A Clown (Virus) Dictionary

So basically, the Clown Virus has created a pseudo religious rewrite of the english language in an effort of moving the goalpost to make it retarded. It’s a Clown world indeed, here are some of the Definition changes that the powers that be have ushered in.

Change of Vaccination;

The Definition of Vaccine is now broadly applicable to even Placebos, because placebos have a real inexplicable protection against things to a measurable degree.

So go ahead and shove a crystal dildo up your asshole and ‘believe’ that you are protected from the Clown Virus. Because, Shoving a Crystal Dildo up your asshole is now considered a Vaccination.

Because shoving a Crystal Dildo will most definitely ‘stimulate’. . . a sort of immuno response of ‘what the fuck’, followed by you not wanting to deal with any sort of diesease.

Like, does a broad definition of Vaccination even make sense? They changed it simple to apply it to Gene Therapy mRNA technology, because that’s not what a vaccination was. So, they moved the goal post, too broadly, Crystal Dildos.

The Change of the definition was done to stop people from spouting off the fact that the Gene Therapy isn’t a Vaccine;

The CDC Changed the Definition of ‘Vaccine’ Because Prior Definition Allowed People “To Claim the COVID-19 Vaccine is Not a vaccine”

-Someone who knows what they are talking about

This playbook reminds me of how the FDA approved the Emergency use of the clot shot, just to say that it’s ‘FDA approved’ and subsequently prevented any research into the various cures that actually have tangible causation and correlatory results *cough* Ivermectin *cough*. Sorry, got some truth stuck in my through, *drinks water from toilet* Ahhh. Much better.

But if you want to hear CDC’s rebuttal, here’s a link to a shitty excuse;

Change of Vaccination status;

Or the definition of ‘Fully Vaccinated’,

It went from two shots, to two weeks after the second shot.

It went to ‘two weeks after the second shot’ because of all the adverse health side effects that occurred, so the data could be reported as Not Vaccinated damage and thereby not blame it on the clot shots.


Now the definition changed from that to Up to date boosters; What A clown fucking world.

-Cried the retard

Hey, I know you got the two damned shots and think you’re making society a better place to live. . .

But, I’m going to need you to come in on a Saturday and get that ‘life’-time subscription of booster shots that are going to cost you out of pocket. You know, so big pharma can pocket billions.

Go ahead and come in on Saturday,
To get that clot shot valid for being
up to date for the next 3 months

Herd Immunity;

Before, herd immunity just meant that enough people had immunity, whether by natural immunity, or by vaccination, that allowed for the whole society to be able to protect those without immunity.

Simply, enough people are protected enough to prevent the spread.

The New Definition blatantly rejects ‘exposition to viruses’ Which means traditional vaccines that expose the body to a dead or weaken pathogen no longer provide herd immunity. Also this implies that people who develop an immunity from the Virus naturally through getting it, can no longer be immune enough to provide herd immunity. Let that sink in.

This definition invalidates Vaccines, in favor of gene therapy.

Well, we know that the Clot Shot doesn’t stop the Clown Virus, so I guess herd immunity isn’t even applicable in this virus and so there should be no rushed or forced need to force people to do something that doesn’t even work. But, that’s just my opinion.

Breakthrough infection;

‘Vaccinated’ (new definition) individual becomes sick from the same illness

That the ‘Vaccine’ is meant to prevent.

It’s almost, like, the ‘Vaccine’ Doesn’t work that way.

Then the narrative changed from ‘prevention’ to ‘protection’. The news and media started spinning that the ‘vaccine’ they offer as a form of salvation was meant to reduce the damage of the actual Clown Virus, and not prevent.

Because I guess we can change definitions willy nilly.


Because laws that mandate eugenics and euthanasia is definitely a good thing. I say the last sentence because allowing the government or anybody to freely penetrate your body and inject fluids is definitely rapey. And for that, I don’t see good reason for any reasonable person to consent with that. But ‘Anti-Vaxxxxxx’ is the conclusion.

You know what else a Clown Says besides ‘Anti-Vaxx’?

It’s Honk Honk.

The Best Neologism and Change in the Clown Dictionary;

Because I save da best for last;


This term has been around but wasn’t contentious until we started being really retarded with determining cause of death. When really, all death is caused by living a shitty life. Facts.

Because dying From Covid

Is obviously the same thing as Dying With Covid

and obviously the same thing as Testing positive for covid after dying

Especially when it was from a motor cycle accident or from any form of Blunt Force Trauma.

We should update that with the covid side effects, may include death from blunt force trauma from not Covid but it’s Covid’s fault still.

Did you Die of being Fat as Fuck? Well, you might’ve had breathing problems or flu-like symptoms, looks like you got the Covid. I’m a pretty good doctor, now I just need to get that FEMA money and other things, and I’ll be good to go.

Don’t worry, no one actually dies from the clot shot, that’s because the Medical Scientists and Doctors are so smart that they’ve linked it to Climate change and global warming. Nice. We so smahrt

In Closing,

Here’s some more Orwell type shit by ZeroHedge for further reading.

If you control the language, you control the narrative and the way people think.

Because thoughts are constructed with words, and thus the control of language is the control of the thoughts which means mind-control.

I know, because Freedom of speech Baby. Fuck yea, and fuck you, because AMERICA!!!!

Anyways, point being, this clown shit show has created a new Clown Dictionary to institute and Orwellian double-think wrong-think double-speak joke of Clown uncertainties.

What a shitty cash grab.

Well, Whatever, until the Ministry of Truth Knocks on my doors,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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