Why Atheism is a Scam

TLDR: Atheism is a scam

Alright infidel, I’m going to elaborate on why Atheism is a misnomer and is just scientism disguised as religion.

Atheism is a misnomer, it’s not a real thing

Well, ‘A-‘ in Atheist means ‘not’ and ‘theism’ means ‘believer’. Thus, le ‘non-believer’.

Atheists might not believe in a god or whatever, but they definitely believe that there is no god. That’s -like- their thing.

So they are a type of theists, a theist, atheist. Nice.

They just happen to believe the opposite of believers, but they still believe. Their world view is predicated on the BELIEF that there isn’t a god or nothing.

Why is it a belief?

Because there is no definitive proof against proving against the existence of God, for or against. At least, I haven’t’ seen any of that shit. I bet Atheists can’t definitively prove against solipsism thus monoism and panpsychism would be real. So, you know, blurred lines or whatever.

Anyways, there are three things that would succinctly explain why Atheism is a BELIEF, simply these three;

  1. Bounded Rationality
  2. Absence of Evidence is not the Evidence of Absence
  3. Bayesian Probability

If you’re not scientific or mathy enough to understand those three points, then you definitively jumped into the Kool-Aid with half a parachute and full faith, confidence, and fidelity into the unknown. If you know what these three points are and mean without needing me to explain, then you understand why I’m correct. It’s a catch 22.

So, I guess you’re not an infidel, because you technically have faith in the wrong thing. May Allah forgive you.

So, Bounded Rationality;

There are things you know.

Things you know you don’t know.

And things you don’t know you don’t know.

It’s kind of tangentially related to Johari’s window of psychology with a splash of Jean Piaget’s Zone of Proximal learning;

This thing

So, with that logic, you can only be rational in acting on the things you accept as true and real. You base your beliefs, actions, opinions, etc. on things you know and things you don’t know.

But you never know the things you don’t know you don’t know, until you come close to knowing them.

Thank you Morgan Freeman, who also played God

Learning more of the unknown unknown is like unlocking a secret level of neural pathways, you don’t know what you could possibly know, until you know something remotely related to the art of knowing it.

Welcome to knowing, knowledge, or gnosticism.

All of this means is, you’re probably wrong about everything.

I mean, how many times were you wrong about things? Atleast 99% of the time.

So if you believe there isn’t a god, you’re probably wrong. You just don’t know it yet.

Absence of Evidence

Is not the evidence of absence.

Science and the scientific method is determined through empirical evidence and something something, I forgot. Point is, science uses evidence.

This ties back to bounded rationality, just because we don’t have definitive evidence for or against something, doesn’t mean that it does or does not exist.

So, you are just archiving and collecting data points on why you believe in or against god(s) and thus your belief is predicated on partial information. Hence the Bounded Rationality.

Bayesian Probability

This is also another reason predicated on the last two reasons.

I’m not smart enough to explain it, but I am smart enough to link you to this video that explains it;

I gots a gewd edu-ma-cat-shun. Anyways, the point of Bayesian Probability is that it effects our perception and bias. May be shit examples, but it combines with our bounded rationality, absence of evidence, and whatever to think and believe that there IS or ISN’T a god.


So, It’s impossible currently to prove or disprove god. And the probability of there being a god in this universe, are beyond our estimations.

And I specify ‘this universe’ because there’s a lot more out there. Like a Fuck ton more. But, let’s focus back to our dust mote with a splash of water, Earth;

The harmful effects of too much Atheism

So we know now that Atheism is a misnomer, isn’t real, and is proselytized to people in order for people to convert and stray from institutional scams *cough* I mean, organized religion.

Yes, so all the stray lambs that lead into Atheism are jumping out of one scam and straight into another!

Lack of community. Ever heard of an Atheist Church? Well, they probably exist, and they’re probably losers. Because who the fuck wants to spread the idea of Atheism through religious modalities? That sounds as good as putting an upper decker in your new home that you plan on buying. Like, what the fuck man?

I mean, they probably charge money to help the cost of overhead as they fight ‘religion’ or whatever. Might as well start another Atheist Podcast and join the many other hobbyist atheists that talk shit about religion. Yup, smooth brains.

Without religion, generally speaking, there is a Lack of meaning and purpose, It’s hard to think there is any logotherapy for the world if you don’t believe in the Divine Logos even though you believe in Logic. . . Like, what the fuck. Did you not learn Pig Latin?

Logos, Logic, Logik, Lo-cock, it’s like there is some sort of connection between the feminine logos, male logos, and the divine logos. Almost like there’s this tri-force of logos. Fuck it, don’t learn Greek Either. Words are all made up, and are all a scam too, probably.

All of this Atheism non-believer stuff probably leads to teen suicides and other things because they couldn’t cope with existential dread. But the people controlling the science are atheists, and we can’t have fingers point to atheism as a bad thing now, can we?

Of course that’s all just made up conjecture that I just made up, but it certainly sounds good. Good enough for my aluminum foil hat wearing ass. Appeal to that logic, hah!

Scientism and the Nu-Age Papal

So, Academia has been corrupted by a bunch of self-egotistical-narcissistic money-starved post graduates that will turn a blind eye if given the right amount of incentive, which is usually money and accolades. Because a Legacy of being a Thomas Edison is still a Legacy. I mean, you know his name right? Proof right there.

Which is great (the corruption part).

However, Guys like Jeffrey Epstein could go out of the way and bribe or fund research deeply into these ‘academic’ institutions.

Now we have ‘peer reviewed’ church doctrines white papers by corrupt people who would claw at their chance to steal the limelight and narcissistically slap their name on any findings or discoveries. I mean, how many interns in history get any credit? Yea, that’s right.

All it takes is some gloated Theranos in some science position, and a white lie with false case studies, and they run with it. You convince some other people, get paid by some corporate interests, and now we have good old ‘doctored’ science. Maybe that’s why it’s called a ‘Doctorate’ degree, because it’s expert bullshiting.

Now we just have blind faith in Science, which is Scientism.

And you have a bunch of old people in graduated wizard robes (their graduation gowns) with a written writ of spells and bullshit circlejerk eachother to give you the ‘new science’.

Where is the lie tho?

I mean, let’s face it. COVID 19 was a prime example of no one knowing shit about fuck and also not using the scientific method to save lives.

We just resorted to lockdowns and Martial law, with increased suicide rates against a virus that has a >95% survival rate. And I’m being Very generously conservative with 95% survival rate, because the real number is somewhere around 98% but is contested and nit-picked.

See, they don’t even have the balls to call something False. They call it ‘partly false’. Like, what the fuck does that even mean. True or false, oh, you want to go with the in-between. Fucking Nits I tell ya.

Look, I can go on a large Glock-en Spiel with a Glock going Postal and shooting out metaphorical words on how big Covid was a botched scam, but that’s not the point. The point is, people died, mistakes were made, Fuck-it-and-find-out method for using ventilators killed people, and TRIPLE MASKING IS SELF EVIDENTLY RETARDED SCIENTISM.

If that’s not convincing enough, here is a skit from It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia;

So, Scientism.

Blind faith in Science.

Congratulations, we have gone full circle into not science through gate-keeping ‘critical thinking’ through ‘boards’ (interview by church members) disguised as a ‘license to think’ we call a ‘degree’ that’s hidden behind a pay-wall which escalates the student debt bubble. Because fuck you, remember?

And what’s also crazy and awesome, is that the high degrees of explored anomalies and quantum physics is actually rediscovering the tribal remedies and spiritualistic practices with documented science.

In other words, meditation, crystals, and astrology actually have scientific backing.

So. . .

There goes your world view.

How the Social order works;

As bluntly put;

“If God Did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him.”- Voltaire

You see, If god is simply an idea, then it is one of the most scientific case studies of human cultural societal anthropology and psychology. The point is, The Idea of God is very real, and that can be a tool used for many purposes.

So, The Fear of GOD was something that struck fear in many men. I mean, divine punishment sounds brutal as fuck. Dying is death, but eternal hell sounds way way worse. This was enough to hold society together in most places, because let’s be honest, Death and Taxes in the long run feel more like nuances than divine retribution.

And thus;

“God was the dream of good government”

And then some mfer invented atheism;

-Freddie Nietzche translated into OwO

And so, when we killed the idea of god, we also killed that idea of a Highly powerful patriarchal, dominance hierarchal, archon, sun-cultist worshipping pyramid scheme that was holding society together-ish like glue. While Deus vaulting mother fuckers.

Apostasy? Hell. Adultery? Hell. Lying, Hell.
Not believing you will go to hell?
You best believe or you go straight to hell.

Atleast with religion, we got our morals from a book. Without religion, well, we’re kind of fucked in my opinion.

We’ll see how we humans fair without the morality of binding back (religare) Deity’s to guide us.

As “The Death of God will be the start of True Morality” Which is a quote by some dead guy, I forgot.

Point is,

We’ll see how well our society holds up

So without God, we will reinvent god in the new form. Like how Marxism preaches for good government to save us. Or some other bullshit. Point is, when we no longer have GOD in our Harts and Mines, then we will have created a Post Modernist Power Gap which we will seek to fill that void. So we’ll throw things in that power gap and start worshipping it and idolizing it, like idk, maybe actual Ideologies? Like Trans rights, genetics, Climate change, etc.

You know, the other scams. Now we’ll fight and kill people because they offended our climate, or violated carbon tax, or insert other proxy reason backed by faux morals.

We would be no different from a Cargo Cult that read a good piece of ‘cargo’ or new doctrine. Like Marxist Doctrine, or whatever that Ted Krazinscky guy wrote. You see, now we have new fragmented book clubs that exalt the works of dead men into a new apotheosized religious dogmatic belief system.

I mean, just look at the ‘Culture War’ and Social Justice Warrior. I wouldn’t be surprised if the word slogans and Critical Race Theory became the new Gods. Because mfers worship them as if there aren’t real obvious critical faults within.

Point is, without god, we will invent a new god, and then we become retarded once again. The cycle is complete. Welcome to the Loop, Strange Loop, the Revolution, the Revolving door of shitty ideas.

Hence Atheism being a scam, just another tier in a ladder of scams called ‘religious dogma’.

I mean, to deny the influence of Christianity, it’s denominations, and the strength and proliferation of the bible in culture is retarded. Don’t be a retard.

Everything in society (and life) is a hierarchy of pyramid schemes. That’s what Post Modern thinkers think, and I think I like the way they think, some times. So, everything is a pyramid scheme;

I’d explain this pyramid, but I made it in ten seconds, so It probably means nothing and you should ignore it. I know I will.

The best thing you can do is be ignorant, because ignorance is bliss.

Yes, I’ve studied about the front and back of some old scriptures to come to this conclusion. And by old scriptures, I mean a 1970’s national geographic magazine. It was all they had at the dental office, so I had to get a brain fap in there with all sorts of caverns, caves, and holes in the natural landscape of Mother Nature.

Enlightening orgasm.

I mean, what is an orgasm but a whole bunch of neural handshakes? See, learning stuff connects neural pathways and is akin to a mini-gasm, so learning a lot of stuff ‘fires’ your brain up and ‘lights’ your world. Enlightenment. Ta-da.

In Closing

Does god exist?

Who TF knows.

Santa doesn’t, but we still have the NSA as a very real thing that checks it’s list twice. So, in a way, Santa exists, as the sort of story euphemism or NSA-lite, or the CCP or whatever Govy organization that scrolls through your cringe-tok videos.

Atheism is a scam, but don’t get me wrong, religion is a scam too.

I mean, the holy crusades, Mega Churches, the Spanish inquisition, The Lavender Mafia, the Holy war that’s lasted for 500+ years and is still fucking up the Gaza Strip, and don’t forget how they did my Girl Joan d’ Arc. They played her dirty my dood.

Everything is a scam,

And I’m a firm believer of that in my new religiously anti-religion path/perspective called Scammalism®

How do we avoid the scam of religion and Atheism?

Simple, we choose to be agnostic, to be not knowing, and just move on with our fucking lives.

Because ignorance is the real MVP, and definitely not a scam, but also attributed as the true evil and root of suffering. But That’s from disgruntled spiritual people, I, on the other hand, am a spiritual disgruntled person, much different, so just go ahead and embrace ignorance.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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