Greece is a Clown Virus

Well, more specifically, the Prime Minister and the ideas behind laws are, well, quite frankly, retodd-id.

Besides the Hellenic Hell in Hellas, we’ve got more clown shit-

So Greece is going to make it mando to get the vaccine or pay a fine, for those over 60;

So this is not punitive, but it’s the price to pay for health?

By issuing a fine every month for non-compliance?

That’s, not punitive?

Okay, so if you had to pay a fine, wouldn’t that be punishment? Isn’t that what most fines are for?

What about parking tickets or traffic violation fines?

So every month, you have to fork over 100 euros (that’s about $113 in American). . . In Greece? That’s actually a lot of money for people who, quite frankly, don’t have money.

Did y’all not learn that people are broke af? Like, 2008, was still a thing. . .

Also, for every month, If I could have an extra $113 dollars a month, I would be happy. If I lost an extra $113 a month, I would be sad.

Also, the fact that this targets a specific age group is actually Ageist, and is discrimination based on age, technically. It’s discrimination because it’s definitely a punishment. . . Because there is a monetary fine. . . every month for not complying. . .

Here’s a clown emoji to help you understand this;


Maybe Greece just wants more Tax monies by issuing fines to non compliant people,

Or maybe the Vaccine might hurt the elderly more than the virus, resulting in less strain on the healthcare system, with having less Elderly to tend to. . . If you know what I mean. But that’s just conjecture.

No way would the Cure ever be worse than that of the disease.


I’m done, that was it, just a blurb to how much of a clown world we live in,

Enjoy the laugh, the world is burning, this shit is LIT, and my world’s on fire,

How about yours?

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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