The FBI is a scam

This is a bite sized post. So take a few steps and not a mile in these shoes.

Like, what was there job again? What were they supposed to do?

I mean, besides arming and impressing Jihad on 19 year olds and giving them fake explosives so that they can entrap them and say that the FBI is doing Anti-Terrorism. You know, grow your own domestic terrorism, it’s like homesteading, even the government likes it.

Or how about how the FBI funded several meetups, supplied agents, ammunition, gear, explosives, and drove people across multiple states while pressuring members to commit acts of terrorism, target local and state officials, and even try to kidnap a fucking State Governor.

So, what the fuck is the point of the FBI?


The Twitter files on Twitter is juicy.

FBI claims that they are ‘helping’ twitter maintain their policy.

Yea, the FBI is just casually providing select accounts to Twitter directly so that Twitter can take whatever action they deem appropriate.

Yea, have you ever heard of the FBI going to a small business and give them tips on how to run a business? Like who to blacklist from entering their coffee shops?


That’s what I thought.

It’s just funny that there’s weekly meetings with the FBI.

Here I am, just an average citizen, and I have maybe Yearly meetings with the FBI. Monthly is a lot, So Weekly is asking even more so. Also, this is tax payer funded. So, great.

It’s not just the FBI though,

It’s an alphabet soup party.

The FBI is also gaslighting the public,

Calling people conspiracy theorists. That’s the equivalent of saying “you are schizo, take your meds”

Feeding the American Public misinformation – to discredit the agency?

You mean Real Journalists that are actively posting information from real documents that expose what the FBI is doing and have done? That ‘misinformation’ fed by ‘conspiracy theorists and others’?

Gaslighting to the max.

This is probably a part of the FBI training routine

Here’s the narcissist creed incase you forgot;

That didn’t happen,
And if it did, it wasn’t that bad.
And if it was, that’s not a big deal.
And if it is, that’s not my fault.
And if it was, I didn’t mean it.
And if I did, you deserved it.

Simply Deny, Deny, and Deny

Currently, we’re at the “That didn’t happen” denial phase mixed with “That’s not my fault” and blame Conspiracy Theorists for being off their meds. The FBI is actively wording their statements to tell the truth by omitting the damning details. The devil is in the details. So it’s a cunning linguistic prose, which would work if it was a he-said-she-said, except you could literally look at the evidence.

Sure, the FBI might not have directly told Twitter to ban accounts. But the FBI did directly give twitter account names and told twitter to look into policy violations. Also, the FBI directly shared insider threats to elections, a sort of ongoing investigation, with Twitter. So the FBI is directly, indirectly, implied, or related to direct censorship of speech and technocratic Orwellian censorship on Twitter.

I’d argue that this censorship expands far beyond twitter to include Youtube, Google, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media and media platforms. It’s just a convenient time that Twitter had a bunch of censorship and fact checking that appeared at the same time that these other platforms started to ban, censor, and fact check. Real Convenient timing.

There’s evidence, including the recent files, to say that the FBI and GEC may be involved with Twitter, Facebook, and Google;

It’s not like the FBI is spending millions on –

So we have all this tracking technology. Yea, it’s not like Facebook was some weird spin-off of some Social Tracking Darpa program. It’s not like we had a whistleblower expose the NSA and government organizations spying on the people. It’s not like we have packet collectors rerouting area-net information packets to infringe on a group of people’s privacy.

It’s weird that the FBI can no-knock raid and take away people’s constitutional rights for posting shit memes on the internet. Or even just burn down entire complexes full of families using military forces. Yet we still have literal islands of sex trafficking pedophiles. And somehow the Alphabet boys think they have an ‘image’ to save.

If you read,

Any of the Twitter files.

And combine the knowledge of the Twitter files with FBI’s statement of admission saying;

“The correspondence between the FBI and Twitter show nothing more than examples of our traditional, longstanding and ongoing . . . “

Then you know we’re fucked.

The FBI admits that the Twitter files is just ‘business as usual’, and if you read how fucked the Twitter files is, then they just admitted to doing this as a ‘tradition’ that is ‘longstanding’ and ‘ongoing’.

Don’t let the Alphabet soup Boys or the Fed Boys gaslight you into thinking this shit is normal. It’s not. It’s Orwellian technocratic censorship and a violation of legal issues involving the constitution.

The Fact that the FBI has to release statements and word it in a way to lie by omission on National television in order to ‘save face’ to the public is a telling signal. It’s a sign that people are solidifying their suspicions that this shit is corrupt.

(paraphrasing) ‘Yea we didn’t tell Twitter to ban anyone, we just told them to look at these key accounts.’ Lmao. They must think that the public is retarded. It’s really cute.

All of the shit coming out of the Twitter files was a hunch, but now it’s concrete. If you haven’t already, go apologize to your local conspiracy theorist. If you’re a conspiracy theorist, you should demand an apology.

In Closing,

I said what I said based on evidence provided in the public cyber agora of the Twitter Space.

A lot of people want to Defund the FBI and other useless alphabet soup boys. I personally just want to be left the fuck alone, and it would also be cool if the FBI could stop doing literally the things they say they are preventing. That would be nice.

I don’t hate the People, I just dislike the system. I don’t blame federal agents, they just want a cool gun and a badge and a nice paycheck. Most people in life want to be the good guys or get by. It’s just all kinds of fucked in this world.

Here’s a Golden Quote by an FBI agent;

“Man, I don’t even know what’s legal anymore”
-FBI Agent during an interview with the Intercept in 2020

Me too Fed Boi, me too. . .

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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