Clown Virus doesn’t care about Children

You see, the Clown Virus is infecting the minds of people resulting in Child abuse.

Like so;

38 Degrees Fahrenheit, just for the record
That’s 3 degrees Celsius

Force kids to social distance, that way they can have their social skills be blunted and stunted by a lack of human interaction while also forcing them to wear masks to stifle their breathing.

We’ll take all these extra precautions to traumatize the youth
When adults can just take their masks off the moment they get to their restaurant table

I mean, historically, The Clown Virus hasn’t killed a lot of children, the studies revolving around child mortality are result of co-morbidities from compromised health. I’d be willing to wager that the Clot Shot has killed more children than the Clown Virus. I’d bet fucking money on that.

Yea, let’s throw the kids in the cold.

Because Child Abuse and Clown Science are both accepted by retards;

For more of that story above;

And yea, Oregon state is retarded. Don’t vote Blue no matter who. (this message bribed for by the Anti-Political Political Party);

We force them to don masks;

That way the have a warped sense of self,

We take away toys and such;

Basically all the administrative powers that be, said to kick everyone in the childhood.

I wonder what the next generation of traumatized kids will be like.

I mean, before, people were traumatized by their parents. Now, in large swathes, people are traumatized by the government. Wowie, I wonder how teenage angst and rebellion is going to manifest itself.

But seriously though, maybe we shouldn’t be retarded and abuse children? Idk, that’s like this weird funny thought I had. Maybe I’m wrong for speaking out of my ass against ‘the science’, but I got this sort of funny feeling that all of the Clown Theatrics for a Clown Virus is. . . How do you say. . . Wrong af?

Luckily though, some people aren’t retarded

For instance, the Pennsylvania Supreme court ruled mask mandates as ‘retarded’ (my words)


I didn’t really care about Pro-Vaxx or Anti-Vax. But with the amount of logic being spitten by the Anti-Vax crowd, and the retard government overreach by the pro-vax crowd. . . Maybe, just maybe, those Anti Vaxxers are on to something. . .

Maybe. . .

Regardless, it’s great. Enjoy life with a Clown Heart,

In Closing,

This is my political satire of anti-political shit posting in which I just point out the abuse of Fascist and Authoritarian Government policies. I mean, it’s really retarded, and all of this needs to go away.

Or else, we’ll be riddled with some fucked up kids and generational trauma resulting in the collapse of mankind.

Which is more likely than this virus which has killed less than 00.1% of the global population. (do the math).


*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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