An Underrated Nepotistic Job

Ever hear about some 25 year old saving up and on track for early retirement? All they had was their parents pay a small start up of 250k to pay off all debts and start up money for their savings. You know, something obviously every parent can do.

This job is really really exclusive and it takes a good hard work amount of Luck to pull off. You sort to have to be ‘born into it’ or ‘built for it’ by that I mean genetics.

I’m talking about being a Professional Son

Here’s a Chart to show that you’re learning like a professional that wears a cucking tie;

Atleast if you’re at work,
You can lie that you’re looking at something relevant

You get some nice results when the Fam gives you the Fammie Hook up;

I mean, What is a small business if not a small mom n’ pop store?

You know the saying, that stupid one;

‘We’re like family here’

Try some of these lines for the job;

“I have an American Citizenship, I’m willing to provide a visa if you know what I mean”

or bluntly “I’m willing to marry into the company.”

See you don’t have to be born into it. You can Marry into it!

What’s more trustworthy (and also foolishly to trust blindly) than Family?

What is a Fraternity if not a familial brotherhood?

I mean, wouldn’t you trust someone to do a good job especially if they’re banging your daughter?

See, you got to think of it like a CEO, it’s all about trust. If you can’t see what I’m saying here, then you were not born for the Nepotistic Favoritism that comes with this world. So, you’re probably not a good My-Daughter-Market-Fit. (It’s like Product-Market-Fit, lmao)

In Closing

An Underrated Nepotistic Job is a Professional Son.

*Valid for anyone who marries into the business.

For a good chunk of this, I outsourced my Critical Thinking Faculties to Reddit posts, because they also show a sentiment of user valuation. And there’s something valuable in value, so money. Money money money.

As you can see, I’m so big brained that it’s smooth, like a Brazilian Waxed Crotch.

Reading my shit post is like a more curated view, it’s like eating the juicy parts of a roasted Hog’s Dick, from Reddit and other sources, all compiled to make you think “what the fuck did I just read”. And after having read that, you can’t unread it. You’re welcome for the free trauma.

Did I say free? I meant you had to pay for that.

Anyways, remember;

The Best Hook up, is a Nepotistic Family Hook Up*1.

*1. Unless you’re from Alabama

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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