Here’s how to make anyone sound like a villain

Just simply slap a ” *For Nefarious Purposes” after someone does literally anything.

Here, I’ll give some examples.

Ordinary Person;

Goes to the grocery store

Listens to Joe Rogan

Jacks off at night

Delays calling their parents and feels remorse

Forgets about laundry

Now with our new product, we can make this Ordinary person sound evil.

Evil Person;

Goes to the grocery store *For Nefarious Purposes

Listens to Joe Rogan *For Nefarious Purposes

Jacks off at night *For Nefarious Purposes

Delays calling their parents and feels remorse *For Nefarious Purposes

Forgets about laundry *For Nefarious Purposes

Now this person sounds like an evil mastermind villain and we’ve painted him or her as a Nefarious person.

If you want, you could add a couple verbs and adjectives. You know, like how someone Menacingly watches TV. Just throw a couple buzz words. Todd belligerently drank his soda. Stacy Savagely collapsed her empty Starbucks coffee cup. All of this for Nefarious purposes only.

The term ‘Nefarious purposes’ is just vague enough to sound ominous and over-arching while still being postured as a serious threat. It’s quite the linguistic tongue and cheek. People will think that you know what you’re talking about, while also having presented a subject that may take a level of risk to question. It’s a threat, and it might even be risky to ask questions regarding the matter. Sounds top secret-y. You’d sound like a jerk or dumb if you ask “Nefarious in what way?” as if you were encouraging the Nefarious behavior.

A baby stares at you, for Nefarious Purposes.

Just down right menacing.

In Closing,

Yea, it’s literally that easy to make someone else sound evil.

Get your hands on these letters while supplies last.

Alternatively, you could add a ” *For the Good of All Kind” or some other adage to make people sound like pestifulous saints. Yea, whatever. Let Country X Bomb another nation *For Spreading Democracy, or whatever phrase you want to insert. Todd skips leg day *For Democracy, or *For Science, or Insert Vague purpose.

Meaning is sort of like that. You know, subjective and slapped on. Existentialists and Nihilists can argue all they want.

This is just a shit post, and it’s literally free to add these words to the end of any action or deed. Go around, have a nice week just throwing stupid filler words at the end of whatever anyone does. If you like people watching, this adds narration to your people watching.

So, just play with it-

*For Nefarious Purposes of course.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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