Scientism, the Nouveau-Age Papal

Alright you future Degen-you, let me endarken your world into a new found glory of idiocracy.

If you are not willing to take the Sisyphean task of intellectual mindfulness and navigate through the horrors and suffering of the world, then you should ignore this article in it’s entirety. But don’t worry, if you think you’re ready and try to read this only to reject the entirety of the article because you weren’t ready, then that’s okay too. It just helps to prove to yourself, and to me, that you were retarded.

Yes, I’m here to siege the gates of ‘Science’ to prove that it draws too many parallels with scams to be blindly trusted as ‘facts’. Basically I’m saying that Science is a religion, and if you know me by now, then you know religions are scams. So Science is a Scam.

So, it’s a bit of a stretch, but I’ll throw in some dank memes to keep you entertained until you stop saying ‘Are we there yet?’ or else I’ll go Ice Cube on a muth-.


Let us begin with Thoughts and Prayers,

Thoughts are things we think up with words or images that we can then devote our time to. The more thoughts we have, the more they build into something. We can get thoughts from some infinite darkness in our mind, or we can get thoughts from our observable realities ‘outside’ of our mind.

There is a certain type of thought called ‘Ideas’ and these are the building blocks to create new futures or manifest new realities. As we take a good idea and implement them, we can get success or failures.

In a way, a thought can be a plan or an idea, and all thoughts are are tiny prayers. A tiny prayer devoting towards a goal or future potentiality. Thus thoughts are prayers.

Prayers can pray to a certain future, miracle, blessing, grace, or towards a god. Thought can build into things like food, survival, innovation, technology, Artificial intelligence, a singularity event, and also towards a god or godhood. So, thoughts and prayers are near synonyms.

What is an assumption if not Faith?

Science is based on peer-reviewed and accredited proof-of-work in empirical evidence and/or methodology. In order to build the belief of a truth in methodology, you must first derive facts that you can hold true to build a foundation for the relative framework to establish a perspective to theorize possibilities of a scientific nature.

So you need to presuppose certain things to be true in order to use a specific framework. Which means you have to assume that certain things are true to work in this framework.

Which means you have to hit the ‘I believe’ Button.

I believe that the world is Round, I believe in the theory of Gravity, I believe in Physics, I believe in this material world, etc.

You have to basically presuppose, believe, or assume that certain truths are facts.

Which becomes a bit of a slippery slope for those who have little time for discerning truth, nor should they, because then we’ll just get in some debate about some retarded epistemological subject. And ain’t nobody got time for that.

Are you upset?
Are you Gnostic? or Proof-of-Worker?
Or a dweeb? Ha, have at ye!

And what is an assumption if not a leap of faith? To believe? What, you really think that the Earth is Flat? That the Earth is Round? That the Earth is Hollow? That the Earth even exists?

The truth is actually all of the above,
But I won’t really explain it to your Hyperreality 3-Dimensional Ass
You 2D paper plane goon

Eventually we get to the point of believing and presupposing actual CONCLUSIONs of science. You know, don’t believe in the base presuppositions or the foundational literature to construct a world view to see the probabilistic rationale of a specific theory being true. Instead, just treat the hypothesis as FACT and the theory as LAW. LMAO, caps, hahahaa. Anyways, we’ve ended up reading only headlines and spreading pre-cum Science as PROVEN through our social media machines resulting in a bunch of great (mis)information being spread;

So, we just blatantly ‘TRUST THE SCIENCE’ and preach retarded rhetoric;

So when people say “Trust the Science” I put on my Bull-Shit-Distortion lens and see the truth;

Which goes against many actual profound thinkers that had to revolutionize the game we call ‘science’ only to allow liberal arts post-modernists to debate semantics and rhetoric, like a shit artist that paints with their Dick, because that’s how to spell ‘Fuck You’ in Post-Modern Mushroom Stamp-style-font. (To be fair, I agreely disagree in the same line and thinking of post-modernists, mainly because I too have no idea what I’m talking about when Post Modernists Say things in a Post Truth Age. So we’re both retarded is the conclusion).

-A Real Scientist

But for whatever retarded reason, questioning science is against the Papacy and is witch craft or some other form of denigrating other people’s path of spiritual progress through outdated name calling and euphemisms as if witchcraft and the other spiritual divinity practices were entirely made up and have no reason or bounds of patternicity with the synchronicities of the world. As if these arts and practices have no basis whatsoever grounded in reality. Meaning that every other practice of magic is outlawed and false because Science Magic is the only Magic allowed.

Yea, Science. Big brain. No Think-y.

Here is a great Comedic Skit that is almost required learning to unlearn the retardation of science taken at prejudicial or face value (It’s always sunny in Philadelphia);

The Take away from this section is that Science is then an act of faith and hinged on belief.

The Wizard Robes;

So, I have an Article on Atheism which I will now be taking excerpts from. This post;

Here is an extra source for that Theranos Doctored science;

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-79.png

I mean, what is a Degree if not some magic piece of paper giving you the authority to Think? A License to Think granted based on a ring of academic Church-institutions in organized Religion spreading a weave of indoctrination in force-fed lies. Yea, so a Degree is basically an endorsement from the church, and make sure that church is ‘accredited too’; all before you end up going to a minimum wage job or further your indebtedness in hopes of better prospects after furthering more credential degrees like a Ph.D. or some other pyramid of scam hierarchy.

Speaking of Peer-reviewed;

Science has to be ‘peer-reviewed’. Ideally science has to have an arduous amount of proof-of-work and to be able to empirically be proven to show a reasonable degree of correlation and/or causation to make a statement that relates to the correlation and/or causation.

Which means it has to prove itself in a gauntlet of other Science Circle Jerk quacks,

Some quacks of which, honestly believe in the lies and the fabricated reality through obtaining their indoctrination doctorate going through brainwash academy of enslaving the mind in ‘liberal arts’, so liberating and so enlightening, lmao.

And the other quacks of which who are just trying their best to understand the world, but get called clowns because of their colleagues,

And of course, the money starved and fame-seeking greed in the Hearts of all Men and Women that pick up the Sciences to prove themselves or lead a legacy of having some sort of backing or some shit. Because everyone wants to be the innovative success story, rich and famous in making progress for humanity and making it a better place.

You end of getting some shit political club of the ‘peer reviewed’ circle where you politically approve some papers to get your papers approved, it’s like passing laws and policy, but with a bunch of people who are looking for confirmation bias. Like there is DEFINITELY Quid-Pro-Quo for sex, money, or power in the approval of science and thesis.

That’s a fact.

To what degree?

that’s a better question.

Also consider the implications of using Statistics to lie and make absurd assumptions. There are many quotes when it comes to statistics and lying with statistics, here are some examples;

“How to lie with statistics”

“There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics.”
― Benjamin Disraeli

“statistics don’t lie, but liars love statistics”

“Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.”
― Mark Twain

Go study some Bayesian probability and you’ll understand that statistics are useless, or can develop a model, which will either turn to shit, or turn out accurate. All hinged on unknown factors and variables. So, yea, shit.

-Me when you present your findings

Also, statistics are a temporal indicator of past events, and are not exactly indicative of future events.

If you think you know more about statistics than me,
go ahead and gamble in the stock market
and become a millionaire quant.
What’s that, you won’t?

Put your money where your mouth is, and bet on it
or simply don’t think you’re bet-ter than me in stats.

Science is bastardized,

Science is bastardized because of politics and political agendas providing confirmation BIAS which invalidates the proof-work of the empiricism of the Science itself.

So, uh; Politicization,

I mean, did you not see the politicization of Faith?

The Diplomatic-Geriatrics that sacred old people parlay in?

Why Do you think China wants their Dalai Llama to be recognized?

Why Do you think Tibet wants to keep their Dalai Llama?

Why is The (insert religion) so hell bent on Geo-political ‘Holy’ land grabs?

Here’s a random quote from some random guy on the internet, that I thought relevant,

-It’s not just government
But also Corporations

Here’s a question before we go off;

I know the answer
It’s all about Happy Endings for other academics
Because Science is a circle jerk of citations and hand jobs

Here is an example of politics and political agendas praising a botched study simply because it confirmed their biases or world view;

Quite the interesting implications of the scientific community at large if a portion of the sciences could be adulterated as such;

Basically, they made a Hoax study, got passed, got praised, and won several awards for their study that would’ve been obvious as a load of horse shit, but because everyone was smug, closing their eyes, and smelling their farts, this study got passed and praised.

All through Blind Faith in Scientism and Political Ideologues.

And sure, you might say ‘Not all Science is Social Science’ yea okay, hold on to your legacy world views, I’m going to destroy them. lmao.

Also, if you practice science

And it goes against political doctrine (or agenda), you become accused of a hate crime and are subject to the Laws of the Land;

You don’t have to be a scientist or a religious fanatic to understand that a group of migrant people with different cultures would clash with another group of people with different cultures. I personally believe the European Union is retarded, but that’s like, my opinion. And if you’re curious how that all relates, then you should brush up more on Euro Politics and ‘open-borders’ and migration.

I guess that’s what you get for going against the Science Papacy and practicing Science Witch Craft all Un-sanctioned like;

Should of had your license, now you’re labeled a Witch. (Originally colleges and doctoral titles were meant to disenfranchise women and feminine practitioners in the labor force, thereby enslaving their ability in societal roles. But that’s a huge blurb of medieval history that I’m not going to cover. All I’m saying is, we’re doing the same shit today with different words.)

Also, there could be a great debate on ‘citizen science’ and its useful efficacy that Undoubtably goes against the narrative of the Powers that be. Because random guy doing random unsanctioned science, is bad for society, because -reasons- and politics.

I mean, Just look at red-neck engineering or the Nuclear Boy Scout, turns out, You don’t need a degree to practice unsafe Science. As long as it pragmatically works, and is refined to be safer, what’s the issue? What, is it too powerful in the hands of average citizenry? Lmao.

Let’s talk about chocolate for a little;

See some person in 2015 spread lies via science to prove that Main Stream Media sources would spread misinformation. Turns out, Journalists don’t actually pour through the science beyond the title and (big maybe) the abstract.

It also turns out, people don’t read beyond the title. So this scam/hoax provided a key turning point to liars. It was that the biggest lie with a degree of desire to being true, is easy for others to put faith in. Because it’s easier to believe in things we want to be true. Meaning that we had a new age of blatant lies in Media headlines, but that’s getting off topic.


Don’t worry, the public at large since 2015, have been peddling more and more rhetoric to increase Chocolate Sales for greedy BIG CHOCOLATE;

-Enjoy the decay of the world through your lies
How now, brown cow? Chocolate fool of a heffer we suffer
Lest we best our foolish selves, to indulge in chocolates
and I’m a little drunk, nice.

The bigger take away is that there is a monetary incentive to peddle ‘good news’ more than ‘real science’. We want ‘good science’ that sells, hence the pay-for-play publications and journals that failed to do their due diligence;

So a publication failed to carry out a peer review of the findings. Interesting, it’s like they only cared about the money they get from publishing it and selling distributions and citations. Interesting.

If one publication is corrupt or inept, wouldn’t that imply that the other publication and journals are also susceptible to being twats peddling fake science?

Science is not immune to Corruption,

I love corruption, and as a lover of contempt, I must say, Science is one of those darn things that are easily wielded as false light that shines brightly enough to darken and blind those that self-fatuat their own ‘brightness’.

What a dull light bulb these ‘smart’ people are.

You’re telling me that all these Scientists that have student loan debts and grovel for Research Grants living in a money starved environment won’t skew their R-Values to the first god that grants them a Cash-Windfall and rain money upon their cashless drought lives?

Well, that’s funny, because I know a think or two about Corporations and Corruption.

Corporations literally hire a bunch of economists and other scientists to publish research that positively impacts their bottom line. If it negatively impacts their profit potential, then the corporations hide the studies so they never see light of day, and they ask for different research projects. You know, anything to help skew the data in their favor. The Corporations can do this, because they fund the research, and they have Non-Disclosure-Agreements and ownership of the research, basically.

Hell, the Economist Michael Hudson even talked about his research into Oil Money Laundering that got tabled, and that talk is public on youtube.

Remember how a bunch of Physicians/Doctors got shilled into saying Tobacco is great and the research doesn’t prove cancer?

Maybe the accountants were the liars here,
But aren’t Accountants degreed people from Academia?
So people with degrees are lying?
Oh no, not the priesthood!

Weird how Science disprove itself. So you’re telling me science is taken at face value, but can be wrong, and taken again at face value?

So we’re going to mistaken disenchantment for Truth?
Believing in the Next Lie as the first Truth?
Doesn’t that sound -uh- Retarded?

So we’re paying people to create fake science to prevent real science?

It’s not like we kept doing that? Right?

It’s not like they sold cigarettes as medicine itself?

Well, I guess we gotta smoke the peace pipe

Yea, okay, what about the Doctors that peddled research in support of Opioid use and dependency resulting in the recent and ongoing Opioid pandemic that we’re ignoring? oh yea, those Doctors were bought out and paid by Pig Pharma. Read more about it here.

Here’s some other article saying the same thing but with more links and more credibility, simply because they’re not me. Thus I point outwards again to show you what is the insight inwards in to in-lighten and enlighten you and I want to keep in intuitively innate intuition to use the word ‘in’ a lot for no reason at all. Here is the article;

The other cool thing about funding research is that you can patent any future technologies and even ideas of shit not yet invented. So there is a large monetary incentive to invent shit that doesn’t exist and profit from it before anyone makes the thing that could arguably revolutionize civilization, thereby preventing it’s commercial use without getting ‘Kiss the ring’ type approval from our corporate oligarchs. Yummy, that sounds like a fantastic world we are living in.

has some killer pic/memes

Science is politicized and used for ulterior motives to include money, and that’s not even up for debate.

Just a Cash Grab for survival

You know what else was politicized and used for ulterior motive in the name of Science? But instead of Science, it was god? That’s right, Religion!

Here’s an article by Vox detailing the headlines of 7 problems of Science;

The seven reasons were;

  1. Academia has a huge money problem.
  2. Too many studies are poorly designed. Blame bad incentives.
  3. Replicating results is crucial. But Scientists rarely do it.
  4. Peer review is broken
  5. Too much science is locked behind paywalls
  6. Science is poorly communicated to the public
  7. Life as a young academic is incredibly stressful

All of those above reasons points to the bastardization of science, the discredibility of ‘peer review’ and proof of work for a majority of things. On top of people not wanting to live and die in the shadows of the Head Scientists, there’s’ plenty of people just looking to sabotage or find ways to make money from their research.

It’s honestly a big problem and it stems in part from Moral Degradation which stems from a lack of bare necessities such as time, shelter, money, emotional health, and mental sanity.

Before I found the Vox article, I also agreed heavily with part 5. Too much of science is opaque and locked behind paywalls and tolls creating a really shit system preventing peer review and even branching off of other people’s works.

The Same Science that is blocked behind a paywall;

It’s a research article of research articles being locked behind a paywall
While itself is being locked behind a paywall
Is this Irony not Divine?

Yes, you have to read the data and ‘poor’ through it yourself, but for you to do that, you have to spend money to access the money funded program. All of which actually fucks over most of the scientists that write the research papers, in general, 0% of the proceeds goes to the author, everything goes to the journal.

I mean, Publishing companies and record labels are scams, you think Publishing Companies for Academia wouldn’t be a multi-marketed pyramid scheme?

So if you’re poor, then you become scientifically illiterate. And if you’re sucking dick for some grant money to practice Nu-Age Alchemy, then you’re poor. So the Scientists that are underfunded are Scientifically illiterate because they’re financially disabled by a paywall that prevents them from getting research of up to date shit (unless they work around by building social connections and networking).

You know, there’s almost a parallel between the Church and blocking literacy rates from reading the actual word of god. Hmm, Reading the modern Science, and discerning truth. . . Reading the word of a God and discerning faith. . . Hmmmmmmm.

Martin Luther kind of an early version of Sci-Hub if we were to draw parallels with questioning God and Science as authority figures through the accessibility of Literature.

-It might not be a 1 for 1 parallel,
But the Allegorical values deep within are very similar,
Similar enough for me to make my point.

SciHub and Libgen and Zlib, and other free research libraries are helping enlighten a new age of people to learn and understand science. Well, if the data checks out, that is.

Scientific literacy is equivocal to literacy of the darker ages. The Critical thinking faculties is more important than the actual data, for false data or bad data is akin to sin. And Sin relates to the canaanite word for ‘missing’ or ‘off the mark’ meaning that it is not ‘true’. True sight or true aim is to be succinct and exact, to hold the truth and be real. So a Sin is that of a falsehood.

And the Circus Science Papal is ushering new Falsehoods as of late, but they’ve always had since Science was originally invented.

Of course, we can’t forget about the Hacktivist Aaron Swartz that got suicided for helping to publicize a lot of research for free.

You know, unlike the Cathedral of Religion, Science doesn’t pretend to have morals.

An Academic Terrorist,
Because he threatened incentivization structures of the Nu-Age Papal

I want you to know, joking aside, there are a lot of powerful people that use the bludgeon of Science as a weapon. And they do not take kindly to things that mock them or threaten the status quo.

There are prestigious connections and wealthy money that trickle through these institutions. I mean, what would happen to a poor fool that besmirch or vandalize the Sistine Chapel or the Kaaba? That person would get fucking suicided, if not downright smitten by religious fanatical Zealots.

Anyways, back to publishers and shit;

The Journals and Publishers are in on it,

It’s a pay-for-play scam and the one’s collecting money are the Publishers and Journals peddling pet theories and science to other scientists. So a chronological reporting and peer reviewed journal is what makes something ‘official’. In the realm of academics, it’s a notable step in the right direction, even a land mark of sorts, to be able to be an acclaimed ‘published’ Scientist.

It’s sort of a big deal in their cult papacy.

I mean, all of my shit-posts are published online,
so I’m technically published, lmao.
But I digress.

However, most of the scientists have to pay the publishers fees and such to even get their papers published, then they sell the rights of their paper to make an exclusive publishing deal, and they do so at cost.

Because it’s a big deal for scientists eager for funding to have published work, to further build credentials about their work to further secure funding, it’s a visciuos cycle.

The Publisher is like a shitty music-record label that makes money from citations, viewership, and even the authors of the papers they publish. It’s a Golden handcuff scam.

And all of this is stressed by the “Publish or Perish” model of things,

Of course, if you know people, you might be able to get some research papers;

The Tweet itself has a thread on Paywalls and how to bypass em’

You can go and try to contact researchers, but they’re probably sucking dick to get research papers of their own. Busy people and all, when you’re “practicing science“, just a fancy way to say ‘hanky panky’.

This is anyone trying to actually be educated,
-or indoctrinated in Science,
depending on your view of Science

(But for real, a lot of these Scientists actually want people to read their work. They just want their work out there to get cited and to collaborate with more interested people. Simply because these scientists actually love and find their field fascinating. But also largely because their is a legacy to be had in influencing great works and making landmark achievements in any scientific pathos, or field of study. So a good chunk of these Scientists are good people, like any good Religious follower that practices worship to a sun-cult-Patriarchal type god, or a venerable Lunar Matriarchal type god. Go ahead, slide into those DMs)

Look, word of advice for Apostolic Apostacy

I get it, you question your faith in Religion or Science or God or Science or Mythos or Science. Just, uh,

Don’t mistake Disenchantment for truth

Just because you heard the second fast fact doesn’t mean that it is true.

The Second Lie isn’t the First Truth. It’s just the fastest lie, typically.

I’m reiterating here if you paid attention earlier, Point is,

We have Weaponized Science,

Besides the use of scientific weapons and tools to revolutionize our wars, we have turned Science into policies that have in turn created a political weapon. A sort of Cassus Belli to impart and shun non-Science believers.

Much like religious dogma going on Crusades crying out ‘Deus Vult’, or ‘God’s Will’,

-God Willed that I steal this meme

Science and the idea of ‘critical thinking’ has been stripped from people who a majority have lost the will to care through bombardment of retarded newsfeed of shit and fear porn to get clickbait ratings. All at the cost of our mental resiliency.

Now it’s blind faith in science, just Trust the Science, people say. No one has the time to discern truth, for we are not well equip or able to run the tests and lab results ourselves, nor are we even allowed to ask questions to anyone, not to the scientists, not to the politicians who practice this form of auspices.

Anyone who is a non-believer should be ‘stripped of their humanity’ as many radical retards on the internet espouse. So much so that the Academic institutions might actually be the ones driving such a ‘grass roots’ sentiment of retardation. Before we know it, we’ll have licenses to parenting based on social sciences, vaccine passports, and other retarded licensure to give more monies and power to the government through the writ of spells in a ‘formal or official’ circle of magic, all backed by ‘science’.

Pseudo Science is the New Heresy

If someone is practicing rational thought with a different world view that is new and not as rooted, grounded, or fully structured to the same degree as the current models building off of our thousand or so years of science, then the answer is simple,

Call these people a Quack and a Pseudoscientist, it’s obvious that these guys are practicing double-think and definitely Wrong-Think. How dare they threaten the feeble institutions of ever-changing rationalities with mis-information that does not yet have an adequate explanation to reconcile with our fabricated-meta-narrative truth that we Christened and call Theory and ‘Law’.

So what if their model makes sense building a new narrative if you refute old models and try to make it work, just ignore all of that! Definitely don’t entertain any of their pseudo-jargon and give it the same breadth of thousands of years to develop and conflict against the one true fundamental theory of Science. INFALLIBLE, there is no such thing as conflicting truths, and every lesser Science is a Demi-God and a Pseudo-Science to the one true God, I mean Science, completely detached from the theory of our rational mind. We must label it as False, a Pretender-Science, much like those false deities and False-Pantocrators.

It’s all pseudo science, EVEN if some of these conflicting ‘Sciences’ have a degree behind their findings and are Nobel Prize Laureates in Science.

Like that guy who discovered water memory and wrote much about it, Luc Montagnier. Yea, just deny and deny and deny his work with shame and reduced funding while blocking publications from picking up his stuff. You know, things that Organized Religion and Politics would have you do.

Meanwhile that one Geologist (related link) that got things right for a bunch of scientific breakthroughs that he did which went against the entire narrative of modern geology? Yea, that guy that provided a valid thesis and was ridiculed and limitedly funded while creating scientific breakthroughs after breakthroughs? Yea, the same guy that died AND THEN had his science validated post-humously?

What a wild thing there, it’s almost like the entire scientific community was blind and Fucking-Wrong As Fuck. Lmao, poor soul was spitting truth and died alone. Shame, really.

What I’m saying is, What the fuck is pseudo science even? That’s just some ambiguous name to debunk or add a spice of derision to any thought or theory that goes contrarian to politicized narratives.

And it’s never good enough for the Nu-Age Papacy

Now to Re-Cap-itulate

Let’s recap what we’ve discussed so far,

This is the succinct definition of science that I am tackling;

“Science is based on peer-reviewed and accredited proof-of-work in empirical evidence and/or methodology”

And through the above passage we have proven with a reasonable degree of uncertainty that;

-Science Accreditation is a ritual of indoctrinated “I believe” button of previous works called ‘Higher education’
-Peer review doesn’t always happen
-Proof of work doesn’t always happen
-Empirical evidence and methodology is not replicable to the people at large, commoners
-The findings from Empirical evidence and methodology is locked behind a paywall
-A paywall locked from both Scientists and the commoners
-A paywall that is also artificially accepted, and can politically disincentive certain findings
-Making Science a form of truth that can act as a weapon for policies and edicts
-Ushering an age of Blind Science Literacy, accepting things at titles and Abstracts
-Not actually doing the proof of work or peer review of the data to validate the findings,
-Resulting in Journalists publishing shit science
-Resulting in people having blind faith in science
-Simply because they don’t have time or money to discern Epistemology
-All of the above results in Blind Faith in ‘Science’

So Science is arguable dead because of all of the above being true as fuck. Or more so-

Basically Science is,

Religion with extra steps,

-You can’t prove me wrong
Empirically, you can’t, I win, hahahaha

Science is supposed to be a process, a ‘practice’, much like medicine, law,

We’ve somehow perverted Science into a Blind Dogma of non-critical faculties.

Not all science is bad, but the question in the Post Truth Age is,

How do we discern Truth?
How do we discern good science from bad science?
What is the path forward from the corrigibility of man and these corrupt science?
What can we salvage, what can we save?

But also, I’m just a shit poster, so don’t take anything I say with any sort of consideration. It’s all a meme.

To Go further,

Science is the Cultural Appropriation of Religion

You know how the Roman Empire would go on an imperial conquest and adopt other gods and demi gods into their pantheon? They would literally invade neighboring countries and islands, see that they worshipped a god that was slightly different, then added that god into their polytheistic pantheon.

Well, Science does this to Religion in terms of explaining the world around them.

It’s like if I was a shit Guru and I took a whole bunch of Financial courses and get rich quick motivational quackery, then compiled it and sold it to you in installments (for money of course). Each new insight would be blocked behind a timed paywall and released in bits and pieces to keep you engaged like a Saturday Cartoon back when Saturday Cartoons were a thing.

It’s like if someone created a Game and then I just copy-pasta that game, and sold you the Game in DLC chunks. That Game is Life.

Like for instance, Many Many Religions talk of human beings as beings of light and energy.

String theory posits that we’re all a bunch of tangled up energetic string.

Quantum theory posits that we’re all a bunch of packets of light (or energy) called ‘quanta’.

It’s literally the same thing, but with a different perspective,

Source where I appropriated the cultural meme
Also, I spelled things wrong, I know
That’s the shit quality you deserve.

For another instance or example, monks have known that there is a sort of different in energy that unlocks different perceptions of reality. They come to aware that light and darkness affects our ability to develop this yin and yang energy. They also know that our organs are vital in providing this sort of energy and also thinking. It’s more than just a ‘gut feeling’, for your liver and your heart have different roles and say different things.

Turns out, Science calls all this ‘Energy’ Serotonin and Melatonin, to which we use light and darkness to convert between the two. If we Deprive ourselves of light, we convert stored Serotonin into Melatonin and it gets some trippy effects, or you could be like me, A Quack Alchemist, and just drink Nyquil and stay up. All. Day.

Any ways, we also have science that says our organs actually have nerve clusters and can sort of ‘think’ on their own, or at least develop signals that can greatly impact our decision making. To further this, the idea of physiology and the interconnections of our organ and the chemicals that cross the blood brain barrier, I would go as far as to say many people have found different connections to it all.

I mean, when we neglect an organ, is it wrong for the organ to reject the body? Is that not what Cancer is telling us?

Some Smoker: “Lmao I’m gonna smoke a shit ton of cigarettes”

Lungs: “Bro stop, I can’t keep up”

Some Smoker: “lmao, no”

Lungs: “. . . Fuck it”


Some Smoker: “Fuck man, I can’t afford this”

Lungs: *Laughs while Taking Down the Ship*

The above was obviously a joke, but it’s anecdotal, which creates a sort of myth, and when solidified it becomes a religion of sorts. There ya go, good luck deciphering all of this shit spergery in a few hundred years if humans are around or if this website lasts.

So Science rediscovers what the Ancient Traditions and Religions have always said, Science just use different words and paints things in their own world view to sell to their viewership, and all of this is Cultural Appropriation of Religion;

Which, I mean, Religion is the Cultural Appropriation of Mythos;

What I’m saying is, all new mythologies and methodologies solidify themselves and rediscover what others have already discovered. Like you really think you’re the first person to have ‘That Good Idea’ or ‘thought’ or the first person to ‘say something bold’. I have plenty of good ideas on creation of random shit like plasma reactors and other things, but like the guy who created the foon (Fork + Spoon, Like a Spork but not), I like millions of other disenfranchised idea tinkerers will mostly die with our dreams and ideations trapped and entombed in a prison called our skull.


It’s almost like there’s nothing truly new, it’s just ‘new’ to us. Our problems are not new, and our solutions often rhyme throughout time. We make the same cool and neat mistakes over and over again on this karmic recycling wheel of life.

AAAAAaaand that’s how the Science scam works, teach you something you didn’t know about yourself or the universe that has pragmatic applications, and now you’re hooked to the Religious modality, whether that modality is Science, Religion, Spiritualism, or whatever.

Speaking of Religions and god,

Without a God, we would do well to reinvent him

Albeit, science does not directly disprove God or anything. It’s just that a lot of Science Worshippers worship Science as a religion, thereby circumventing the traditional ideas of God in other religions. Because, Religions typically don’t mesh in followers, but somehow say and repeat the same shit.

We are retarded beings that like attaching ourselves to meaning structures and meta narratives, for better or worse.

That being said, if we were to kill god and a reference point for ontological epistemic knowledge, you know, something to bind our back to (religare hence ‘religion’) then we would undoubtably see god in all things outside of God itself.

We would worship bank accounts, Governments, Science, etc. as the new gods, simply because we’re retarded.

Hence the Rise of Cult Stock and Cult Coin worshippers, from GME apes to ButtCoin investors;

May the tendies grace your palms,

I mean, there are some real harsh critiques on Buttcoin;

“Fanatic Quasi-Religious movement”

But hey, it’s made some people a lot of money, and also lost people a lot of money. Lmayo.

We Should

Return to ritualistic practices of Divine Spirituality and usher a new age of Darkness for the Greater Good,

Because based on the above line of logic, I must say that Magic is better than science,

That’s because science tries to explain things, where magic doesn’t even have to try explaining anything at all.

Some would even say, Science is the least understood of the world’s magicks.

Science is like reading code of the universe, who the fuck tries to find out the ‘source code’ of life? What is this, DNA?

Magic is the eldritch block chain tech that just exists for a cosmological horror reason. Trying to understand it methodologically only drives you to the brink of madness, Ask me how I know.

But also, the Authoritative structures of the Light-Sun-Cult patriarchy is due for a corrective Pluto’s Return for a Lunar age of chaos and freedom replacing Constructs with Nature. . . But that’s if you place your bets on Tea Leaves. lmao.

Before we close,

Here is a short thought bubble to also state that science is a Scam, by equating Science to that of religion;

Science is politicized

We know that politics can become dogmatic among a devout following that toe party lines

We can easily and reasonably conclude that if politics is dogmatic, then the pollicization of science has allowed science to be dogmatic in it of itself (see reading above)

Thus, with dogma and authority figures set in faith and belief, come a religion.

Thus science is a religion.

And Religions are scams to sell you more god.

Because “Deus Vult” in Science is called “For Science”
Why are you exterminating lab rats and harvesting their organs? “For Science” or “Because God will’s it”?

In Closing,

Is Science useful? Yes, absolutely, it has it’s uses, weaponized or not. Religion too has it’s uses too, and so does spiritualism and shamanism. Also, Scammalism has it’s uses. You have to be able to discern what you need and want from the ability to entertain a theory or belief, the world is not as material as we make it out to be, but there are degrees of pragmaticism and whatnot to help achieve goals of varying abstract nature. Science and Religion, and all the other ideas, are tools in which we can use to help achieve our goals or whatever the end-goal is or whatever.

For all the soy-boy warriors thinking that Science is the ‘best we have’ as a technology or methodology, go ahead and do something with your life. Like experience the many realms of this world and practice many different experiences. Stop being a virgin Science teet-sucker, and start being a Chad Life experiencer. You just need more mystical irreconcilable experiences of cosmic natures and then you’ll learn that we know a lot less than you thought we did. And hopefully you’ll integrate science with the other ritual modalities for epistemologically discerning truth and ontological decision making.

The Whole Point of Science is to question things with empirical methods, the sort of devil’s advocate while inquisitioning the Life and World around us, A methodology.

So people telling you to not question the science is being retarded.

If you’ve really paid attention to ‘post modern’ theory and know a thing or two about the discussion of the ‘post truth Age’, then this is all par for the course in our information age.

Just another cycle, like a wave that ebbs and flows, we are once again dismantling authoritarian structures of Fascist-like and Draconian-Make. . . To assemble new Authoritarian structures of Fascist-like and Draconian-Make. Lmao. Life; a r-evolving thing.

Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future, we have New Chartered Laws that ‘Separate Science and State’ just like ‘Separate Church and State’ in the United States

But, I wouldn’t bet on it, lmao,

No Safe Bets afterall,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

P.S. Future Speculation advances, God Age and God Slaying

If I were a betting man (which I am) I think I have an idea for the future of our so called ‘Man-kind’.

So we went through the atomic age and didn’t blow each other up (so far), and we’ve reached the information age where we are currently contending with the idea of perceptive realities through different forms of ‘truth’ to some degree or whatnot. Well, if science gets to the proper stage of our information age, where we get free from the controlling grasps, then the next ages would be something like so;

A High Magic Age, in which we turn and learn and recodify the lost arts of arcane using the science of today’s understanding to methodically understand the realities of the last two thousandish years of the Low-magic Age. At the rate of rediscovering a lot of these lost arts and shamanistic roots, we’re also entering the up ramp of cycling into heuristics and psychedelics. At which point information would ascend into more of a Qausi-Spiritual realm of understanding, and we’d have a new collective gestalt consciousness to where we want to (or could) go.

This High Magic Age would involve some new form of Technology harnessing the forgotten magicks of the universe, the God particles, mana of the world, and essentially rediscovering the tribal traditions and magicks lost in time or translation. It might be called Mage-craft, Rune-Technocracy, or Hex-Tech or some new brand of ‘science’ that is approved or some shit.

I mean, we’re actively trying to create AI to ascend humanity into a sort of immortalized image reflection of Humanity at large, like some sort of uploaded giant baby made of Human Souls and Experiences;

-Through our destruction is our Salvation
or whatever or something
God, if I had to recant my encounters for Cosmic Horrors,
I wouldn’t have the time of day for these articles, lmao.

Which, I think would be more likely for us to create a fragmented fractal reality to which we can escape into. I mean, Augmented reality and Virtual reality are already technologies we’re working on and in. It doesn’t take a genius to leap from those technologies to consider a hyperreality as being a possible expansion of our own universe. Think of it like Grand Theft Auto, or simply, what we say is, a ‘meta-verse’;

Babylon Bee has been a great source of satire
Truly ingenius

Then after that, we would enter the God Age, which can be either everyone trying to kill each other to become Gods or something akin to a war of pretenders to ascend to a Godhood status, orrrr- we could all walk around this little planet of Earth as Gods for the next some-odd thousands of years. Build castles, bastilles, and all sorts of constructs with our new Divined power and understanding of reality. It’d be like Minecraft but in Real(ity) Life.

Eventually we’d abandon this earth, this realm, and possibly other things and whatnot.

But that’s far into the future, we still have to fend for ourselves in the current stage of Information Age, the ‘Data Age’ and the ‘Post-Truth Age’. There’s also no guarantees that we would even understand or ascertain our level of ‘enlightenment’ or ‘divinity’ as we ascend in this technological magic-sense. As always, the retarded Technological Luddites are no different in Science and Magic, so we’ll have to fight a retarded level of conservatism of the old ways like ‘science’ for us to be able to progress and ascend into the Age of Magicks. Of course, this isn’t a guarantee that it’ll be rainbows and butterflies either. lmao.

If anything, I’d like to help throw a dagger into the eye of the current rising Dogmatic Demi-God called ‘Science’ with this article,

To disenchant someone and get them out of a cult is part of the God Slaying. To kill their identity in that movement or set of beliefs;

That would, in my opinion, qualify me the right to be called God-Slayer, if I am able to slay the idea of Science being a God in some of the reader’s eyes. So in a way, if I were to kill the image of ‘Science’ as this infallible truth of always being true in some zealots then that would make me really happy. Also, doing so, would mean that these people have a greater proclivity to despair into meaninglessness, so that’s a plus.

And really, God Slaying, just sounds bad ass.

-Prospective God Slayer

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