WTF is Enlightenment?

Warning, Some of you might actually reach enlightenment from reading this article. So, Like, pump the brakes.

Alright, enlightenment comes in many forms,

But the word, en-lighten. Is to light the spark of divinity within you. The Fire of passion. The power of creation. A part of the Genius Godhead thingy that is innately intrinsically within you and may or maynot permeate the entirety of this universe and multiple layers of multiverses.

This sort of thing is one form of Enlightenment (and is not valid for everyone).

Other forms of enlightenment include being able to tear down ‘walls’ that box our perceived reality. The things we believe in, for survival heuristics, things that are ingrained into our belief structures, those walls are merely guidelines that help to have us survive. Things like morals and laws, are technically just guidelines, or ‘suggestions’ to follow. But, uh, don’t ignore or neglect them without knowing the consequences, because breaking these ‘walls’ and ‘boxed’ meanings of hyperreality, without knowledge, is some ig-nant shit. Don’t be ig-nant, or it will be helluva alot more painful and more suffering for, like, everybody.

Some people call Enlightenment the God Consciousness or Christ Consciousness or Buddha state or Zen or *insert religious hypnogogic trance* thing. Well, it can be, but it also doesn’t have to be. I mean, you’re talking like peak of the mountain type shit. And if you know anything about climbing mountains, you know that the view is enjoyable at the top and that you might accidently have climbed a smaller mountain. Because, -apparently- no mountain is a mountain onto itself, just as no man is an island to themselves.

It’s like this;

-From the Manga, Vagabond
What I’m trying to convey, is that there are levels to this shit
this shit called enlightenment
And one peak is merely that, a single peak,
Compared to the vast peaks that exist on all sorts of scales

Well, some people climb the really tall mountains and die before reaching the top. That’s a ritualistic work to reach enlightenment. They most likely reincarnate and do it again, climbing the mountain, attempting to reach the peak through several lifetimes.

It’s awfully reminiscent of that level of hell or purgatory where many travelers are tasked with climbing up an infinite mountain. And no traveler can look back, or else the get (tele) ported and sent to the bottom of the mountain. Some wayward souls make campfires on this mountain and settle for small slice of the mountain side, above the sea of people. For the higher you climb in elevation, the lesser there are of people. Thus the sea of people lie at the bottom, those who give up, no longer seeking to climb.

I actually forgot what the mythos is called, it might be a vestige from my dimension. So, my bad if I shared my culture to this dimension. Lmao. I’m a Inter-dimensional uncultured swine, lmayo.

Anywho, the journey is sometimes more important. You know, ‘the means’ is more important than the ends.

-Samurai Jack

Well, at least sometimes. It is both the journey and the destination that matters, and for different reasons typically. But, whatever.

I, on the other hand, Like the western occultism of pouring jet fuel and receiving sudden sparks of lightening (in a bottle) that lights my world aflame. I somewhat prefer taking the bus up the mountain. Sure, make fun of me, I get to enjoy the view. You get to enjoy (or suffer) the journey.

Another form of enlightenment is,

The ability to be aware of your conscious living self beyond that of a sleeping thing. Like, you know, ‘waking up’ from this dream state reality that we call ‘life’. I mean, it’s real life, but also there are other forms of reality that are equal, lesser, and some even greater in ‘realness’ than this one. If you’re awake reading this, well imagine the ability to also be ‘awake’ when you sleep. That’s the next step, there are tiers and levels to ‘enlightenment’. Can you dream within a dream, and can you awake while awake?

Some people spend their whole lives slaving away in the work-work-work zug-zug Rihanna attitude of being boxed in by four shitty walls under bright fluorescent light draining their energy being promised the idea of ‘retirement’ or ‘awakenment’ from slaving away at the ritualistic work. I mean, that might ‘work’ for some people, but for the mass swath of people, it keeps them a cog to the machine.

The Whole “If you just continue to work hard, then maybe one day you’ll open your eyes too” type propaganda that some shitty boss feeds into you.

Well, you sort of have to face truth and not shy away from suffering to be enlightened to a degree, and you’d also have to avoid chasing things while also somehow being grounded. It’s a weird dance between desires.

You know, the lie is almost as bad as Religion being a scam to sell you more God when you can establish a teleological connection without religion. Yea.

But the point is,

A Candle flame, can light another candle.

You see,

How do Fires work?

Using the idea of chemical reactions and the current accepted knowledge in what we call the practice of ‘science’, we can break the idea of fire by defining some things.

Latent or potential energy.

So there is the potential energy that is stored, inactive, standby, and ready to use. In the Atomic theory that everything is made up of atoms with neutrons and protons. Some of those atoms bond with other atoms. These bond store latent or potential energy.

There are strong nuclear bonds between Neutrons and protons, and there are weaker but also potent bonds between entire molecules. These are called molecular bonds or Chemical bonds, and can be divided further into ionic or covalent and further and further divided to more specific types of bonds. Point is, atoms bond together and the bond itself stores energy.

When things are bonded together in a chemical union, they store latent or potential energy.

Kinetic energy.

When the bonds break, the stored energy is released into kinetic energy. A sort of moving and fiery force of irradiation, electrons, energy, or some other shit is released with a charge and some momentum. Just imagine really tiny explosions, that’s the kinetic energy coming from a bond breaking. Bond Explosions.

If Chemical bonds break, that creates some fire. A bunch of radiation and heat and other forms of kinetic energy moving outward from the broken bond. If a Nuclear Bond breaks, then a lot of energy gets released. We call this breaking of Nuclear Bonds, Nuclear Fission, you know, that World War 2 and Cold War type thing?

Thus fire is merely the radiative chaos emitting from disassociated order. Chaos from order. HMMMM, relevant picture of circles;

Something about order within
And something about chaos within

So when a Candle flame lights an unlit candle,

what actually is happening is the energy from the lit candle is being imparted and saturating and stressing the energy capacity of the unlit candle. Here is a shitty paint picture to help you see;

There is energy emitted from an enlightened candle
Fire go to Combustable thing
Lots and lots of heat energy go into the Bonds,

And that breaks the bonds which releases the more pent up energy stored within;

Eventually, there are enough bonds being broken in the unlit candle, that the unlit candle itself becomes lit enough to release enough energy to self-sustain itself and become super-critical. Meaning that the newly lit candle is enlightened enough to keep itself in perpetual state of enlightenment, or at least until the fuel runs out.

And so, the energy used to light up the second candle, that fire, actually comes from within the second candle. That energy came within it’s bonds.

There’s a reason why we call it enlightenment. Because a candle lights its own flame with the help and cumulation of external sources. Yet at the same time, just as radioactive decay exists, the candle doesn’t need external sources to light it’s own flame. Because all order decays, and we all have a half-life to decay as entropy takes it’s tax on our existence and scratches our ephemeral impermanence.


Flame comes with in. Enlightenment comes within.

Just look for the insight in side your self. See within, with-in your-self. Sight in sight, yourself. Insight.

Are these words clickety clacking in your head yet? Am I lighting the flame of enlightenment by having you realize the magic of words?

Because all learned things are connections of meaning within your own internal conscious-warp engine that you call your perspective or ‘reality’.

I mean, neuroscientifically, we’re just connecting a bunch of neural pathways and making neurons shake hands;

So, you get to the point of having a shit ton of neural handshakes causing a euphoric experience that ‘lightens’ up your brain like a Christmas tree.

It’s like this kiss scene from the movie Free Guy;

Where your code becomes lit up as fuck, and you start running parallel thoughts and tangentary things that ping pong back and forth into a mental gymnastic-acrobatics circle jerking. Almost like your neurons are doing a cosmic dance to connect new paths and ways of thinking never -well- thought up of before.

That’s why a bunch of philoso-cunts could imagine our brain being a brain in a jar, where our experiences are fed through us through a filtered perspective of what we call being ‘human’.

I mean, if you want to get there in a retardedly fast way, you could in theory, take a galloon of pcp, smoke a trashbag of weed, smoke pure Arab shisha with enough tobacco to kill an elephant, do 5g+ of shrooms or eat a ball of acid. But I’m not saying you should nor am I giving you the advice to resort to external alchemy of western pharmacopeia or anything.

There’s two cool ways to reach there, I’m sure there’s many more, but if you do a sensory deprivation or a sensory overload, you could reach a different form of enlightenment. But that gets tricky, so do your research.

You could meditate for hours or learn shit by reading shit posts through the internet like this one, or binge watch something and process the consumption of media and information.

Hell some people simulate there deaths and have their brain light up like an electric Christmas tree to see the turth of the other side. That’s some dangerous shit, but I guess, death and stuff.

There’s plenty of different pathways to reaching enlightenment, whatever.

The Real tricky thing with enlightenment, is to sustain that flame after being enlightened. That self-sustaining energy, or being ‘super-critical’.

In Closing;

This science is basically accurate and simplified. I know, because I know about the fire tetrahedron, I’ve fought fires, I know fire science, and I’m also qualified in thermodynamics as well as Power Plant applications to include Heat transfer, fluid flow, and even Steam Generation and Boiler operations.

Point is, I’m not selling you bad pussy when it comes to this ‘fire’-side chat, it’s just a cheap pussy if anything. Really simple stuff.

But the real point is to get you to understand enlightenment, being a sort of within yourself ability, whether you use that realization to enact change or keep on keepin’ on.

Whatever the point, that’s enlightenment for you. One of many stages of a scam.

If you learned literally anything in this article, by the virtue of you connecting the dots in your own mind, that is enlightening you. You learning or realizing something apparent and evident, is part of the ‘enlightenment process’. So I’ve enlightened you if you did learn something,

You’re welcome,

Obviously you’re not at the stage of buddha simply because you don’t think you are, but that’s also part of the problem, there’s many stages and levels to enlightenment, and I’d have to talk about immortality in a quantum perspective to help you reach some of the higher levels that I’ve barely begun to notice. Like, I sort of notice it just like the freckles on my dick.

“Huh, was that always there?”

Any hoot, it’s all a scam. There are No Safe Bets, not even on self-actualization or enlightenment.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


If you do reach enlightenment, don’t be a dick and try to enlighten the world. We don’t need a shit ton of light EVERYWHERE. It’s like being an arsonist, don’t be a fuck-twat and enlighten the world in a blaze of glory. There’s a sort of controlled measure to the universe, and there’s at least three different viewpoints on whether or not we should enlighten the world. So, get educated before you decide to pick a team you-slightly more evolved bonobo-you.

Like, let people sleep for fuck sakes. Some people just want to be mindless and drone on in a cog in the cosmic centipedal machine. A soul battery or like an NPC doing routine mindless chores like ‘living’ and ‘breathing’ and ‘paying taxes’. Like, let people sleep in.

You’re free to throw your friends a bone every once in a while (a hint), but it’s not about what ‘you’ want. So don’t go trying to enlighten the world. You’ll end up being blinded by the light and cause more harm than good. Trust me on this. Time and time again and again. Lmao.

The Measure Maketh the Man, and the results, and shit, or whatever. I stopped caring, this is a shit post, welcome to being enlightened by shit.

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