of shit evidence but yea, just ignore this one really.
-Art of Entertainment Blog
Also another shitty circumstantial evidence that Copy Pasta.
Idk if it’s Copy Pasta Thievery for content, or Maliciously intentional

I mean, Who does not talk about Nazi Germany when talking about Covid-19 these days, right?

Whatever, people parrot the same narrative and throw a bunch of the same words around. You catch what I’m saying, eh? Well, maybe the following circumstantial evidence might better convince ya?

No way would circumstantial evidence like this exist;

There is no way that there would be a concerted and coordinated media effort to direct the sentiment of the general population to draw the same conclusions from opinion-pieces paraded as soothesaying. No. Fucking. Way.



-more ABC
To be fair, the Same Parent Companies might publish the same article over
But it doesn’t excuse the other mini-companies from shitting out the same shit.


-This one is an oldie from September, so it’s got a different title
It just goes to show that ‘breakthrough infections’ means the Clot Shot is retarded.

It’s almost like the media are all on the same page to point a sort of Sociological Gas-lighting of the people through directed propaganda. . . It’s almost like a Mass Formation Psychosis.

Let’s backtrack to a bit ago,

Don’t ever forget that the people’s leading this shit said that you would have full immunity against the Clown Virus if you got the Clot Shot. This was early onto the first round of clot shots.

Remember what the so called experts said with the concrete yet ever changing ‘science’. They said that the Clot Shot would give you immunity. And now it doesn’t work. Why don’t we go ahead and scrap the 50 year FDA study and go ahead and get rid of the vaccine, seeing as it doesn’t really provide serious benefits to a Clown Virus with a death rate of ~0.07% of the global population.

Yes. Because having the Global population survive ~99.93% against this Clown Virus means that it’s a “GlObAL PaNDeMiC”

~8 Billion people in the world, ~5 million deaths by the Vid, you do the math hot shot.

It’s alright, by the tons of copy-pasta articles above, Clot Shot doesn’t work. So, uh, we’re going to keep pushing Vaccine Mandates that conspiracy theorists said that the Government were going to push. And then maybe we can live in Lala Land.

If you haven’t realized by now,

I’m being sarcastic as fuck. It’s obvious that the Enemy of the People is the Media the purportedly lie through their fucking Teeth-less Snake Maws risking the common-health of the people. They don’t give a fuck about you, they never did.

Technically speaking, this website is also a media source. It’s a medium. And Trust me, I’m fucking lying through my teeth and I don’t give a fuck about you. I never did. So see, this is proof, look no further!

Ha -Jokes.

The same Media that worried about ‘grand ma dying from the covid’ while also pumping articles about how ‘early death is good for retirement pensions and social security benefits’. These Guys aren’t Hucksters, they’re Cuckstars, and you need to be weary of any Snake Mis-soothing sayer.

Anyhoo, just revert to being an Idiot. It’s the best defense for being free. Just unplug from the world and do a digital detox, or just drink alcohol into oblivion. Try to avoid Opiates and anything else the media peddles, it’s probably not good for you.

Please, no seriously, read this to Fight the retarded media;

How to be an Idiot.

In Closing,

The term ‘break through infection’ was made up in the Clown Dictionary to help the psychosis of Covidiots that believe in the Church of the Clown Virus. They had to invent a new term, a new enemy, to help reassure that those who are sextuple vaccinated with the clot shot are ‘doing the right thing’. Because blindly listening to science hinged on faith is definitely the smart thing to do.

To be fair, most people are just tired and this whole thing is pretty fucking sad. It’s a soul sickness from having fear-porn shoved down your throat, and then seeing the cracks in our mirror as society reflects on it’s retarded upbringing. We’ve evolved hundreds of plus of years to work a minimum wage job, all for what?

Cost of living that rises higher than the Great Flood and slowly chokes us as we drown in debt? Like, do we even want to bring more people into this world? A lot of people can’t afford homes, people are scraping by, and the ivory tower rich folks keep making retarded Clown Policies that fuck over the masses en -well- mass.

Yea, as mentioned elsewhere, The Cost of living now outweighs the benefits.

So, try not to be an asshole to someone just because they have a different opinion than you.

For all I know, I could be wrong about everything, who the fuck cares really. I know I don’t, and that’s a safe-ish bet. Ish, not really safe, but ish.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Update 9 January 2022;

This is the type of gaslighting shit that the media purveys, “it’s not a real term in Academia” even though an academic coined it, and “there is no evidence of it occurring during the pandemic” meaning that propaganda doesn’t exist in the last two years. Definitely wasn’t politicized, like, at all. I think the only thing we’ve flattened, is how smooth brained these journalists are, I mean, we definitely took our two weeks to flatten that curve.

Someone mentioned to me regarding this; ‘what is the criterion for Evidence, and how is there None?’

I mean, it’s obvious that Reuters and the Associated Press are full of shit if they’re stating ‘multiple experts in crowd psychology’ yet refusing to say whom they are or, even more importantly, what they said. I’m an expert in crowd psychology because I said so, is that good enough of credentials?

And As an Expert, I’m telling you that the media is gaslighting you and saying that this thing that exists doesn’t exist. Because they’re liars and it’s fake news.


But also, *Not Valid Any Advice

Lmao, found a meme January 12, 2022;

The internet has glorious comedy, it’s absolutely divine.

Update Jan 14, 2022;


So, a group of experts wants to establish a ministry of truth by moderating subjective ‘misinformation’;

This is more stuff they try and shovel down your informational diet. Pure Trash. Like, I know my shit posts are shit posts, but they’re atleast quality shit posts.

-Unfounded theory that media is gaslighting the public, so claims the media

I don’t know if you’ve ever been in an abusive relationship (other than getting fucked by the government), but it’s typical of an abuser to just outright deny their abuse. Like, text book really.

From the actual open letter (link here);

Like no one has a responsibility to do that, who the fuck are you to say Spotify has a responsibility to be the minister of truff? Like they literally play rap music and denigrating songs, if you think Wet Ass Pussy doesn’t need censorship, then move the fuck along. It’s un-American to tell two Americans to not express their freedom of speech on a private platform of their own choosing. That’s up to the private platform, Spotify, to decide if they want to lose money from censorship and Unamericanism. It’s not about ReSpOnSIbIliTy.

Also, for an open letter, with 270 alleged experts, it only sites one case study in the State of Washington for how the pod cast is misinformation. Yes, with the help of 270 Experts on a Global Pandemic, they were only able to produce data for a small sample size of a single state within a nation. . . Suuuuuper convincing.

‘Mass Misinformation Events’ of this scale. Like, okay. You’re saying one interview with one person and Joe Brograin, is a Mass Misinformation Event. At the same time claim that ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ is false or unfounded?

Like you’re literally going to say Mass Formation Psychosis exists and also claim it doesn’t exist? What the fuck does ‘Mass Misinformation Event’ even mean, if not to massively misinform the public to have an altered perception of reality? That’s literally Mass Formation Psychosis. Explain that?

Let’s combat a new term by creating a new term by rewording it, and then claim the first term as false while we use our term as truth. So called ‘experts’.

These fucking people literally exist in this same plane and dimension that I am in. FuUUUUUCK. -And they dare to have the audacity to say “As scientists, we face backlash and resistance as the public grows to distrust our research and EXPERTISE”. Perhaps maybe if you weren’t full of shit and contradicting yourself in your open letter with partial information signed by 270 randos, then perhaps maybe people would give a fuck about it.

Anyways, I’m done until the next update I guess.

Fuck, shit, Same-Day-Shipping update;

This makes me ask something, what the fuck is a ‘founded theory’?

Isn’t the theory found when someone finds it?

If there was hard empirical data sets of evidence, does that make it a founded theory?

I mean, in theory, any theory is still a theory.

How are idiots gatekeeping science like this?

Do they even know what ‘theory’ means?

-Me, trying to figure it out

Sigh, January 15, 2022;

At this point, I’m journalling with updates.

Fore score and seven years ago, Starship Enterprise, Year of the tenth Dragon and the fall of the Western King, etc. Intro to the journal. Jokes,

Anyways, apparently some scientists refute what those 270 scientists were saying;

It’s not a numbers game, but -uh- many brain do many work and thinky thinky.

That’s all I wanted to say,

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