Clown Virus; Omicron Persei 8

Recently the latest DLC of Corona came out, the Omicron Variant. Apparently the Delta variant wasn’t enough to get people vaccinated, so we got a new variant to once again, try to get people vaccinated.

On a side note, the stonk market still took a dive on news, so that’s always good to know. That every time Covid gets a mutation identified, that billions of dollars start moving around.

Anyways, let’s look at ‘Patient Zero’

So in Hong Kong, they’ve identified a man as ‘patient zero’ for the omicron variant;

He, of course, was vaccinated;

Here is the article in which I sourced the above;

And of course, the result of all of this is,

More Fear porn;

And the Fear porn results in,

A Push for more Vaccines;

“Fact Checked”

No, it’s cool,

Yes, because getting the Vaccine will prevent you from getting the new variant of Covid that bypasses the Vaccine. . . . . . .

But the fear porn also results in,

Travel bans and lockdowns;

Because restricting travel to a subhuman class of nonconsenting people is definitely not immoral;

Don’t worry, you should be happy that we got these travel bans and lockdowns. This Omicron Variant DLC came Just in time to ruin the Holidays. Lmao.

It seems pretty sus;

Just so this is clear.. if this “variant” in this “pandemic” is spreading all over the world… it’s through “fully vaccinated” who are the only ones allowed to travel. This should be an obvious conclusion so it’ll be interesting to see how they spin this.

-Concerned Citizen of Planet Earth

Yea, how does a variant, get into a country with unvaccinated barred from leaving or entering?


Where was the source? World Helth Organization is saying South Africa, which, I don’t know;

And it might even be a cover for Heart issues;

-Not my words

Can’t have side effects of a Vaccine if you just deny the side effects and blame it on a ‘New Variant’

Just in time for the Children Jabs;

We got some advice on youtubes tellin’ you how to get your child jab or somethin;

And this Omicron thing pops up a week or so later,

-not my meme

Which they’re definitely using Omicron to say it’s targeting children. . . That may or may not have had the jab…

Here is a dialogue of other people’s thoughts;

Never thought I’d see the day where we would sacrifice children to vaccine injury and death to save a minority of adults with underlying health conditions. There’s no coming back from this. Just remember to focus on the 1% when thing’s fall apart. Left and right is a smokescreen. They are a minority propped up by military grade psychological warfare bot scripts who’s a.i. Has gotten so good you’d never be able to tell the difference. Bot swarming and censorship to divert and subvert. -Person 1

I honestly wonder the extent of this, and if the flood of people agreeing with lockdowns, mandates etc online on reddit, twitter, facebook etc are majority bots to break the will of average people that then feel like they’re in the minority, so they don’t rise up. All because the world financial system was about to collapse, and they needed a way to do a controlled collapse of the economy to diffuse blame and be able to say “what else could we have done, there was a virus killing everybody” -Person 2


But it’s not that bad?;

-Also, get booster shots
Because “-Science-“

Yea, totally get those jabs and boosters because they didn’t change the formula to compensate for the new variants.

But they’re using the new variants as the excuse to get the old formula. Let that sink in;

This Clown world is delightful, lmao;


The Worst part of all of this,

Is obviously pronunciation;

Don’t worry your head, you, there’s u-toob to the rescue;

And it has made a difference in the lives of other people that aren’t me;

In Closing,

Is Omicron a thing? Idk. Is covid bad? Idk. Are the vaccines bad? Idk. Simply I don’t know anything and anyone claiming truth is retarded.

I know, you, just like me, only read headlines,

So as the undoubtable purveyor of truth (and shit), all I do is provide headlines and talking points.

That way you feel way more informed about what’s actually going on, then what’s actually going on. Because I, like any good politician, CARE. . . about your feelings. Sorry, I had to flip these flash cards, so hard to read from a script.

It’s like showing you a bunch of pictures with funny squiggles, and then allowing you to come to your own conclusion that I’ve narrowly guided you down. Because Yellow Cake Journalism baby.

Lmao, anyways, enjoy the Clown Virus of the new variant and our Clown Reaction in this Clown World.

I mean, you really trust the government? The same government that used small pox blankets to wipe indigenous populations? The same government that said we won’t kill you if you hand us your weapons, and then slaughtered a whole tribe? The same government that used chemical weapons in Vietnam war? The same government that aided and funded vaccine injuries in both India and Africa?

Like, okay, sure thing.

What a Circus (shit) show;

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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