Some Enlightening comments on a Clown Article

So, uh, Clown Virus. I saw a meme, and here is the meme;

I got this meme from 4chan’s Pol(itically incorrect). So, forgive me lord, for I have sinned. But here are some of the comments from the meme;

I thought these comments were very interesting and painting a sort of personal stake on people’s accounts using their own Facebook credentials. So there is sort of a credibility in these accounts, unless they’re all bots or something. But the mass reactions to the comments, from likes to sad-face, sort of makes it seem very genuine.

So I went to the source of the Meme, and I Bring to you this,

These be the Reactionary stats;

The source post had EVEN MORE comments about the hysteria of the Clown Virus and Clot Shots;

So, I guess with Covid, Medical Malpractice is like -okay-. Because, -gestures- at ventilators. Anyways, Hospitals turning into Death Factories. Sounds about right.

Sometimes, Facebook isn’t so bad

Sometimes, people make a lot of sense,

Sometimes, there’s a lot of heartache,

Seems like the Clot Shot is not a good thing.

Anyways, I think you get the picture. A lot of personal anecdotal accounts of adverse health effects after having the Clot Shot. And all of this is on Facebook, mind you. It’s possible that a good chunk of them might be bots. But. . .

For 262,000+ comments to all be from Bots after being shared 218,000 times?

With Thousands of reactions to select comments for condolences?

Yea, very unlikely.

Just saying.

In Closing,

I just wanted to spread a meme about the Clown Virus.

And do some Yellow-Cake Journalism by providing sources and links because making the reader fact-check things is the new Meta to counter the Clown Culture.

So this post deals with a lot of personal accounts of vaccine related death, there are numerous deaths from the Clot Shot based on this substantial and varied anecdotal accounts. Maybe indirectly or directly linked, whose to say?

Does the Clown Virus kill people? Yes.

Does the Clot shot kill people? Yes.

Which one kills more people? Good question.

So, yea.

Do with it what you will.

I know I won’t, and you can (almost) bet on it.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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