Society doesn’t care about the Homeless

It’s almost like being Homeless is a crime that is not redeemable by merely being human. Yea, your existence is trumped by the lack of home ownership.

It’s evident by Societal workings and results that people don’t give a fuck about the Homeless. Any measure to help is a half measure, and the Sick Society we live in only provides more sickness and not cures.

So we cast aside our homeless and torment and torture them through recreational redesigns and it’s honestly absurd and pathetic. To see suffering and consciously choose to add more suffer to the suffering. Why are we making society worse just to punish those that already have it bad?

That’s the good question.

I mean, it’s fucked up as it is that we have poverty porn, or people who are amused and infatuated with the idea of a social strata dynamic of lesser individuals begging and groveling for sub-sistence.

All of this because what? The homeless smell bad? They’re an eye sore? A slight threat to your casual stroll through an alleyway or street?

Wake up, you’re the visitor here. They are the ones living out there. You casually stroll through their home without a roof and their land without walls.

Yet it is you that complain.

Ha, great jokes.

Society is trash and refuse.

You can irk and shirk away your pathetic eyes from the evil, just ignore the injustice and suffering. Simply because people don’t trust your kind. Your kind offers one hand to help, while the other is armed with a knife behind the back. You really think people are nice to others? If there wasn’t pseudo and quasi moral codes established as laws or tradition, how savage would humans be? No different from a beast?

I’m speaking about the etiquette that the ‘upper-class hold’, nothing but a dressed up animal. To be able to treat your equals as lessers, are we really human?

Your tax monies go to social workers that struggle to find their ‘case work’, or even worse, the social workers abuse them. Your tax monies go to ungrateful little shits with an office job that abuses homeless people, I’m talking about social workers, but also this is applicable to cops too.

People even,

Called the cops on a fucking statue. The statue was a depiction of Jesus on a bench, you know, the sort imagery that would be provided with some proverbs about treating other fellow humans as -well- fellow humans. Something about loving thy neighbor type parables or something.

Don’t worry,

Society and passerby’s like installing free windows for ventilation into tents. It’s such an (ig)noble thing to do, helping the airflow come in during those cold and lonely nights.

We also have great pranks like, setting a homeless mans’ home on fire while he’s in it. Did I say home, I meant tent. Because words matter more than the actual fact that someone had to watch themselves and their small piece of world go up aflame by retarded children;

Here’s some advice if you see a tent out in the wild;

Yes, as ‘You go out of your way to make the life of a homeless person harder’

Because when it comes to making up useless and harmful policies, it’s the retards in ivory towers that want to ‘Solve Homelessness’

And let me tell you, a lot of these ‘Solutions’ don’t involve giving Homeless people a . . . Home. . .

We have such Great Livingry

Livingry is the anti-thesis of Weaponry. You know how Weaponry kills people and reaps destruction in tow? Livingry is supposed to help people live more prosperous and better lives, help save lives, and even improve the quality of life.

So, here are some artisticly retarded ‘Livingry’ that we’ve invented for helping humanity. (Yea, it’s sarcasm)

-Because removing benches ‘Solves’ Homeless
While inconveniencing, literally, everyone who could have used those benches
Like, Fuck elderly and Pregnant people. Am I right? Just stand, I guess.

Here’s some NYC commentary;

-Here’s some more fucking NYC Gold being retarded

People hate the homeless so much that they would spend money to make homeless people suffer than to uplift them or provide free drugs and give them a good hit every once in a while.

Because people with wheel chairs don’t have a backrest nor a place to sit. . .
This design definitely wasn’t made to intentionally prevent laying down. No. Way.

How about a robot dog to ‘take temperatures’ of homeless people?

Yes, because $150,000 for a Robot Dog to take temperatures and patrol Homeless people in a Dystopian world is a better use of $150,000 than like providing cold medicine or running water or electricity or blankets or food or shelter or mittens or toiletries or etc. etc.

Wow, if only we could use that money to save and protect lives other than the medical workers that would’ve taken the temperature.

If you think all lives are equal or that all lives matter, then you don’t really understand this social strata we live in. Who is going to bat an eye when that lonely person is dead? Here’s a hint; It’s not society.

We’ve outdone ourselves in society

By also making it illegal to help our fellow man,

Yes, want to feed Homeless person? Turns out, it’s illegal in some places. Some shitty places like L.A.

Yes, we want to “clean up” the streets. Of what? Crime? Drugs? No! None of those are the primary concern.

We want to “clean up” the streets of people, because obviously we have great Lawmakers that just plan and plot their miserable manicured lives on how to fuck over someone remotely for existing in the streets.

Yes, that’s right, Make it a crime to help the homeless.

It’s also illegal to feed the homeless in many places,

Places like Seattle, Washington and Orlando, Florida

A lot of cities are doing this;

To also throw in a side piece of knowledge.

People don’t trust free food when there could be laxatives or poison in it. So if you ever been on the streets, there’s a thing called street cred and ‘trust’. And as much as a free meal ‘sounds’ nice, it could very well be a trap.

Because there is a lot more evil things in the world, as evidence by people burning an enclosed plastic shell with a living person inside. . . So. . . Yea. . .

People out on the streets are gambling with their lives in a game called ‘survival’. Which you might not be privy to with your airconditioned home, blankets, walls, and Netflix. It’s absolutely insane that the world and life you live is a completely separate reality from someone less than a mile away from you.

Here’s a take in defense of banning Feeding your fellow man;

it’s all about getting you self sustaining

They just want you to get a job and get back to work and pay taxes to society.

Because existing while not paying taxes is a crime.

Also, don’t think about the idea of starving to death, obviously that’s not an issue if we just ban ‘street feeding’.

God damn are human beings pathetically retarded up and down the food chain.


If you want to sleep in your car and just live off of $15 a month for planet fitness Gym membership to shower and live.

Then fuck you, (that’s a message from the state).

What is the remedy?

Idk, maybe not make it a fucking crime to be homeless? Maybe not make existence a crime?

America, a land of the free, free to not provide charity or help thy neighbor. Because that shit is illegal if it’s not State sanctioned and taxed. Yea. The most efficient way of getting shit done. Government. (that’s sarcasm, and as evidenced by people dying via State sanctioned genocide, it’s also not sarcasm).

I mean, it’s almost as if governments have regulated themselves into being obsolete. If the Government provides unjust laws, that only breeds unjust society. If society is unjust, then those who go against it must be just. So, uh, it’s like we’re funding our Empirical Suicide through retarded policy making.

Is it wrong to go against society?

If society is deemed unjust?

It’s alright, if you don’t want to vandalize government property to make society better. Fret not, for protesting is free;

Just protest the Politicians by existing in their space
Remember, everyone that does things in this world has a name and address

Is their existence an eye sore now that they’re on the front steps of your ‘business’? Lmao.

Don’t worry,

With how the world is going, with Foreign National Rich people and multi-corporations buying up houses and land. With everyone turning houses into a flipper, rental, or Airbnb. With government’s issuing more taxes, property taxes, rising inflation rates, and even dread HOA MLM schemes popping up.

I have come to the conclusion that you are likely fucked.

Turns out, we’re all going to be pretty fucking homeless.

It’s only a matter of time, one late payment, someone dying, you losing your job, something about Covid. Whatever, the reasons for you to be homeless are a streak of unfortunate events and bad luck.

And judging by the crazy shit happening in today’s financial markets, you’re odds are against you and that luck is drying up. Especially with inflation, just killing the last five years of raises you got, in 2021 alone. (Unless you’re like Rich or something).

So, I bet you’ll be homeless in the next 100 years. It’s a not safe bet, but It’s got a chance.

I mean, let’s not kid ourselves. When you ‘rent’ you don’t own a home. So you’re technically homeless. And if the future is ran by corporate Globo-homo oligarchs, you’ll be eating the bug, sleeping in pods, and renting for the rest of your life.

Welcome to being homeless,

In Closing,

Dear City Council Law Making Bench-destroying Douche Nozzles,

If you can’t beat em, you should join em.




Anyways here is an interesting source of information and viewpoints and ways to help if you care.

Honestly, just don’t be a dick and kindness can go a long way. So, you know, treat humans as -well- humans and we should be ‘better’ moving forward. I’m not here to tell you what to do, because If you knew anything about ‘my morals’ then you wouldn’t want any. Just saying.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Update Jan 17, 2022;

Society has too much evidence to show how little we care or empathize or even sympathize with others. We talk about doing good, mainly to ‘feel’ good, rather than doing it.

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