Canada’s Re-education program is a scam, they’re targeting Jordan B. Peterson

So recently, on Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is having his clinical license threatened to be removed for practicing ‘wrong think’ and ‘wrong speak’ with his Tweets on twitter and his various discussions on Talk Shows and Podcasts.

As per claims by Ontario College of Psychologists;

You know, tweets like retweeting other tweets about free speech. . . I’m not making this up (CPOntario definitely is making it up though).


Yea, that sounds awful, but it gets worse.

Here’s the real scammy part;

He is being told to be ‘re-educated’ or ‘media retraining’

And it’s going to cost him $225 Dollars an hour for.

An hour for.

An Hour.

Each Hour.


Did I mention it was $225 dollar an hour?

And I can only imagine as inflation and other factors come up, that they’d charge more and more as time continues.

And it gets worse.

The Re-education facility and faculty will get to determine ‘when’ you’ve been properly re-educated.

So it’s not like a set period of time, but a wishy-washy, whenever we feel like you’ve learned enough or ‘paid your dues’.

Perpetually people could be paying for re-education indefinitely. Meaning they’ll be paying $225 dollar an hour forever. Or until they go broke, which is more likely. And if you’re broke in today’s world, you won’t have a platform, let alone a home, or a car, or a phone, or the ability to tweet, or food, or water. . . Yea, a bunch of issues.

Also, you need to understand that as a Clinical Psychologist, having his license revoked would mean he can’t work. So that’s directly targeting his livelihood and means of income. His Job Security. This would essentially be a ransom, leveraged extortion, or open blackmail.

Also, imagine losing your clinical license for something unrelated to clinical work like tweeting or talking. That’s like losing your driver’s license for tweeting. That’s completely Orwellian and stupid. Asinine and Preposterous. Absurdly Incredulous. Musically Moronic. Sensically Irregular. Dystopian Buffoonery. Inconveniently Unnecessary. Perfunctorily extrapolated. Intellectual Chicanery.

I mean, go ahead and target people’s pension funds. See how they respond. Do it to the police or firefighters, and watch how they’ll just definitely lay down and take it (They won’t.). No one likes being a doormat, and no one should be a door mat against their will. That’s not the point of society. But I doubt the people needing to hear that are reading this.

Imagine if the Authoritative figures came by and said you can’t work, you have to pay a bunch of fees for training, and you have to watch a bunch of brainwash videos or attend brain wash classes to get you to admit wrong doing. These classes could then use the admission of wrong doing to build up a legal court case or ‘prove’ mental illness. That’s what they do in Rehab. That doesn’t sound like a utopian society. That sounds like a scam.

Even if you eventually ‘graduate’, then you’ll still have to police your speech and ideas. So you’ll never be free to say what you want, because the fear of reprisal leading to extra financial damage and financial violence will be lingering in your subconscious.

They’ll threaten you with ‘re-education’ anytime you step out of line, like a schizo and their meds.


They can target academics for practicing ‘wrong think’.

It means that institutions are failing and that political ideology and ideological subversion are in full effect.

When are you going to start your Samizdat?

In Closing,

O’ Canada, the very Progressive nation, just invented Mental and Financial Slavery with extra steps.

It’s called ‘re-education’ and it’s a huge scam.

Hopefully the people stick up for themselves, because it’s really a financial burden. Not an inconvenience nor is it necessary.

And if you’re smart, you’ll realize how these punishments aren’t far too different from regular rehab or court ordered ‘re-education’ treatment and facilities such as a diversion program, or ‘prison’.

I’m just saying there’s a lot of scammy shit out there.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

So they’ve locked up the Tate brothers.

Mr. Ye west is out of public view.

And now people are targeting Jordan B. Peterson.

Is all of that a coincidence for the start of 2023? Seems like there’s something afoot.

Post Post Script;

What is even the College of Psychologists of Ontario?

They’re not even a college? They don’t give degrees. Yet they’re expected to police em? Whose expecting this? Why?

It seems they’re just a regulatory commission and it’s not evidently clear if they have any authority other than collecting dues from member participants and terms and agreements under contract law. Are they part of the Government? or are they just some fancy private club like the American BAR association?

Sounds like a scam. (p.s. the American BAR association is also a scam)

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