Sunscreen lotions are a scam

This is an opinion article and it’s not backed by facts because I reject modern scientism and logic. Duh. Obviously. Don’t you ever scroll tiktok? Get-with-the-program.

I’m saying this with extreme prejudice against anything SPF related. This shit post is also hinting at a conspiracy theory, so take that in stride.

Specifically, the SPF shit and ads target a lot of people of color, mainly black people. We have advertisements that show the statistics of disproportionate sun stroke victims being Black people.

I specifically remember growing up, that they had sunscreen commercials for black people with a happy black family and a black guy with a bald head.

You know how often I see black people in commercials growing up? Outside of sunscreen, never. (I also never watched BET. No Safe Bets and all, lmao.)

It kind of makes you think, huh, doesn’t it?

That’s just me personally thinking and talking, so let’s dive into some other shit,

Here are some common ingredients in sunscreen,

  • titanium dioxide (titania)
  • avobenzone,
  • oxybenzone,
  • homosalate,
  • octinoxate,
  • octisalate,
  • octocrylene,
  • zinc oxide.

You’re literally putting tiny nano particles of small metals on your skin, that gets absorbed by your skin, or scratches your skin, or fucks up your sweat glands.

Like, you really think this is a good idea? That this is natural?

Here are some side effects of sunscreen,

  • Acne
  • burning, itching, or stinging of the skin
  • early appearance of redness or swelling of the skin
  • late appearance of rash with or without weeping blisters that become crusted, especially in sun-exposed areas, and may extend to unexposed areas of the skin
  • pain in hairy areas
  • pus in the hair follicles
  • Drying of the skin

Just a side note, Benzene Causes Cancer. And, uh, Sunscreens may have Benzene due to manufacturing contamination. Hopefully that is accidental manufacturing contamination. . . But like leaking oil in First Native Drinking Water, it’s probably the cost of business. So the manufacturing process for making your sunscreen could result in you having cancer. Enjoy.

  • So Sunscreen can cause Cancer
  • Pigmentation color change

You know, most of the above are symptoms of literally;

  • Chemical burns

Fun fact, chemical burns can also induce cancer. So, the more you know.

So people are just applying a light form of sloppy bleach on their skin, basically. All in hopes to shield themselves from the subjectively-referentially-revolving nuclear reactor in the sky.

Chemical Burns from Bleach?
Or Chemical burns from sun screen?

I mean, we American’s Bleach our food. Literally. You ever wonder how they get the bread to be white bread?

You thought I was joking?
I am joking, but I ain’t lying.

My personal favorite side effect,

  • Stroke and Brain damage

This is (believed to be) caused by the tiny nanoparticle metals going into your organs and then fucking up your brain. You know, because why would you put metal sludge on your skin?

Here’s some pics

This isn’t a logical argument or reason. Just an appeal to bullshit.

This is a picture of grey mud with metals and minerals and shit;

This is a picture of sunscreen being applied to a leg;

I mean, visually, it’s like simalah. You could eat mud, Idk if you can eat sunscreen. Like, think about that.

Yea, They’re called mud patties or mud crackers. If you were poor, you’d know. Or if you were cultured, you’d know. Jeez, try eating some tree bark from time to time, will ya?

Did you know?

Sun screen is a lotion that applies over your skin? You know, the skin with all the sweat glands and pores? You know, the skin that can absorb and integrate chemicals like a topical treatment? Allowing for an infusion of topical gels and creams to enter the body and blood, and if small enough or chemically acceptable, could enter the Brain by bypassing the Blood Brain Barrier?

You know, the skin that sweats out sweat through the sweat glands? That same sweat that gets stuck under that weird shitty hydrophobic (if you get the waterproof) sunscreen that you just lathered on your skin? You know, that lotion that allegedly causes skin irritation, inflammation, pigmentation, and other symptoms that look like chemical burns?

Yea. okay.

If you don’t see how any of this is a problem, then yea, you’re doing a fantastic job.

Did you know, the Sun helps you get vitamin D? Did you also know, that the more SPF and shit in the way from the Sun getting to you, then the less vitamin D you get?

There are multifaceted problems here.

The News spreads fear,

It’s fear porn and propaganda to make you ostracize and see ‘non-sunscreen wearers’ as losers;

Because making fun of people for being red is racist

Because fear sells. Create a problem, make people worry, then sell a solution. By solution, I mean your profitable solution that doesn’t solve shit. Suppress the cure, sell the poison- type jazz.

That problem is heat and the fucking sun.

All to help sell the ‘solution’, these ‘cures’ called lotion.

I mean, why did my google search for ‘sunscreen’ populate with Black people on the picture?

Why are they using Black Models for guides on sunscreen?

Maybe I just cherrypicked some random articles and I happen-stanced to get lucky in finding Black models and such. It could be all coincidental. (If you know anything about search algos blocking and promoting specific skin color, then you know it’s not coincidental. Like how twitter focuses on white faces more than black faces. Or how searching for ‘professional hair’ vice ‘unprofessional hair’ will give you some racist ass results).

Yea, idk fam.


So you’re telling me, that Humans who spent the majority of their entire life around the sun for (I guess) thousands of years, all the sudden need something to block the sun?

As if our airconditioned boxed offices weren’t already an aberration to the face of evolution.

Let’s not be retarded now.

Sunscreen lotion is a scam.

Even Mother Jones (back when it was good pre-corruption) shares the same sentiment;

From that article, the same people making you afraid of cancer is also the same people peddling the solution;

SCF, the Skin Cancer Foundation funded by BIG SUNSCREEN

I mean, you can go to SCF and just see their list of recommended products that they’re shilling. It looks like SCF is just a research-charity-looking-front to sell propaganda on cancer and propagate fear. Probably all to get you to ‘close’, in on some sales about sunblock or some shit cream.

Just wear a rice hat to screen the sun and work out in them patty fields.

Or better yet, just avoid the fucking sun?

Be a Nocturnal Vampire, like me, too easy.

In Closing,

Stop giving a fuck about the color of your skin. This whole ‘hyperpigmentation’ shit or caring about ‘ashy knees’ as if other people who are self-made or enlightened give a fuck about that. People wear SPF to tan or to not tan or some other vain bullshit about something to do with skin and tanning. It’s all based on scoring points in lookism’s and moral phisnomy.

But the real point is, that shit is just chemical plastic surgery for the biggest organ on your body, the skin.

Why? Do you bleach your skin for fun? Before you step into a natural Nuclear Oven to bake the bleach on your skin? Are you fucking White Bread?

You that retarded? Don’t buy into this bullshit.

If you care about protecting your children, then stop lathering them up in heavy metals like an NPC. Think for yourself. Use an umbrella or some shit. Don’t be retarded.

I’m not saying that Sunscreen companies are shit, or that they conspire to hurt specific groups of people based on the color of their skin. I’m only implying that. Duh. What I am saying is, sunscreen is a scam. Use at your own discretion.

You either chemically burn yourself with alterations in your Proteins and DNA with a risk that you might fuck yourself up resulting in brain damage and other issues with heavy metal contamination.


you expose yourself to harmful radiation and chemically burn your self and cause DNA damage through Sun exposure or Sun Damage.

In theory, if sunscreen doesn’t help. Then you’re doing both. That’s grrrrreaaat. Yea. Totes.

Choice is yours buck-o. Fucked if you do, fucked if you don’t. As is life.

But of course, you could just be like me and not go outside when the sun is out, and avoid spending money on extra dumb shit like skin-care shit. If you want real advice, it’s to avoid the fucking sun. If you can’t then get some concealment or coverage. Tint your windows with ceramic tint following the applicable legal limits. Live a good life for fuck’s sake.

If you do plan on using sunscreen, for the love of all things reasonable, Take that shit off after you don’t need it. Leaving it on your skin longer than necessary is going to be utterly detrimental to your physical wellbeing and block the fuck out of your pores. Is the sun down? are you going to be inside for the rest of the day? Take that shit off. Duh.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


If you want to level up your spirituality and other shit. Consider attunement with the Sun element.

We have invented numerous Sun Worshipping cults all throughout time. Turns out, the Sun is doing a lot for all of life. You know, plants literally need that shit, and most of life feeds from said plants.

So, you know.

Connect and download some information from them rays.

Light is also a medium of communication and the language of information that is being sent via these lights and lasers is too advanced for our conventional John Q. Public to know about. So uh, just learn some shit and maybe you can enjoy some realizations. Some enLIGHTenment, naww meen?

You could even go as far as checking into that whole sun gazing shitass. Just, uh, don’t burn yourself.

Oh Billy.

It’s like free laser eye surgery, but uh, not always good for you. lmao.

P.P.S. Lmao, here’s a side joke.

Because I love making fun of Australia,

lmao, a quick google search,

We blame the sun, and maybe, just maybe, it is the sun.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the use of carcinogenic lotions applied to the skin.

Just get leather skin, g2g.

Don’t worry, if you get skin cancer, you’ll probably accrue debt too! A win-win,



It’s like there’s some sort of profit incentive from all of this. . .

I mean, what doesn’t give us cancer nowadays?

Anyways, here’s another Mother Jones article from wayback when;

The thought is, because people think they are ‘protected’ with sunscreen, they spend more time in the sun. This false sense of security allows them to be more harmed by the sun. So it’s like selling snake oil.

Yea, sunscreen lotion, it’s the snake oil of Beaches for the Modern Man and Woman.

Yea, idk man. Science is bought out and it’s a scam. So whatever you think you want to think, just keep thinking about it harder and think again.


You’ll often see this lady’s face as the reason you should wear sunscreen. This ‘famous’ picture;

This picture is often said with a story about how this lady drove a car for many years and got sun damage on one half of her face. Then they try to tell you sunblock will help you from having this to happen.

That’s a fallacy.

This is the face showing you the reason that you should avoid the fucking sun.


Per the ‘stories’, Sunscreen wasn’t even used for this lady, nor does it prove anything related to the use of sunscreen. It’s retarded.

Someone is selling you bad pussy, and my Pimp hand is getting twitchy.


This post is technically endarkenment, because I want to make your world a little darker.

Simple, Avoid. The. Fucking. Sun.

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