The Other Guys is Financial Comedy Gold

I’m talking about the Movie “The Other Guys” (2010), you know, the movie that has two second-rate schmucks fumble fuck their way through a large financial scandal in a comedyesque adventure after the main all-stars find the exit?

Yea, here’s some comedic spoilers from the beginning; in case you haven’t seen the movie;

Point is, I want to bring some attention to the plot of this movie.

You see, it get’s pretty ‘wise’ if you know what I mean.

Long story short, the two shmucks are on a case and gets too close to an even bigger financial crime of the century.

Essentially, some Black-rock-esque company that owns everything is cooking the books and used a financial robbery to mess with their accounting. On top of rigging the state lottery to help cover some losses. On top of having high pressure on the Police to drop the case, including phone calls and office visits to personally drop cases. On top of Hedge funds targeting the embezzlement of Police Pension Funds.

You know, completely fictional stuff that would never happen in the real world. A real comedy.

Things like blowing up closed accounting firms at 11am on a Tuesday.

You know what else ‘accounting’ also blew up on a Tuesday on September “11”? The Pentagon’s accounting department with them financial records after Donald Rumsfeld talked about the missing trillions of dollars.

Yea, I might be reaching a little bit with that one, but it just seems so ‘intentional’ that the Director had those specific lines in the script. And if you know anything about movie making or making any art, it’s that people pay extra care and attention to the details when they’re being experts in their craft.

The SEC,

There was a good scene where the two main characters drops off the evidence they have to some Lawyers at the SEC.

And one of the characters says to the lawyer;

“From everything I’ve heard, I understand you guys are the best at these types of investigations. Outside of Enron…AIG… Bernie Madoff…WorldCom… Bear Stearns…. Lehman Brothers…”

Such great writing. If government’s were held accountable for their mistakes, we’d have actual reforms. lmao.

Yea, because IF it were an actual investigation, the lawyer would Obviously ‘recuse’ themselves. Obviously. (it’s a joke. Corrupt lawyers won’t recuse themselves, they’ll take the evidence and burn it, then be like “what evidence?”. And that’s what happened in the movie. In fairness, the legalese of ‘if’ and ‘actual investigation’ is debatable)

Moments later, there was a jumper,

The SEC Lawyer that took all the evidence was precariously perched over the ledge of the building.

Lawyer’s name is Beaman

It was later revealed;

“Beaman knew that I had falsified my financials, so they sent down Wesley to try and keep him quiet. He forced him at gunpoint to drink a bunch of gin and then forced him onto the ledge. It was only a matter of time before he fell.”

If you want to find something interesting, look at how many Hedge fund managers commit ‘suicide’ from falling off their high rise.

Chances are,

that ain’t suicide.

I mean, especially when you’re messing with big money or mob money. Good chance that some of those suicides were actually murder.

Kind of sad because it’s true, which makes this a tragedy. And because tragedy and comedy are two sides of the same coin, I guess that’s also worth mentioning here in this shit post.

Here’s some other things that happened;

The government issued TARP funds to bail out and save the corporations in the movie.

“They were too big to fail”

You know, the age old excuse to bail out your friends. They’re too big to fail. Let them Wallstreet boys know that the Stonk Market is a No-Lose Casino. That’ll teach them to squander billions of dollars.

At some point, I wondered if the movie was a documentary because it just seems so real to be just a work of fiction. you know?

And also Derek Jeter spits some mad bars;

Right at the end, In an obviously deleted scene;

“-You did nothing, Corporate lobbyists are spending millions to make sure guys like Ershon keep doing what they do.”

“The whole damn system is clogged up with dirty money.

And the news doesn’t say a word about it.

‘Cause who owns them?

The same corporations that own the government.”

-The Character Derek Jeter played by Derek Jeter

And the credits,

The credits are pretty informational;

This movie was directed by Adam Mckay, who also has some other good pieces of Contemporary art. Art such as Anchorman 2 that exposes the media and audience obsession over asinine things, and also ‘the big short’ that exposes more in-depth what’s going on in this whole charade shell game of financial markets.

In Closing,

You can find a lot of truth in comedy, that’s why I tell jokes. It’s like teleporting meaning instead of slowly leading some asshole to ‘find the way themself’. The truth in comedy, is the actual Gold. The more truth in something that’s comedic, the more valuable a joke it is. That’s just a fact. The hard part is making it funny, which is really just elaborate story telling and execution.

This is just another shit post in the sea of shit posts, but it’s also a sign that there are subliminal messages and small tidbits of informational candy put in the media or movies as the medium to inform people of the narrative and the ‘truth of the world’.

So yea, people are spreading truth. Often times it’s disguised as jokes.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

Pay attention if there’s a really big lottery payout. Lotteries are typically rigged because there’s a lot of secrecy and plausibility for some ‘special’ ‘select’ no named no-bodies to win big.

That’s usually a sign that shit might hit the fan soon (Big payouts). We just don’t know how big nor when. Chances are, it’s within the next five years. But that’s also enough wiggle room to tell someone ‘tomorrow’ so don’t put any weight on anything I say. Not financial advice, of course.

I mean, this FTX thing that happened recently was quite the catch. Some tune of a lot of billions of dollars in funny shitcoins gone up in smoke huh? Yea, weird. Idk if it’s related but a billion or so dollar Powerball happened during the same month as FTX hooplah.

Fishy. eh?

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