Saw this random stack of slides from some random show out there; Thought it interesting enough to share. In Closing, Most people are a lot closer to being homeless. It’s just most people don’t think about that, or try not too.

Boostin’ Culture

Something is straight Boostin,There are booster packs for cards,Booster shots for Vaccines,Booster crews,Booster bags,And Booster Swag, So, what is Boostin? Well, here’s urban dictionary for you; Boostin is just a five finger discount, the ‘professional’ hoodlum way of getting things. Rippin tags and all sorts of jazz. But like, with experience and planning (sometimes). There… Read More Boostin’ Culture

Black Companies and Japanese Work Ethic

Black Companies, have nothing to do about race you racist. That’s typical American thinking, always thinking about race. Racist. Anyways, Black Companies or “Black Kigyo” in Japan is basically a company or corporation that works their employees to the bone. Also known as Evil Corporations or Black Corporations, per Wikipedia, these companies practice a bunch… Read More Black Companies and Japanese Work Ethic