Tap water is a scam

Tap water is a scam, because you think it’s safe water that’s useable for all sorts of things. You know, uses like using it as water.

And sure, you can use it, but it’s definitely not safe. It’s almost like there’s nothing that is safe. Almost.

There’s a bunch of toxins and chemicals in Tap Water. Is it toxic enough to be dangerous? Depends on whose standards EPA, CDC, or FDA, or whatever alphabet bois you want to go with. Point is, there is without a doubt toxins in the water. Whether or not it’s enough to be toxic, that’s a case of regionality, population, and culture.

Tap Water has toxins, so much so, that when the government posts commercials like this, then you should start having your fight-or-flight sense activated. Here’s the Mayor of NYC saying Tap Water in NYC is ‘the best’ in the world.

Which, as a side note, a public official saying that is a lie. Perhaps perjury even?

Here’s a secondary link.

As a tangent, the Government of NYC is also having Adverts on how to survive a Nuclear Bomb, which involve not realistic advice about avoiding windows and hiding and pretending it’s going to be okay. You know, selling false hope.

Here’s some comments from the secondary link about NYC’s advertisement;

That golden comment above talking about how Lead has a periodic symbol ‘Pb’ for ‘Plumbum’ is related to the fact that Lead is used for the metal piping hence ‘plumbing’. Yea, the Romans used the fuck out of lead pipes. And actually, historians believe that the Lead Pipes coupled with Heirloom toxic dinnerware was poisoning Romans. There was a good amount of chemicals to blame for the downfall of Rome, you know, not to get all Caligula on you.

Yea, Romans also used Mercury based paint, and they painted all sorts of things like their dinnerware and water vases and whatever the fuck. This was more for the Eccentric and wealthy nobles, which makes more sense considering how fucked Rome got. So, chances are, Lead and Mercury poisoning gave Rome some really Schizoid times. Not much different from today, seeing as America is basically like Rome 2.0.

As a side note, making a Magazine or News provider called ‘Schizoid times’ would be fucking hilarious.

Ahem. Back to trash talking modern governments.

It’s just mighty sus that the Government would shill out an advertisement to have the Mayor on a commercial talk about Tap Water and drinking Tap Water. Tax payer funded advertisement to direct attention on something as trivial as ‘tap water’. Like, why? How many empires or governments brag about their water? Who brags about Tap Water to their own citizens none-the-less?

I mean, it was the Government that caused Flint Michigan’s water crisis. The lead in the water for Flint Michigan was caused by the Government switching to alternative water sources/supply resulting in corroding old pipes. The Worst part of that is, the government LIED and withheld going public about the water contamination levels and lead in the water supply system. So the Government poisoned the people and then lied about it and delayed it until it was too late. If I were a betting man (which I am), the Government probably gas lit the people into thinking it’s okay and safe to drink.

You know, like the US President making light of the issues at the time (2016) by pulling a ‘stunt’ and ‘drinking’ some ‘filtered flint water’.

Oh wait, they did.

Mind you, that Flint had the water issues in 2008. It’s currently 2023 and Flint still has water issues. That’s 15+ years that the Government that broke the system also can’t fix it. Idk about you but permanent brain damaging agents poisoning the water supply seem to be a number one priority in my book. In most places, Water supply and water treatment centers are national security interests protected by Armed Guards. So, what the fuck are we doing not fixing this shit?

So, uh, don’t blindly trust the tap water. That’s like blindly trusting the government.


As a side note, swimming pools are a scam too.

You know, there’s chlorine in our water. Specifically, our tap water, but it’s in a lot of other water too.

You know what chlorine does? It literally kills things.

Not to be confused with stable variants of chloride like NaCl, you know, fucking sea salt.

Free radical Chloride by itself is really bad for you. Things like bleach (sodium hypochlorite) is bad for you and life. Shit kills you and your bacteria and your cells. You shouldn’t drink or inhale this shit.

What’s something that you might not know is that it is highly absorbative in the human skin. Turns out, your skin has a bunch of holes and glands, and it not only shits out sweat, but can also absorb chemicals into your body. Your skin is an organ for a reason, and topical creams exist for a reason. What that means is, you can absorb chlorine from your skin.

The neat part is, that the chlorine is absorbed really fast. And because the chlorine is in our tap water, we get great doses of it anytime we shower or take a bath.

How does the chlorine get in there? The Government’s treatment system puts chlorides/bleach in the system to kill pathogens and shit. Also people are putting things like Water Softeners that have Potassium Chloride (a type of salt) as the active ingredient, which reacts and puts Chlorine in the water.

Here’s a list of bad shit that happens from Chlorine, besides feeling slimey and sticky;

Here’s some more info;

IDK about you, but it doesn’t sound like Bleach is a great drink. Probably not that great on the Rocks either. But, does it sound Metal af? Yea, a little bit ngl.

Warning, some graphic content in the video below;

This could all make for a really ~inclusive~ breakfast. Get some candles going, tidepods, and the finest glass of bleach and you’re gucci. Right?

*Not Guaranteed to cure covid unless you mean to Die


In some places, while supplies last, they get a special dose of Radium. Now isn’t that Rad.

So what do these lucky people get when they ingest a large amount of radium?

It’s radioactive and carcinogenic. You can get a good dose of lung and bone cancer. Radium poisoning can lead to thyroid and other gland issues.

Radium is absorbed and behaves similarly to calcium and is deposited in the tissues of the body, especially bone. That also means you’ll have fucked up teeth, probably. So anything Calcium would be affected. It can also fuck with the Strontium in your skeletal system and activate it into an unstable variant/isotope of Strontium, resulting in more Radiation fuckery, cancer, and bone weakness. So that’s cool.

In really shitty cases, your entire jaw can fall off. I thought that was made up too, but contrary to popular belief, I’m not here to lie to you. It takes a fuckton of Radium to make that happen though, chances are unlikely that you’ll get it in the tap water. But never say never, that’s not a safe bet and stuff. Yea, you’d have to get 1920’s Radium-Watch-Painter-Girl’s level of radium for that to happen. But it could still happen.

Also, Radium is an Alpha Particle emitter. So among radiation, there’s gammas, betas, neutrons, neutrinos, and alphas, and a few more but I skipped Nuclear Physics class because it got boring. Point is, of all of these radioactive particles, the one that you do not want in your system is Alpha particles. Because Alpha particles have a high mass and fucks shit up, but it can’t travel far from it’s source emitter. If it was outside your body, things like clothing could stop it. But if it’s inside your body, you’re sort of fucked because anything it hits with it’s radiation is going to be something in your body. Alphas emitted from Radium fuck shit up really well. And the fact that Radium acts like Calcium, means it’s gonna fuck up your teeth and bones really well because your body is going to use it in and deposit it like Calcium. As the Brits and Aussie’s say, “Smashing”.

All I’m saying is, I’ve seen a lot of meth heads with fucked up teeth. Especially functioning and full-time-job meth heads, I call em ‘day walkers’, -good people. So, I’ve got a hunch that it’s the Tap water and not the Meth fucking up their teeth. Even if Meth might give em a little more cotton mouth and halotosis. Of course, I’m probably wrong, but that’s my hunch. I can’t crank out meth jokes any faster than this speed.

And contrary to Video Game Beliefs, you can’t just take a magical Rad-ex pill that will get rid of all this radioactive stuff in your system. I mean, maybe if we develop the technology to isolate and neutralize it. Maybe. But the technology is not commercially viable.

Sorry, No Rad-B-Gone
or Rad-Ex pills


Turns out, Aluminum, the stuff that’s in cars and phones? Yea, that stuff isn’t good for you.

Don’t worry, it’s in your tap water as well as your vaccines. You know what the polio vaccine didn’t have? Aluminum. But I’m not here to expose the clown antics of vaccines adjuvants nor am I going to go in-depth about Aluminum cloud spraying from Chem Trails polluting water supplies and irrigation system resulting in killing plants and insects and studies showing an increase viral load of 7,000% aluminum concentration in bees resulting in bee-genocide.

No. I am NOT here to tell you where Aluminum in the water might’ve come from.

I’m here to tell you the fact, that there is aluminum in the water. Where ever it came from, who knows. Just blame it on negligence or an act of god. The point is, Aluminum is in the tap water. The bigger point is, you’ve probably got some Aluminum in you.

And ingesting enough aluminum has detrimental effects to your body. Turns out, some metal shouldn’t be ingested. And the effects only worsen when that aluminum enters your blood stream. So depending on where things are, that can affect your body differently. Isn’t learning fun?

There’s also studies out there that link Aluminum and other metals to Brain Damage and Alzheimer’s. Cobalt in particular was heavily linked to Dementia and there were cobalt made prosthetics that caused a shit bunch of brain issues. Aluminum? Now, that’s probably safer than cobalt, but it’s still not good.

here are some symptoms to aluminum poisoning;

As a side note, many sunscreens have aluminum. If you don’t know, Sunscreen is a scam.


And the toxic amount for aluminum appears to be north of about 200 micro grams per liter, per the EPA;

-CDC quoting the EPA

The 200mg (milligram) from sunscreen is 200,000 micro grams. So do the math hot shot. Sure you’re not drinking it, but you’d be a special type of stupid to not realize your skin is absorbing it. I stand by the statement that Sunscreen is a scam.

And there’s reports stating that tap water can be reported to have up to 1mg/L. That’s the reports, I’m sure there are incidents when the aluminum concentration might spike or might not be reported or the devices might read wrong or whatever. Point is, the government is willing to admit up to 1mg/L.

-CDC on aluminium (or aluminum for the Americans)

1mg/L is 1,000 micrograms per liter.

And we know the toxic load for Aluminum is about 200 micrograms per liter.

So, in the worst case scenario, with reported data being accurate, in these cities, you’re getting about 5 times the toxic load.

Isn’t that lovely?

And sure, I’ll give the government it’s due. That the government may not be intentionally trying to poison it’s people. If we just ignore things like the operations conducted and advertising campaigns and if we ignore that whole Flint thing and other cases of tax and usury compliance with the water system. Yea, if we ignore all the evidence, the government possibly isn’t trying to poison us. It’s just, no body quotes statistics for when the aluminum levels aren’t dangerous, they care about the spikes and when it is dangerous. People care about things when there is drama, and in this case, when there is an issue.

As a side note, Water Treatment facilities actively put aluminum in the water. Specifically Canada does this. So I imagine other governments probably do the same thing. Idk, Canada has been going crazy the past few years. As a neighbor, I hope they’re okay.


Also, Aluminum can cause speech disorders. I mention that, because there are unconventional treatments that can absorb aluminum that people are applying to their toddlers allowing the toddlers to develop sentences and actually use their words. So, in this case, Heavy Metal poisoning could be a leading factor in autism and mental defects. Which, kind of corresponds to those parents that were claiming vaccinations changed their children, since most vaccines have metals in them.

There’s a shit ton of heavy metals in the atmosphere, and in our water. You can thank the industrial revolution and it’s consequences, and the Government, and Corporations for that. Also consumers and consumer culture. Everyone’s to blame.

If you have a child or whatever, and would like to detox from aluminum and other heavy metals. Apparently people are recommending Zeolite. Which is weird, because Zeolite has Aluminum in it. -I personally don’t know shit about it, but other people vouch for it. So do your own homework. It might just be a gimmick like the clown shot, or it might work like snake oil, or whatever. Moving on~~~

Forever Chemicals

There’s a nickname for chemicals that last ‘virtually’ forever. These chemicals are called ‘forever chemicals’.

Chemicals like PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl substances) are basically just a bunch of microplastics (one of the essential spices). Things like Teflon, lasting in our water system, for virtually forever.

Do you know what Teflon is in? It’s in our pans, our cookware, pesticide, food packaging, plastics, paint, etc.

Also, pesticide runoff gets in irrigation and our water treatment system. Do you know what plumbers typically use in our pipes? Teflon. It’s literally in our plumbing system for our water.

Good old Teflon tape

Also, that cool PEX piping that’s flexible and shit? That has harmful chemicals that take about a month to wash out with regular use, and it can also leak out trace amount of phthalates over it’s life time. PEX can also leak out chemicals when stagnant for too long or exposed to UV rays or heat.

Still looks cool as shit though

These are definitely and obviously a good thing. Why else would we call companies out as ‘Global Polluters’? Doesn’t that mean that they’re the best in the world? Isn’t that charming?

So not only are Forever chemicals in the plumbing system, but it’s also in our circulatory system. And if the studies reveal that these microplastic can cross the blood brain barrier, chances are, these Forever chemicals are in/interacting-with our nervous system too. I mean, they just got to be small enough, nano or pico size, yea? They’re probably creating a bunch of autistic atypical schizoids and chances are, you’re probably one of them. Nice of you to join the club, this is actually an intervention. Please introduce yourself to the group. . .

Doctors in the future will have to discover a ‘new organ’ that filters plastics and name a new system for our plastics in our blood. Maybe we’ll call it the Micro-plastoid system or some other made up shit. Did you know that Doctors are still discovering new organs and bones? You’d think they’d figure that shit out like decades ago. I guess not.

And Forever Chemicals aren’t just Plastics. It’s also Xenoestrogens (which includes some plastics).

So Birth control pills and other xenoestrogens are in the system and they can’t be filtered out. People have them in their piss and it gets in the water treatment system, and it’s not able to be properly filtered out. Meaning that it’s in the system, like forever. Side effects may include low T and hormonal complications from the abundance of these Xenoestrogens. Among other side effects.

It’s great.

As a side note,

Alex Jones was right. . . About that Gay Frogs thing.

The chemicals in the water that was alleged to turn frogs gay, actually made frogs gay.

Chemicals found in pesticides and other shitty shit we treat our hair and water, found to be linked to hermaphroditic frogs.

So the chemicals put in the water made frogs bend their genders and mutate them into hermaphrodites, and that lead to confusion among the mating age frog community, which actually turned the frogs gay. It was a perfect formula to confuse young impressionable frogs, and that made them turn gay faster than your highschool band camp trip ‘honoring’ Pride month.

So before you can usher out a ‘this one time at band camp’ -too late, you already have gay frogs.

Alex Jones is a national treasure.

What you should get from this, is that anything spraying any chemical in the environment, whether it’s killing humans with agent orange or fertilizing some yippie farmland, then chances are, those chemicals are in the run-off and are in our drinking water. As it turns out, any chemicals in the world, remain in the world, and we get a lot of water from the world, so yea. We’re literally poisoning ourselves.

Here’s a list of other shit I didn’t cover deeply, these may also be in our tap water;

Altrazine (gay frogs)
Glyphosate (thank Monsanto for me)
Toxic algae
Gasoline and oil
pollution from poultry and factory farming
literal animal shit
human shit
Pesticides and fertilizers
Lithium again
various carcinogens
Other radioactive chemicals and materials besides Radium
Did I mention Lithium?
laundry detergents and other cleaning chemicals

Here’s about the same thing in meme format;

Basically anything that goes into the water treatment system, down a toilet, or gets soaked up by grass. Yea, there’s a lot of shit out there. Anything you flush down the toilet has a chance of being in the system, that means all them meds including your Adderall and happy pills and serotonin and whatever. Practically every pollutant in the book, has a chance of being found in your Tap Water. Refrigerant from a car, jet fuel from a plane, etc. It’s all connected.

Does that mean your tap water is poisoned by all pollutants? No.

Does that mean your tap water is poisoned by a specific pollutant? No.

Does that mean your tap water isn’t poisoned? Also No.

Does that mean your tap water is safe to drink?
That’s a fair question
-and like any good politician, I’ll just comment on how nice of a question that is
and avoid incriminating myself with an answer.

That’s the scam, my boy-o. You don’t even get to pick your poison with Tap Water. It’s like Russian Roulette as a drinking game, except you don’t even get any alcohol.

All I’m saying is, if the government really made an honest commercial about Tap water like any pharmaceutical that makes commercials about their medicine, then they would have a fast narrator saying all the “side effects that may include”- and that list would be long as fuck.

Actually, if you’re a New York City Slicker, and test the water positive for toxins, you could probably make a lawsuit to sue New York City for not disclosing the side effects of Tap Water that they advertised and advised people to drink.

“I urge every New Yorker to Drink Up. Tap Water is the best.” -Mayor of NYC

They might not be saying specifically to Drink Tap Water. But NYC 100% endorsed Tap Water as ‘the best’. The best in what? Idk, poison? Tat quote was followed by a picture saying “I drink NYC Tap Water” on a water bottle. Sounds like a lawsuit fammo, build yourself a case and cut me a cheque.

As a complete side note, you could probably sue local city and municipalities if you can prove that their tap water has a dangerous load of toxic substances and also prove negligence (that’s the hard part, proving negligence). Like, idk, 5 times the amount of toxic load for aluminum, seems like an easy win. So yea, you could probably sue your local governments with this information. You’re not welcome.

In Closing,

Because Tap Water isn’t ‘really’ safe to drink, that’s what makes Tap water a scam. Most of America (the US of A) has unsafe tap water, making it a third world country. . . Just saying.

Not everyone get’s the Voss or Fiji water, and chances are, most of the bottled waters probably aren’t any better. Especially if they use plastic bottles or any type of machinery that bottles the water.

For more great information on how pollutants are making our world a better place and/by taking out Humans, check out the Environmental Working Groups’ website;

EWG.org for more info

If you are trying to avoid this stuff, you can get some Water filtration systems. Some Carbon filter, RO units, and maybe get even an electrolyzer with pH adjustments. You can also get a shower filter and other filters for your water heater and system. There’s a lot of things you could do, look it up or something. Maybe start your own wet eco-system and harvest your own rain water in a closed loop terraformed environment. Maybe go to Pluto and mine some fresh ice.

You might get into that woo-woo shit and look at revitalizing your water with life forces and energy and chi and now you’ve gone to the deep end. I mean, good for you. I guess. You might want to get your water from fruits instead, and just try to clean with care. But you also want good fruits, and chances are, the chemicals are sprayed on store bought fruits as well as your back yard. So, good luck getting good fruits.

As a side note, rainwater isn’t really safe. Mainly because the Government, industrialists, and manufacturing pollutants spray a bunch of shit in the air. Yea, so you can thank carbon emissions and factories and other volatile chemicals for that.

You could also just travel and test your luck at random places you visit. Maybe they won’t have shit water. Chances are, they probably will have shit water. either got the chemicals that will kill you or parasites that will kill you. Atleast you’ll have a different quality of shit water, which may allow your body to adjust and heal in one way while also getting fucked up in another way. I like doing this when I switch between drinking Gin and Vodka and Tequila. Gotta keep my body’s system on it’s (my?) toes.

Yea so, here’s George Carlin on Water;

I would like to Aspire to be a George Carlin mixed the philosophical perspective of Alan Watts written in the Gonzo style of Hunter S. Thompson with the Crudeness style points like Mike Ma. I’m not there yet, but It’s a goal. Gunna need more Chivas, Cocaine, and Dunhills. The Cocaine obviously helps with the writing process, If I can talk like Boomhauer in my head, then I got me a golden ticket, pony boy.

Yea, Tap Water is shit and it’s poison. So is alcohol and cigarettes but people still enjoy drinking and smoking. -And massive massive lines of cocaine. It’s like Adderall made as snuff.

So, you know, do what you do. Just don’t get all schizoid and paranoid on me and start putting a bunch of filters and water purifiers. Try not to let some random words on the internet (especially in a shitpost) influence your beliefs too much –and too fast, at that.

If I see you with a fucking silver-lined tinfoil hat, I’ll know that you went a little too far. You got balls kid, but try to connect with the other beings around ya in this ‘reality’, please.

Take it slow, there’s no rush to live, just like there’s no rush to die.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, Tap, or Any Advice

Post Script,

Governments also put Flouride,

And that has all sorts of different effects.

But I’m not here to get all third eye on you. . .

If you know anything about Lithium effects and cognitive impairments and MK Ultra,

Then you might be surprised to find that Lithium is used in the Water.

Some people use a specific type of shungite or crystals to help filter their water. I am not claiming that it works or if it’s effective, but there’s a bunch of stuff out there. do some research and find your own answers.

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