Omicron Jokes

So there are some great jokes going around about the Latest release of Covid, and it sure is a clown world. Here are some rando jokes around the internet because I’m not the only asshole to laugh at a ‘plague’ or pseudo-mass-extinction event juking our medical ‘sciences’. Lmao

I bring you some of the best, my Friend Stranger,

What a clown world
Don’t overreact. . . Just yet
Nothing beats good old fashioned censorship

Did someone say Panic?

At the disco?

‘They’ as in the news.
The news said to follow the news.


Just remember, Flatten the Earthen Curve;

In Closing,

I just wanted to share some jokes, to show you that people think this Clown Virus is a good laugh.

It’s sort of a white pill from the fear and doomerisms that come from dreading the Clown Virus. I mean, don’t get clowned. Lmao.

Legacy Media is a more severe virus, the fact that they can push really shit narratives and monger fear in others to pad wallets of pharmaceuticals and financial firms along with politicians insider trading, all of this should be a way more pressing issue than a ‘mild’ cough.

Like, Who the fuck even watches T.V. anymore?

Just be an Idiot,


*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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